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Suspended for now*Silver Nightmare in different worlds
Author :Tsarck
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12 Divine Judgemen

The man died and the cloak and crown that the figure was wearing dissappeared in a purple light.They could clearly see the handsome and muscular,silver-haired man in front of them .And they were shocked


Before anyone could react ,the princess rushed at the man which alerted her pretendants.What shocked them was that she looked at him with stars in her eyes,and naturally they looked at him with hatred.

Reina:WOAH!!That was so cool!!You are Tsarck right ?!My name's Reina!

Tsarck:Oh?Well glad to meet you Reina,i would've asked you how you know my name,but it seems that i'm quite popular.HAHAHA


Everyone had dropped their jaws when they saw how casually he talked to the princess.

Guy 1:Oy!!You peasant how dare you speak to the princess so casually,you should kneel before her!!!

Tsarck:kneel before her ?The only one who has to kneel is your slut of a mother !!


He stopped shouting when he saw a blinding light in the palm of Tsarck.

Tsarck:50 million Volt Vari!!

Guy 1:ARGHH!!!

Painful screams echoed in the hall as the man was getting electrocuted .Since he was a powerful cultivator,he was only slightly injured but his pride however was damaged.And that was the case for many men when they saw Tsarck talk with the princess and shoot a lightning bolt like it was nothing.

One of them,Meng Tao a rich and powerful disciple of the Frozen Heaven sect(he wasn't here when Sana told them,Tsarck was her brother)decided to teach Tsarck some manners.

Meng Tao:HMPH!!You may be powerful because of your power of death but without that you're nothing!!Your lightning bolts are only flashy trash!!

Tsarck:Well do you want to test that out?

Meng Tao:HAHA!Let me teach you a lesson and maybe even take that silent woman who accompanied you, with me

He said and licked his lips.Xia was disgusted but she knew she wasn't powerful enough to beat a guy like him,so she just let her master deal with the matter.

Maori seethed on her throne when she heard that,since she regarded that woman as a threat.


Hannibal seeing his wife angered so much,thought she was annoyed by this situation and as such decided to deal with it.

Hannibal:Since those two men want to battle against each other,then let's organise a duel.Between Meng Tao,ascension realm cultivator of the Frozen Heaven Sect and Tsarck !!!

Everyone cheered since they wanted to see how much powerful was Tsarck.They didn't know that this duel was going to be an intense yet really short one.


Tsarck and Meng Tao were facing each other,as the referee for the duel was announcing the rules.

Referee:Mr.Tsarck cannot use his Death power while Mr.Meng cannot use any weapons.The fight will stop only when one the two oppenents cannot fight anymore.START!!

Since Meng Tao was a cultivator that used Snow and water which were mainly used in close-combat,he decided to rush at full speed towards Tsarck and tried to punch him in the gut.Tsarck dodged and used kari to appear behind Meng tao.

Everytime Meng Tao tried to touch him he would dodge with kari but he never attacked,which proved that he was playing and not fighting.It amused Xia and Maori(they love to see their master fight)but the princess was getting quite annoyed.

Reina:'Mother why isn't he fighting back?Is he actually weak?

She asked her mother in a low voice.Her mother looked angry for a second but just looked at her with pity.

Maori:You still cannot comprehend his magnificence my dear daughter but you will see soon.'Master seemed interested in her....Why?'

Reina looked at her mother with an unreadable expression and turned her head back to see the fight.

Tsarck was laughing as he taunted his ennemy.


Meng Tao was so angry that his whole face was red and veins popped on his forehead.He just couldn't touch him,so he finally decided to use a technique from his sect beat him.

Meng Tao:HA!We Will see if you can say stay so arrogant after that one!Frozen Heaven arts:Rain of the heavenly Icicles!!!

He shouted as thousands of icicles appeared around him and pointed at Tsarck,they were coated with Qi and were extremely cold.overall they looked incredibly dangerous,but that's not what stunned everyone.


A celestial realm technique was extremely powerful compared to what a normal Ascension realm but a celestial realm Sect technique was way too powerful for an Ascension realm cultvator like him to use .They could all clearly see that it took most of his Qi but he was so angry that he didn't even gave a fuck about that.

The icicles travelled towards Tsarck at an astounding speed and hit him.All the thousands icicles pierced his body .Reina was shocked and looked at her mother but instead of the worry face she thought she would see ,she saw something else.The most scary expression that she ever saw on her mother face.Like she knew that man just dug his own grave and she was here to watch him die painfully.

Reina couldn't understand why her mother was reacting like that,but when she recalled the words of her mother she looked back at the fight and waited.


Tsarck laughed and under the horrified eyes of the public,he stood here like nothing happened.Instead of blood there was electricity in the parts of his body that were pierced and that's when they understood.

He doesn't just control the lightning!...........HE IS THE LIGHTNING!!

And when they saw him lift his hand to the sky,they knew Meng Tao was completely fucked.

Tsarck:Such a weak little insect like you dare to call me arrogant when it's clearly you who greatly over-estimated your strengh.You are sentenced to the DIVINE JUDGEMENT!!!

As he shouted he focused a huge cluster of thunder above him.

Tsarck:EL THOR!!!

An incredibly powerful bolt of lightning was sent crashing to the ground and it's light was so bright that it blinded everyone.It took most of Tsarck energy but it was easily hidden by his charisma skill.When the light finally dissappeared they saw a huge crater of burned stone ,but Meng Tao was nowhere to be seen.He was utterly destroyed!

They were all dumbfounded by the power of this attack but a familiar voice shocked them even more.

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    《Suspended for now*Silver Nightmare in different worlds》