Suspended for now*Silver Nightmare in different worlds
24 The end of big mom and Ace“s captured!
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Suspended for now*Silver Nightmare in different worlds
Author :Tsarck
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24 The end of big mom and Ace“s captured!

Sana arrived in a gigantic room and heard some weird noises.She walked towards the noise and saw a big womand eating a huge cake.

Sana:OYE!!YOU FAT BITCH!!Sana's here to kick your ass!!


The ground began to tremble as if there was an earth-quake and the big woman glared at sana.

???:And who are you,shortie?

Sana:My name's Sana and I'M NOT SHORT!!

???:WELL I'M NOT FAT!!!!

And with that stupid and childish talk,the fight began.Big Mom tried to take away Sana's soul but wasn't able to do so since Sana didn't fear her.Sana jumped in the air and used her fire to transform into a 50ft giant.


Big Mom:Prometheus!!

Big mom used prometheus to counter Sana,but sana's fire was too strong so she used napoleon,her hat and transformed it into a sword.She slashed at Sana but was blocked by Hyorinmaru,they fiercely battled with their sword,and since Big Mom was way stronger physically than Sana she took the upper hand.


She concentrated fire around her while Big Mom summoned Zeus and shoot a big lightning bolt at her.


She screamed but quickly clenched her teeth and liberated the fire that was around her in a column;


The column slightly burned Big Mom's arm but she didn't even seem to notice it,as she rushed at Sana and engaged in a battle of lightning and fire.

It continued for quite a long time and the whole place was being destroyed ,but finally she took the upper hands since she trained efficiently with her fruits and was faster than big mom.

Big Mom:KIEKIEKIE!!You may be strong girl but you can't stand up against me with your puny little fire!!!

Sana:*smirk*And who told you i could only control fire?

Big Mom:W-Wha-a---AGHHHHHH!!!!!

She was stabbed by a huge lance of ice,as pillars of ice formed around her.

Sana:Sennen Hyōrō !

The ice pillars surrounded big mom and formed a prison,Sana then controlled them with her swords and sent them towards Big Mom at full speed.


She coated her fists with haki and repetedly punched the multiple ice pillars that tried to hit her.While she was doing that ,Sana created a clone of ice and went behind big mom.

Big Mom:You are gonna die bitch!!


It only served to anger big mom even more as her hair became fiery and her facial expression was terrifying.She lunget at Sana and tried to crush her with napoleon but Sana dissolved into water and a shout was heard behind her.

Sana:Hyōten Hyakkasō!!!!

A huge hole opened in the clouds and snow began to float down onto Big Mom.When it touched Big Mom an ice flower sprouted on her body,it trapped her as many other flowers sprouted on her body and made it impossible for her to move.


Sana:*Smile coolly*When the last of the 100 petals of flower fell,you will die Yonko Big Mom.


Sana:HAHAHAHA!!!Sadly that's where you're wrong,we've killed most of your family member and that Smoothie girl will become the slave of my dear brother.We will also recruit katakuri since he has many reasons to abandon you,and my brother has his ways with words,he will be able to recruit him easily!!!

Big Mom:SANAAAAAA!!!!!-......

The Yonko Big Mom,most powerful woman in the world(nope the most powerful one is secret even though you know her name)Died,frozen by hundreds of ice flower.It was a painful and slow death and all the people who saw her deaths could only think of one thing.


Sana smirked and made her way towards the Queen anne's revenge.When she arrive she saw Xia looking at a journal,with her hands trembling.

Sana:Hey!!Xia what's happening?

Xia;Oh!Sana!Ace has been captured!

Sana:WHAT?!Already?!Fuck!Tsarck needs to come back now!!

Xia:What do you mean?Ace will not go to marineford directly so we have time right?

Sana:Indeed but Tsarck wants to meet a certain girl and turn her into one of his wives.

Xia;EH?!Wife?But why ?

Sana:Tsarck can manipulate people with his aura and his new seduction power but it will be easier if he promise her something she wants.That woman was a slave and she was traumatised by this,so Tsarck just have to convince her that he doesn't give a fuck about this and that he want her ,not like a slave but a lover.He will also have to seduce her to the maximum he can since she may not like the fact that he has slaves.

Xia;OH!So that's it huh?Well seems like we are gonna be busy.

Sana:Yes,the thing is that this woman is already in love with someone else but knowing Tsarck he will manipulate her and make her forget that man or even hate him.The only problem is that he doesn't want to kill that man for now.He want to make the guy's female friends his slaves and order them to kill him.

Xia:*Sigh*You know sometime i'm wondering if he's really not a psychopath.

Sana:hehe!You know Tsarck does most of the thing he does because he knows how easily it is to destroy people when they are afraid.There's also the fact that he does anything he wants without a care of what the other people wants,except for us of course!

They continued to talk and after 10 minutes ,Ping came with a woman on her shoulder.That woman was incredibly tall(she is 15'2 while Tsarck is 9'4 )And had large hands.She also had long and wavy white hair that covered her right eye and stretched down her back. She wore a pink striped leotard,a large yellow scarf that flowed nearly to the ground, sleeves around her elbows, a huge floppy cap resembling an oversized beret, and a pair of long dark boots, which reached up to her knees, with decorative adornments at the top. She also had a tattoo of a rose on her upper right leg.She was quite a beauty but the huge scar she had on the neck kinda made it a waste.

Xia:You went pretty hard on her ,huh?

Ping:*COUGH*Well the bitch was quite strong!

Sana:*CHUCKLE*Well now that this girl has been captured,i have a suggestion.

Xia:A suggestion?*Smirk*I think i know what you're talking about.

Sana:Let's prepare her for my dear brother.

Ping:'It's kinda like how i was captured now that i think about.OH!Well atleast she is not as stubborn as i was back then.'
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    《Suspended for now*Silver Nightmare in different worlds》