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Suspended for now*Silver Nightmare in different worlds
Author :Tsarck
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23 One piece world !

When they arrived at the temple everyone was waiting for them and hexia was already prepared.

Tsarck:Well looks like we are ready to go ,and i decided to go to one piece!But i have two questions though.Firstly where am i in terms of power in one piece?Secondly when and where will we appear?

Hexia:In terms of power you are at Whitebeard level so your on the top 5 list of this world .I cannot control when we will appear but i can control where.I decided to send us directly on the grandine near marine ford.

Tsarck:Well actually i don't think it matters since i'm gonna change many things in this world,but now that i think about it,don't we need a ship?

Hexia:HEHE!I will use my powers to create a ship when we arrive,it will look like the queen anne's revenge but it will be bigger since i know you are gonna recruit many people during our adventure!

Tsarck:Okay!Well then here's what i plan do to ,and it's not in any order:

-Become super famous,with an extremely high bounty.

-Kill some people that i hate.

-Make the men from the whole world jealous of me ,especially sanji!

-Destroy the world government.(I made it so that the gorosei are just old men that can't fight and Im is someone with a powerful fruit.)

-Bring some girls in my harem!

-and finally the most important find what's the one piece!(trust me it's gonna be fucked up because i don't have any ideas about it,but well maybe i will find an interesting one)

Hexia:HAHAHA!!It's gonna be funny!Let's go!

They saw a blinding light and then they were on a ship floating in the middle of nowhere.

Tsarck:GODDAMN!that was fast as fuck!

Hexia:hehe,kinda forgot about that!

Sana:Well what shoud we do,CAPTAIN ?*chuckle*

Tsarck:HMPH!You and all the ones that were ther before the sect arrived will come with me ,except for reina who will stay here to train with the sect!We will start spreading the name of the...Silver nightmares pirates!!

Sana:It's incredibly not original!!

Tsarck:I don't give a fuck!Hexia quickly try to know when in the one piece world we are !Xia,ping,maori and sana!You will come with me and we will have some fun on the sea but at some time i will need you to go solo or in duo because it's better than going everywhere with the whole crew!The ultimates objectives are ,destroying the world government and finding the one piece!We already know where it is but other than that we have no information so we will ask to whitebeard if he's still alive or shanks!

Hexia:Tsarck we are currently just before the fight between ace and blackbeard!You should become famous and then go to marineford to save whitebeard!After that go to take your new harem members,then we will go search for the one piece and finally we will destroy the world government!



The sect members and reina stayed behind on a little island called Heiwa (created it)and trained,while the others took the queen anne's revenge and went in the direction of the whole cake island since Tsarck decided to destroy the Big Mom's pirates,because and i quote him"that ugly,fat bitch is really too fucking annoying,who the fuck does she think she is ,destroying everything because she didn't eat enough.She is not fucking beerus!!!"

As such they were currently arriving at whole cake island after a whole month.

Tsarck:Well i want it to be finished quickly!I will take down katakuri and Big mom since those are the two i want to kill the most while you will go and kill everyone else!


Tsarck:'I fucking love being called like that!'

They arrived on the island and Tsarck asked hexia to locate katakuri .After he got his location he went towards him slowly,enjoying the scenery of the island.

Tsarck:'It's going to be so pretty covered in blood and burning'


He heard a gigantic explosion and knew it was Sana's doing so he smirked and continued.

Maori had beaten Perospero to death but cracker and daifuku were really difficult to deal with since Daifuku's genie was attacking her while cracker produced biscuit puppet that he sent towards her.


Cracker and daifuku were incinerated by the gigantic explosion of fire while Maori created a sphere of wind to protect herself.

Sana:Maori!!Go to fight oven!!Xia already killed many of the big mom pirates while Ping is fighting against smoothie!She is gonna win soon so move your ass!!!


Maori went to fight oven but the fight quickly became too hard for her since she wasnt' used to fight against devil fruit user which was proved by her previous fight.oven couldn't really hit her since she nullified his power with wind but he was too resistant to be hit by her wind,oven used his naginata to attack her while she blocked with her sword,but he used his power to heat it .She dropped it and jumped in the air.

"Multiple Divine Winds Cutters!!"

Several air-based projectile were sent towards oven as he tried to dodge but they were to fast and the arm that was holding his weapon was sliced off.


He screamed while maori took his naginata and swinged it to create a powerful wind.

"Divine Wind Cutter Vortex!!"

Oven was attracted by the vortex as he tried to nullify it with his heat,sadly he was too slow and when he entered the vortex he was cut hundreds of time.He dropped on the ground and Maori went to check if he was dead.When she approached him he suddenly got up and grabbed her by the throat while using his power to heat his hand.


Her throat was getting burned and the pain was unbereable but soon someone came to her rescue.

???:Overcharged Doube Palm Strike!!

Two palms crashed in Oven back as he coughed blood and dropped on the ground another time but this time he was uncouscious.

Xia:WOAH!Those motherfuckers are really hard to beat!We really need more training against devil fruit users!!

Maori:*cough*Thanks for the help Xia!

Xia:HAHA!Don't worry ,between harem sister we need to help each other!

Maori nodded and continued to fight the Big Mom's pirates while the real battles were arriving.

Sana vs BigMom! (sana went directly to big mom because she wanted to fight and since she is Tsarck's sister she can disobey him sometime)

Tsarck vs Katakuri and the big mom's pirates !

It's gonna be short yet intense and the world will remember what happened that day for decades.

The end of an era!

The end of the pirate!

The end of the world Government!

All that by two siblings and their crew(yes two siblings .Sana is extremely important and she is just a little bit weaker than tsarck)

Let's start the adventures in the One piece World!Harem,violence and death

Coming Soon:MARINEFORD!!
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    《Suspended for now*Silver Nightmare in different worlds》