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Suspended for now*Silver Nightmare in different worlds
Author :Tsarck
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18 Battle of the capital

After the training ended,Tsarck called everyone back to talk about their next action.They were all aware that the most powerfuls cultivators in the world were currently preparing to attack the temple in order to kill Tsarck.But Tsarck wanted to strike first,as such he made a simple yet really funny plan.

-first:Maori and Reina return to the castle and tell the emperor that they want to take part in the battle,and with their currents powers he just cannot say no .

-Second:Sana sneaks in the city and wait for Tsarck signal

-Third:Tsarck,ping and xia enter the capital and start killing everyone they find

-Fourth:Everyone go to the castle and kill the emperor and the sects most powerfuls cultivators that will be in ,while revealing the fact that sana is alive and that maori and reina betrayed them.

Tsarck called this:Operation Fuck the emperor's wife,daughter and fuck him too!


Maori and Reina were already in position while Sana was sneaking in the city.Tsarck and the others needed to make their presences known so they decided to start destroying stuff while the civilians were running for their lives.


Xia&Ping:Twin Heavenly Sword Flash!

They cut through everything as guards spotted them and hurriedly went to report to the leaders.Tsarck decided to wait for the army to show up since he was not gonna move for these weaklings!After a few minutes,some soldiers showed up while their generals had an arrogant smirk on his face.

General:HAHA!I don't know if you are stupid or too confident in your ability Tsarck !You kn-

Before he could even finish his sentence he saw a yellow flash and Tsarck appeared in front of him.

Tsarck:It's funny i wanted to say the same thing to you!HAHAHAH

Tsarck:Celestial Palm Strike!

He hit the general's head with his Magic palm and it exploded in hundred pieces of brain.


Some of the soldier started to puke but the crazy smile on tsarck's face and his axe that shinned dangerously told them that it wasn't finished.

Tsarck:Gran Muerte: aura decadente!!

A purple gas shot out of his body and spreaded towards the ennemy troops.At first they thought it didn't work since it did nothing but they soon understood what it did when some of them breathed the gas.Their skin decayed,their flesh rot in front of them while their body aged so quickly they didn't even felt it.It was a respira in the form of a gas.Respira needed to touch the enemy while this one could even kill just by being breathed!

Tsarck finished killing the last soldiers and returned to Xia and Ping who were waiting.

Ping:'Pshhtt Xia!!Am i the only one who became wet by seeing this'

Xia:'nah,Don't worry!!I am also super wet!!'

Tsarck:What are you talking about?

Xia:Oh!Nothing,just about how weird we became.

Tsarck:Meh!Talk about whatever you want but don't forget about the operation!


They continue and found a gigantic army guarding the castle.The leaders gave the order to destroy everything around so that the entire army coulf fit and that's why there was 10 000 cultivators in front of the castle.Tsarck was powerful indeed,but even him would know that such a number could become dangerous.That thought however was replaced by another one.


He looked at Ping and Xia as they nodded.Before the battle they planned that such an army would appear and that's why they created a combination technique.Xia and ping condensed their Qi in their feet and their palms(ping doesn't have the palm magic but palm attack are a basic for cultivators so that's why she could make a pretty good copy of it)While Tsarck created electricity around them and started to heat his surroundings

The cultivators immediately rushed at them to stop their technique but it was too late

Xia,Ping and Tsarck:Lightning combination:Myriad of flashes!!

They vanished with the clap of thunder and began to cut the soldiers with their weapons while their body began too glow so much it blinded many cultivators.Their speed augmented to an impossible level as they killed cultivators and the trail of lightning they let behind them formed a circle.Every cultivators that were in the circle died while those who were outside understood how it worked.The circle limits worked like walls that they used to bounce off and become quicker.

The cultivators decided to attack while Tsarck and the others were occupied so one of them rushed at ping and stabbed her in the stomach.She turned slowly to look at him with a crazy smile.She bit him in the neck and laughed as he began to scream.


Tsarck'*sigh*Seems like she also got the battle-spirit of the saiyans huh?'

In less than 20 minutes,half of the army was destroyed while the other half was seriously thinking about retreat .But sadly for them Tsarck had no intention to let them go.

Tsarck:HAHAHA!Time to kill you all and go finish this battle!!!


Tsarck's axe took it's ressureccion form while Xia and Ping ran towards the castle.Some cultivators had dropped their jaws when they saw what he was doing.

"I-Isn't that t-the technique h-he used against t-the Frozen H-Heaven sect?!!"

They knew what it was so they ran at full speed while the others began to panic seeing them fleeing.

What is happening?!

They all thought and quickly understood when Tsarck pronounced the words that sealed their destinies.

Tsarck:Respira la muerte y desaparece, tontos.!!!

Like in the battle against the sect ,a gigantic respira was created and began to decimate them all,but this time it was different because instead of becoming old and decaying they just disappeared,like they never even existed!In theory it was something possible to do with Arrogante's power but even Barragan never tried.Instead of decaying their skin and flesh,he erased their existence by aging them so quickly that even time itself couldn't follow.It was only possible because they were too weak to defend themselves.This technique was still experimental and consumed huge amount of energy but Tsarck had only one thought when he saw the result.

Tsarck:'.......TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!'

Tsarck then walked calmly towards the castle .When he entered he found the emperor and the most powerfuls cultivators waiting for him while maori and reina were holding their swords at xia and ping throats!!
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    《Suspended for now*Silver Nightmare in different worlds》