Suspended for now*Silver Nightmare in different worlds
21 1st Objective accomplished:HAREM !
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Suspended for now*Silver Nightmare in different worlds
Author :Tsarck
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21 1st Objective accomplished:HAREM !

Tsarck:I will decide which we are going after i finish the mission,as for the missions i really don't know.The first one is really exciting,the second one can become kinda annoying but it's still interesting.The third one is the most interesting since the absolute seduction power can be quite good!

Hexia:*Sigh*Well normally i wouldn't do that but since it's you i will let you do the first and third one at the same time .For the harem i think it's easy since you're way too powerful and charismatic for any woman of this world to reject you,and knowing you,you will chose the most beautiful ones.The first is just too easy for you so i think it's a good choice!

Tsarck:Well it's settled!Let's go have some fun!I will exterminate this whole world with Sana since it's been long time since we had a siblings time!

Sana:*Blush*Y-Yes brother

Hexia:Okay!Tsarck go and start your harem at the Divine Wind Sect,since they sent only thei men to fight you there should be many women for you!

Tsarck:Okay,i'm going bye!!

When tsarck exited the temple everyone turned towards Hexia and looked at her with glare that could kill someone.

Hexia:*Sigh*I know you are all angered because of this huge harem thing,but think about it !Tsarck will become bored of us one day!But if he has a gigantic harem he doesn't have to abandon us!He just has to pick another girl,and BAM!!We are good!

Sana:Still i'm not happy with this!!How are we gonna have some private time with him if he has that much slaves/wives?

Hexia:HAHAHAHA!!Don't worry my fellow harem member!I've got everything planned!

When Hexia said this,Maori suddenly recalled something from her old live on earth.

Maori:OH!You are gonna give him the shadow clone technique?!

Hexia:Yep!But this one will be even more powerful so that he can use it,even better!

Reina:Let's just hope that everyday is not gonna be a gigantic orgy because my body can't endure it!!

Ping:HMPH!!Then you don't deserve to be with master!!Only woman like me who can fuck with him all the time are suited!!




Ping and Reina:WHAT?!

Xia:You know ,fightning with each other is stupid!We should cooperate to stay the main wives and slaves!

Maori:I'm okay with that.As long as i can be with Tsarck i'm okay.

Ping:Hmph!I'm in too!

Reina:TCH!I'm in !

Sana:Of course i'm in!

Hexia:I don't even think i need to tell you!

Xia:*smile*Well let's become good harem sisters!

Hexia:*Sigh*Your optimism is really too shocking Xia!


While they were talking Tsarck arrived in front of a incredibly big Castle filled with females disciples training hard.

Tsarck:*Smirk and lick his lips*kukuku....Let's see how good those girls are!

Guard:HALT!!Who are you?!

He turned towards the guard and she immediately froze when she saw his face.


She shouted so loudly that most of the disciples rushed at her,since they heard something they didn't thought they would hear so soon.

'Tsarck is here?!'

They all thought and finally arrived at the entrance only to see Tsarck kissing the guard on the lips while she could barely stand with all the pleasure she was feeling.He let go of her and she fell on her back with drool coming out of her mouth.


A disciple shouted but she was stopped when Tsarck appeared in front of her and started fingering her.The disciples were so shocked that they didn't even move,they just watched as their fellow cultivator was turning into a mess of moan and pant.She was wetting herself so much it began to leak like a foutain and she also fell to the ground.

Tsarck liked his fingers and looked at them with a perverted smile.

Tsarck:Well!I look forward tasting all of you!HAHAHAHA!!


It continued like that for all the disciples since the aura Tsarck leaked suppressed them,and they couldn't do anything to him.He was just walking toward one of them,playing with her and then going to a next one.Soon only one girl was left as she looked towards Tsarck with extreme lust.The absolute seduction ability wasn't like all the other.Instead of just being given it had to be trained and refined,Tsarck didn't know it but Hexia already gave it to him,and he was actually training it!

That's why the last girl didn't oppose any resistance to him,the aura was too strong and even a goddess like hexia would be affected by it!

Tsarck took some time to control it and suppress it since even though it was funny,he still liked a little of challenge from time to time.And the next women would be a big challenge!.......Maybe?

He entered the main hall of the castle and found 4 girls in their 20's waiting for him while an extremely beautiful woman in her 30's was sitting on a throne.

???:Well i see that you had some fun with my disciples huh?YOU TRASH!!!

She shouted and the ground shooked under her voice.This woman was Jin Chin,the mistress of the Divine Wind Sect.A celestial,border Divine realm cultivator with incredible wind manipulation powers.She was actually the one who thaught Maori and Reina the wind manipulation since they were quite good at it,plus she was a good friend of Maori.

Jin Shin actually didn't know everything that happened to the capital.A messenger was supposed to arrive today and tell her but Tsarck came first,as such she didn't know everything he had done,nor did she knew she had no chance against him.But Tsarck was well Tsarck!So he decided to play with her till the messenger arrived and watch her shocked face.

Tsarck:WOAH!.....AHAHAHAHA!!Am i supposed to be scared or something,Bitch?

4th main disciple:You little bastard how dare you talk to Mistress Shin like that?!Even though you beat Sana who was stronger than her,she can still kick your ass!Sana was injured so it's normal if you managed to beat her with your death ability!!

Tsarck:HAHAHAHA!!Well you can continue to be delusional woman but soon you will call me master!*lick his lips*

Jin Shin:ENOUGH!!I thought you were atleast respectable because of your strengh but to know that you're actually such a pervert who treat women like objects,HMPH!I'm disappointed!

Tsarck:HAHAHAHA!!!Seems like you still don't understand huh?I treat my real women with respect(hexia and maybe sana)but you just deserve to become my slaves!!After i'm not someone who think so highly of love,i just take what i want and treat it like i want!!Be it humans or object,and to me such stupid and arrogant woman like you who talk like this without even knowing what happened to the capital and dare to act so high and mighty in front of me ,just deserve to be treated like that!!



The messenger didn't even saw tsarck since he was in a hurry.

Messenger:Tsarck attacked the capital with 2 women and destroyed an entire army of the most powerfuls cultivator in the world!!He killed the Emperor with the help of these 2 women and 3 traitors!!Mistress Sana betrayed the empire,she was actually with Tsarck since the Start!!!The empress and the princess are traitors too!!!Everyone in the capital was exterminated!!!


No one talked during a few minutes and shock was written on their faces!It was normal afterall such a matter could easily be considered as the most important thing that happened in decades!!Whatsmore the man who brought all this was here!Standing in front of them!





That was what you could see on the 5 women faces and Jin shin decided to talk before the others.

Jin Shin:T-Tsarck wh-

Tsarck:What?You call me by my name so casually?Jin Shin you already know how yo should call me,don't you?HAHAHAHA!!!

She greeted her teeth but nodded.

Jin shin:M-Master T-Tsarck,what do you want from me?From us?

Tsarck:OH!Don't worry my dear Jin Shin,i don't want anything special from you!You will just come with your whole sect to Hexia's temple so we can have some fun.*Smirk*Trust me you will quickly like it.HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

'AS IF!!!'
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    《Suspended for now*Silver Nightmare in different worlds》