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Suspended for now*Silver Nightmare in different worlds
Author :Tsarck
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14 Mother and daughter

The news travelled around the world at a frightening speed!

Dual of two monsters SANA VS TSARCK!!

The dual that shocked the world,but they didn't know that an even bigger one was gonna come soon.One that will terrify everyone,after all that's what the Silver Siblings do,TERRIFY!

Tsarck:WOAH!!That was freakin' awesome!!

Sana:That was clearly the best fight i had in my whole life!

Hexia:*COUGH*I think i should explain what is gonna happen next right?

Tsarck:Next what do you mean?

Hexia:*Sigh*I think you saw that Maori girl right?

Tsarck:HAHAHAH!Of course i saw her !

Hexia:Well she's one of your last objectives before to go to another world.

Sana:WHAT?!He ain't goin' anywhere!

Hexia:Don't worry,you will go with him and trust me you're gonna go to many exciting worlds.

Tsarck:Well i'm totally in but what are the others objectives?

Hexia:Well it's simple,those are the next objectives:

1-Take maori back .

2- Shock the world so much that all it's attention will be on you

3-i will tell this once you finished the second since you need the world's attention for it.

Tsarck:We will fight the god of this world after we finish our training!By the way are you gonna give me rewards for every objective?

Hexia:indeed but the fact is that even though the two of you will each have a reward you will not be able to give it to your slaves.Maori is already pretty strong and Xia has the palm magic,only Ping need one and it's good since she is the last one who can receive one.(it's only one power per slave/girl of the harem.You will chose the harem yourself but Xia,Maori and Ping are slaves and will always be slaves).

Sana:Well now that we know this ,bro you go to maori while i will prepare my sect to fight you,i will tell some crap like i'm injured from the previous battle,so that i don't to fight to much for the start.You will destroy the whole sect and we will have a final fight.I think we should first have this battle do bring all the attention on you,we will fake my death simply by having you telling everyone you killed me, and since i would not return they would've to believe you.After you beat my sect we will train before we do the last objective.

Tsarck:Well if you say so,then let's go sis!!

He said as he kissed her on the cheek and used kari to teleport.

Hexia:'the sooner i get a body,the sooner i can fuck with him!!!'

She thought in jealousy while someone else snickered.

Sana:'I can hear you,Hexia'


Sana:'*Sigh*'I'm not surprised that you love my brother and i don't mind sharing with you ,after all i owe you one for my powers .But since there will be many others we need to cooperate in order to stay the main girls'

She said as they mentally shook their hands to seal their deal .


(In the empress room)

Maori was crying while her daughter was hugging her.

Reina:Don't worry mom it's just that he was too concentrated in the battle to notice you!

Maori:*SOB*B-But w-what if h-he f-forgot m-me?!'

While she was crying she didn't notice the man wrapped in a purple cloak who was on the ceiling.She was full of sadness and fear but she was still a powerful cultivator,so she sensed the man ont he ceiling after a few minutes.

Maori:WHO ARE YOU?!WHAT ARE YOU DOI-HMM,HMMMM,HMMM.....HMMMM?!(is that you..... Master?!)

Tsarck broke the kiss as Maori dropped to the ground and Reina looked at him with stars in her eyes.


She shouted as she tackled him and laughed.

Reina:I told my mother that you didn't abandoned her but she wouldn't listen to me,i'm so happy you came!!!

Tsarck:HAHAHAH!!Well of course i came,she's my dear ...Hmmm,dear what?

Reina was puzzled but understood that their relationship wasn't really the one between lovers since her mother,said "Master Tsarck"repetedly during the fight between Sana and Tsarck.

Maori:I'm your dear slave of course, master!!!!

She said as Reina looked at her dumbfounded.

Reina:'S-Slave?!I knew they had a different relationship,but my mother is his slave?!'

Tsarck walked towards Maori and lifter her chin,he kissed her on the lips while she looked at him dreamily.

Tsarck:It's good to know that my precious pet didn't forget her role

He said smiling,while Reina couldn't take it anymore.

Reina:MOTHER!!!What is happenning right now?!You never told me he was your master!And why are you an empress if you're a slave?!

Tsarck:HAHAHAH!Well little reina ,you better take a seat cuz' it's a long story!

Tsarck then told her the whole story ,from his childhood to here while letting out the fact he killed her mother himself since Maori seemed to have forgot that in her fanatical love for him.It was okay to tell her all that since she wasn't a threat and he had to admit that she was quite a beauty.(Will Tsarck bang the mother and the daughter?You decide!)

After that Reina took some time to completely digest what she had just heard and looked at her mother,expecting her to tell her it's all a joke.But her mother only nodded and continued to look at Tsarck with fanatic admiration.

Reina:*Sigh*That's way too much to take,but i kinda get the idea.The question though,is why did you tell me all that and why did you came back?

Tsarck:I want to take your mother with me *Maori squeals in joy*In the others world and since she is your mother i'm offering it to you too.

Reina:You know the only reason i have to accept are that i want to be with my mother and also cuz' your sexy as hell!!

Tsarck smirked and kissed her passionately.

Tsarck:You are really cute,you know that?

Reina was so shocked that she couldn't even answer.That man kissed her mother and then her like it was normal.It was definitely weird but that kiss was so hot and passionate,that her lower region became a little wet.


Tsarck:You what ?You know it's not bad to listen to your desires sometimes.

Reina knew what he meant by that but she was still not prepared for that so she shook her head.

Reina:I-I will think about it okay ?I'm not sure about what i'm going to do but i will tell you soon!

Tsarck:Well as i already told you i have the fight against my sister's sect ,and after that i need to train.As such if you say no i will just let you go and live your life.If yes then i will give you one the two reward to make you become stronger,you will then train with it and finally we will go to another world.

Maori:But master,what are we gonna do about my husband?

Tsarck:Huh,him?....OH i know!!

He said as he brought his mouth just a little inches away from their ears and told them his plan.

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    《Suspended for now*Silver Nightmare in different worlds》