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Suspended for now*Silver Nightmare in different worlds
Author :Tsarck
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17 Shock and training.

The whole world saw it,so it couldn't be an illusion.They all knew it was true but they didn't want to believe it.She died,the one who was supposed to kill tsarck died.One of the world's best cultivator,died so easily.

They still had hope since she wasn't the strongest ,but still.Everyone knew that the strongest,the emperor hadn't had one single fight in 5 years,as such they knew that she was at his level.That's why they were afraid,after all only if the emperor and the others strongest fought against Tsarck could they win against him.


Even if they knew there was hope,it was too painful to even think about resisting.Tsarck was first considered a genius,but now he was the whole world ennemy.How did it change so quickly ?Well humans are cowardly creatures,as such when they saw such a dangerous man,with such powerful abilities and most importantly such a crazy smile on his face,they immediately wanted to kill him.

That's why right now the most powerfuls cultivator of the world were training,to recover their old strengh and go fight and hopefully kill him,they must do it.They didn't knew however that he was training too!!


Tsarck:Ping,Xia!You two train with the cultivation training book that hexia gave me,Ping don't forget your zenkai boost!

Ping and Xia:YES MASTER!!

Tsarck:Sana!Try to master hyorinmaru ,and also prepare yourself because i will give you the next ability hexia give me since the last one will be for maori!

Sana:And what about reina?

Tsarck:Maori will train since she has wind manipulation like her.She is still not sure about her decision but it's not like i'm gonna take no for an answer!

Sana:HAHAHAHAH!!!You really never change brother!Well i'm going,see you next time!

Tsarck:Hexia,what is the abilities you're gonna give me for taking Maori back and shocking the whole world?

Hexia:Well,you're gonna receive one ability and one gift!

Tsarck:A gift?hmmm....Well tell me,what is it?

Hexia:It's me !!Of course!!!

Tsarck:What do you mean you ?!How is that a gift?!

Hexia:*Sob*B-But i t-thought you lo-

Tsarck:You can't gift yourself to me!!I already have you dumbass!!!

Hexia:'Wait!!What?!!That's what he meant?!'

Tsarck:Goddamnit!You know what i'm gonna let that pass but i want my ability.Also why are you always in our head?Don't you have a real body?

Hexia:*Blush*I-I never k-knew you wanted t-to see my b-body

Tsarck:Well yeah i want!Now do it and tell me what's the ability!

Hexia:O-Okay but it's kinda painful so i need you to help me after i finished it!


Since he shouted ,she hurriedly changed back into her normal form but she suddenly started to scream.


She continued like that for atleast 10 minutes before she calmed down and dropped in Tsarck's arm.She blushed and snuggled into his chest while he laughed.

Tsarck:HAHAHAHAHAH!!!So that's what you wanted,you little minx!!

Hexia:Tsarck i-i.....I love y-you...

She said this as she fell asleep and Tsarck had a dark look on his face as he kissed her on the lips.

Tsarck:Love huh?After all these years,i still don't understant how it works........WAIT!!!MY FUCKING ABILITYYYYYY!!!WAKE UPPP!!!!!


During 6 months everyone trained,except for tsarck who was too busy playing around.Be it with Xia,Ping,maori or even Hexia almost all of his time was dedicated to fucking!The last month he decided to train seriously since he needed to learn how to use the palm magic efficiently.Hexia gave him gilgamesh armor as a reward for taking maori back while she gave him a hundred senzu beans as a reward for shocking the whole world.

Xia reached the ascension realm while Ping reached the celestial realm since she had the zenkai boost.Xia had difficulties mastering the palm magic,because her physique wasn't at the best so she needded to train physically.Maori didn't really trained since she was at peak Celestial realm,but she still became a low Divine realm since she trained a bit with Tsarckq.Reina didn't really progress because she was having what cultivator called a spiritual blockade.It is a state where the Qi amass and condense in the body but the cultivator can't cultivate and refine it because his spirit can't take it .So in clear she tried to become more powerfull but didn't took the time to master her abilities,as a result she couldn't progress anymore,and that frustrated her to no end.

Her frustration became too much and she did what most humans already did,she succumbed to temptation.She finally became part of Tsarck harem and if her extremely load moans were any indications,she loved it.

Sana was about to become a Medium Divine Realm but the more she progressed the harder it became to make a single progress.She mastered Hyorinmaru but unlike hitsugaya it didn't give her a new form.

All in all everything went well and soon it will be time to live this world.....In a really interesting way!
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    《Suspended for now*Silver Nightmare in different worlds》