Suspended for now*Silver Nightmare in different worlds
16 Sana VS Tsarck:duel of nightmares
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Suspended for now*Silver Nightmare in different worlds
Author :Tsarck
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16 Sana VS Tsarck:duel of nightmares


Sana shouted as she finally arrived to the battlefield,the few disciples still alive were so happy they could die right now!She was here to save!She was here to kick Tsarck's ass!

Tsarck:HAHAHAHA!!!So you decided to come huh?Well then let's see what you got !!

Tsarck:Max 200 million volt Sango!!

A powerful lightning blast was shot but Sana dodged it and used her fire on her whole body to fight against Tsarck in close combat.While they were fighting,many powerful people came to look at their fight since the result will most lickly change the whole world.Most of them hoped Sana would kill Tsarck,since it seems that he was way too dangerous and crazy to be allowed to live.

Sect elders,family's leaders,higher-ups of the empire and many cultivators watched the battle while those who could use the Divine Ice mirror technique,used it to show the fight to the people in the cities.(it's like the lacrima in fairy tail .Just imagine some giant screen that shows the entire fight.

Sana:Sit Upon the Frozen Heavens,Hyorinmaru!!!

As she shouted,ice formed on her body while some ice wings appeared on her back.Many gasped when they saw this since it was the famous ice dragon form of Sana.To them it seemed that the fight was gonna get really intense.

Tsarck:Raijin no yoroi!!

A lightning armor was created around Tsarck as he smirked towards Sana.

Tsarck:Let's see how powerful you are BITCH!!


They once again began to fight with close combat but this time Sana had the advantage,so Tsarck decided to change his way of fighting.


His axe appeared and he started to attack Sana with it.Since he had a better mastery over his weapon,he started to win but all of a sudden the air became so cold that even those who were watching felt it.


Her wings became bigger,she began to grow a tail of ice,while her sword changed and extended in length and gained a crescent-shaped blade attached to its hilt by a long metal chain.The air around her was too cold for tsarck so he heated it with his lightning as Sana rushed towards him.

Sana:Ice dragons slash!!

She used her control over ice and water to create multiples dragon that flew at Tsarck.

Tsarck:Gran caida!!

He used his axe to block and used respira on the dragons to destroy them .

Tsarck:Saikō kyōdo kanetsu bōru!!

Tsarck shot a myriad of lightning balls towards Sana as she used her wings to protect herself,she discreetly created an ice clone and switched place with it by using her power to transform into water.Her clone rushed at Tsarck while she moved towards him,still hidden in the water.

Sana(clone):Shinkū no Kōri no Yaiba!!

Sana gathered ice at the tip of hyorinmaru and tried to impale Tsarck with it.He jumped in the air to dodge it and gathered lightning in his palm.

Tsarck:Max 200 million Volt Kiten!!

A wolf-shaped blast of lightning hit Sana as she screamed in pain.Tsarck landed on her corpse,smirking while the people who watched the fight were horrified.But before they could even react,a puddle of water transformed into a humanoid figure,who created ice walls around Tsarck.



She stabbed him in the heart and a huge burst of ice erupted from the point of contact between Hyōrinmaru and Tsarck.Tsarck was bleeding and frozen as Sana climber her ice wall and began to gather her fire and her ice in both her palms.

Sana:It ends now!!!

Sana:Kōri to hi: Kami no yōso no shōtotsu!!!

Fire and Ice clashed in her palms as she clasped her hands together and a black light appeared.It looked like a little black hole,but it was a ball of clashing elements that could destroy everything on it's path and that grew bigger in her hands.(it's power is equal to freeza's death ball but a little more destructive)

Everyone held their breath as they waited for the final moment.They that in his situation Tsack most certainly already died because of the condition of his heart but something seemed suspicious so they just watched anxiously.

Sana let go of the ball when it was as big as a house and it went towards Tsarck but before anyone could even register what happened,a voice seemingly coming from hell talked in a crazy tone.


He shouted as he used his lightning to jump-start his heart,he then concentrated his lightning and death powers to form a giant similar to Amaru.

Tsarck:Shi no kaminari: Kami no katachi!!

A 60ft purple and yellow giant appeared and he catched the massive ball with his hands.

Tsarck:HAHAHAHAHA!!!You think you can beat the god of death and lightning?!!

Tsarck took the ball in his hands and threw it towards Sana quickly since it was beginning to consume his energy.Sana eyes widened and she tried to dodge but she knew she wasn't fast enough,so she turned back and used her ultimate defense skill.

Sana:Kōtta kami no tate!!!

She created a protective barrier of ice around her and it began to spread in order to become bigger.When the ball hit the barrier it was even bigger than the ball itself.Unfortunately Sana's shield couldn't hold it and it breaked,while everyone was terrified of what was gonna happen.

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    《Suspended for now*Silver Nightmare in different worlds》