Suspended for now*Silver Nightmare in different worlds
20 Emperor“s death and Choice
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Suspended for now*Silver Nightmare in different worlds
Author :Tsarck
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20 Emperor“s death and Choice

Tsarck:alalihat albarq!!

As he shouted this his axe began to glow dangerously and lightning began to surround Tsarck.He pointed the Axe towards the sky and thousands of lightnings bolt shot out of the axe to go to the sky.It looked like an inversed thunder and the cultivators knew it was extremely dangerous.They charged their most powerful technique to kill him before he could finish.

"Fire Dragon King Lance!!

"Water God Cannon!!"

"Wind Divine Cutter!!"

Three extremely powerful were launched in the direction of Tsarck,as they destroyed everything on their path.Those attacks were so powerful that the earth shook and everyone on the continent felt it.They were gigantic and way too powerful to be stopped by anyone.A lance of fire that could burn anything,a beam of extremely high-pressured boiling water that could destroy anything and A air-based projectile that cut through anything.But Tsarck looked excited and that was normal!After all he knew that those technique couldn't touch him,and the cultivators also understood when they saw his smile.


Tsarck:Respira piadosamente,ARROGANTE!!

He nullified the attacks with his super-powered respira ,even though he still took the force of the impact .A coughed blood and looked tired as hell but when he heard the thunder roar he smirked.


Tsarck:alalihat albarq,HADYR!(Lightning Gods,ROAR!!)

Hundred of ultra-powerful lightning bolts Showered the cultivators.It was hell on earth as they tried to flee but they were instantly killed.The lightnings bolts continued to shower the entire canyon while Tsarck,bloodied and tired just stood here with lightning randomly coming out of his body .The shower of lightning bolts gave him the appearence of a real lightning god,and all the curious eyes who watched the fight were terrified!But that's normal,the guy killed all the most powerful cultivators in the world except for the two most powerful.The emperor and the empress.


Talking about those two they were currently in an embrassing situation.Well embarassing for Hannibal and extremely annoying for Maori.Hannibal had enough so he decided to settle the matter once and for all.

Hannibal:Maori!!Why are you refusing me all the time?!I'm your husband and the fucking emperor!!

Maori:And?What?You are gonna force yourself on me?Or maybe even **** me?

Hannibal:MAORI!How dare you say such things in front of our daughter!!

They continued to battle while all the servants(that were still here actually)were terrified since most of the time the empire vented his frustration on them ,especially the women.Some actually took this as an opportunity and became his mistresses,and when they saw him finally having an arguement with his wife they were so happy!!

Unfortunately things weren't gonna go that well,because Tsarck just appeared in a clap of thunder.

Hannibal:W-Wha-....YOU BEAT THEM?!!

Tsarck:*Sigh*You're damn annoying dude!

Tsarck acted casually but everyone even maori and reina ,were shocked that he actually beat all the cultivators and was just slightly injured.(yup slight ,anyone would be beaten to death after a fight like that,but the zenkai boost helped him)

Hannibal:HAHAHA!!And what?!Even if you beat there is still me,my wife and my daughter to fight you!!You also forgot that we have your little slave as hostage!!

Tsarck:Eh?What did you said ?You have your wife and daughter?

Hannibal:Yes!That's what i said ,are you deaf?!

Tsarck:*Shake his head helplessly*You're really too stupid man...Maori!

Maori immediately acted and stabbed Hannibal in the heart.



They all stabbed him and retreated to Tsarck's side as he hugged reina and Maori .

Tsarck:That's what you don't understand hannibal,you never had them

Hannibal:*Cough*-W-Why R-Reina,M-Maori?

Maori:I never loved you ,disgusting pig!I was always digusted by how you acted perverted towards me even though you knew deep down that i didn't loved you!

Reina:I did it because Master Tsarck told me to do it!I mean seriously,i never even considered you as a father.*Smirk*And Master Tsarck make me happy,so i want to be with him.I would have asked your permission to go with him,but i don't need it actually since mom will go with him too!

Hannibal:*Gasp*W-What!?What a-are you t-talking about!?

Tsarck grabbed Maori and Reina asses and teased them playfully as Hannibal and actually everyone besides Tsarck's group had horrified faces when they saw and heard the two woman moan lustfully.

Tsarck:HAHAHAHA!!That's what we are talking about dumbass!Your daughted and your wife are my slaves and you're gonna die pitifully.*Smirk*So,So, sad!!!HAHAHAHAH!!

He laughed and beheaded Hannibal with his axe.

Tsarck:Kill everyone in that castle and go back to the temple!!!

Tsarck's Group:YES!!!


He shouted,calling for his sister who was hiding behind a door.

Sana:AY!AY!!What is it?

Tsarck:We are going back to the temple!Did you kill all the hidden spies?

Sana:Yes!All of them!!

Tsarck:Well then let's go!!


They arrived at the temple and saw hexia meditating.


Hexia:Oh Tsarck!!So i take it you killed them all huh?

Tsarck:All of them are dead,even the emperor!7

Hexia:Well now we just have to wait for the others and we can go!But before we go i have two thing to tell you.

Tsarck sat down and listened to her with a serious expression.

Hexia:Firstly, in the new world you will go to,i will have to stay in your mind most of the time because the god of this world might not really like my intrusion.He will not mind yours but if i'm in my real form all the time he will be suspicious of me.*Tsarck nods*Secondly before going to another world you will have the choice to do a last mission in this one and then if you acccomplish it you will have a special reward for this world.

Tsarck nodded again and let her finish.

Hexia:So,which world do you wanna go to? And also for the last mission you have three choice:

-Kill all the people you can,exterminate every human you see

Reward:Special weapon for the new world

-Create an army in this world and take it with you in the new world.

Reward:army in another world and absolute command power.(i don't think i need to explain this)

-Create a gigantic harem with so much slaves/wives you cannot even remember their names!

Reward:Immense harem,Power of ultimate seduction(works on absolutely everyone!)

So which world and which mission are you going to chose huh?
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    《Suspended for now*Silver Nightmare in different worlds》