Suspended for now*Silver Nightmare in different worlds
25 Katakuri and the world“s shocked!
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Suspended for now*Silver Nightmare in different worlds
Author :Tsarck
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25 Katakuri and the world“s shocked!

While Sana defeated Big Mom,Tsarck arrived in front of a place filled with Big Mom's pirates.They were everywhere,and Tsarck was gradually becoming excited.

Tsarck:'A slaughter and a battle against Katakuri!Damn i'm so lucky!'

Tsarck used his respira to slaughter all the pirates and continued towards katakuri.

Hexia:He's Here!

As she said this Katakuri appeared behind Tsarck and tried to stab him with his trident but it just went through him as Katakuri slightly winced because of the electricity Tsarck's body transferred on his trident.

Katakuri:A devil fruit user huh?It doesn't matter your not on my level!

Sana:'Brother!!I won against Big Mom!I'm on the ship with the girls and smoothie!

Tsarck smirked and laughed mockingly while pointing at Katakuri.

Tsarck:HAHAHAHA!!You really think you stand a chance against me,Tsarck captain of the silver nightmares pirates huh?HAHAHA!!Big Mom is already dead and your sister smoothie has been captured!!

Katakuri was so shocked that he fell on his knees and his scarf fell too.He believed Tsarck since he couldn't hear any sound of fighting which meant that fight wqs over,but he didn't sense the presence of Big Mom again.It meant that she was indeed dead,but katakuri wasn't sad,he didn't cry or anything.It wasn't because he was a tough guy but it was because he didn't even viewed her as a mother,he hated this family,even though he never showed it.He was always treated like some sort of superhuman monster,but not just who he was.No one except brulée really gave a fuck about him for who he was,they all just respected him for his strengh but if you remove the scarf and the strengh,they would just see him as a freak.

Katakuri looked at the ground and saw his scarf,he knew that Tsarck could clearly see his face so he decided to kill him.After all even though that fat bitch was dead he could still take control of the rest of the family and become an emperor himself.But when he looked up,he didn't see the disgusted look on Tsarck's face but some sort of admiration and respect.

Tsarck:A monster face huh?You know we are kinda opposite,you have been treated as a monster because of your face and your strengh while you just wanted the love of your family.In my case ,everyone viewed me as a weak handsome boy,they thought i was fragile but they loved me for my looks and my charisma.You know what i did to them?

Katakuri:*Clench his teeth*How am i supposed to know?!Why are you talking to me like that?!I'M A MONSTER WHILE YOU'RE JUS-

Tsarck:A real monster...You are not like me because you never deserved the title of monster,while me?HAHAHAHA!!There is no biggest monster than me !!I've always terrified people and killed them in the most horribles ways!!If i'm called the silver nightmare it isn't for nothing!

Katakuri:M-Me?Not a-a monster?

Tsarck:*SIGH*Katakuri,you were just unlucky to be born in this family.You can become a real monster or live a real life.A life where you can do whatever you want,without those trash treating you like a freak!!


Tsarck:Indeed it is,i did it once already so i can tell you that it is easy.After all you just live your new life without letting your old one haunting you!

Katakuri:Y-You....You seem to have a proposition,what is it?

Tsarck:Join Me!Forget your old live and serve me!

Katakuri:Serve?Why would i want to serve under someone?

Tsarck:HAHAHA!!Well because i offer you a new and better life!!I a compensation!!Or it's just because i need atleast one man with me!

Katakuri:It's not an easy decision to take you know?There is many things i need to think about.

Tsarck:A duel!Let's fight !If i win you become my servant !You chose whatever you want as your prize for victory!

Katakuri:*SMIRK*A duel huh?Now it's interesting!If i win i want you to become my lieutenant!If i don't join you i will have my own pirate fleet!

Tsarck:HAHAHA!!That's the spirit!NOW COME AT ME!!

Katakuri rushed at Tsarck and coated his trident with haki to hit him,but Tsarck dodged and punched him on the face.He then shot a sango at Katakuri but it didn't even graze him.They laughed as they battled for what seems like hours!

After a way too long time ,they finally slowed down since they were quite tired.

Tsarck:*Breath roughly*W-Well it was funny but i didn't even fight seriousl!Let's end this with our full power katakuri!

Katakuri:*smirk*Well then,eat this!!

Katakuri used his Mochi to lengthened his arm and threw his trident with full force.Tsarck dodged but Katakuri appeared behind him and did the same thing again.Tsarck continued to dodge as Katakuri continued to throw his trident at him.After a few minutes,katakuri stopped and smirked.

Katakuri:It ends now!!Mochi ha kēji!!!

Katakuri had actually observed the pattern of Tsarck movement and analysed it to find the right moment to strike.This attack had the goal to trap the target by attacking them repetedly in a close zone and force them to dodge.The target will minimize it's movements in order to let few opportunities for katakuri to strike but that's where the trick was.Tsarck was hit atleast 10 times but he grabbed Katakuri's trident and used his respira on it.

Katakuri quickly dropped the trident but that' when Tsarck stabbed him with a lightning beam.

Tsarck:You're right it ends now!Piasu raimei!

Katakuri coughed a mouthful of blood and dropped on the ground.He looked towards Tsarck weakly and smirked.

Katakuri:Well seems like you're my n-new c-captain huh?I just want to be able to take brulée with me.

Tsarck:Do whatever you want!

Katakuri:*Sigh*Things are gonna get interesting huh?............WAIT A SECOND!!*COUGH*YOU DESTROYED MY FUCKING TRIDENT!!!


Katakuri and Tsarck didn't know it but during the whole attack,there were many people who went to talk about what happened.Before Tsarck's group could even arrive at their next destination(impel down)The whole world already knew what happened.


On an unknown island .

A red-haired man looked at the two posters in his hands with and sighed.

???:*SIGH*It's gonna be even more difficult now!Why did it have to happen now!!

A man with a giant sword on his back , took the posters from the red-haired man.

???:Charlotte katakuri,ex sweet-commander of the Big Mom pirates and now traitor that joined an unknwon crew .Bounty:1 300 000 000 berry!


On a giant ship with a whale figurehead.

A gigantic old man looked at the same poster.

???:GYAGYAGYA!!Big Mom has been killed by an unknown woman that seems to be a member of the Silver nightmare pirates!GYAGYAGYA!!This Tsarck is really interesting!Marco after we rescue ace we will have to keep an eye on that guy!

Marco:YES POPS!!


Holy land,Marigeoise .

A fat and ugly man with a weird outfit looked at the poster of a woman with silver hair while licking his lips.

???:Sana,member of the Silver Nightmares pirate and the woman who killed Big Mom single-handedly.An incredibly beautiful woman who can control fire like fire fist ace,and ice like Marine's admiral Aokiji!!Bounty:800 000 000 berry!!What a fine woman!!She will make a good slave!!KUKUKU


In different places,at the same time the members of a certain straw hat crew looked at the poster of the most handsome man ever.A man with red eyes and silver hair that looked like a fucking god.But there was something that could be as special as his looks.His bounty!!

???:Tsarck,captain of the silver nightmare pirates.A man that can use the powers of lightning and death itself!!Bounty:............

1 500 000 000 Berry!!!
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    《Suspended for now*Silver Nightmare in different worlds》