Suspended for now*Silver Nightmare in different worlds
26 Plan and 6th level of Impel Down
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Suspended for now*Silver Nightmare in different worlds
Author :Tsarck
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26 Plan and 6th level of Impel Down

After Katakuri went to take Brûlée with him and explained the situation to her ,he went back to Tsarck and they walked towards the ship.

Katakuri:Well i'm completely exhausted,i'm gonna sleep for a while!Also do you have any donuts?

Tsarck:Yup,i told my sister to take some for you !

Katakuri nodded in satisfaction and went to sleep while brûlée talked with Sana about the next actions of the crew.

Tsarck entered his cabin and saw Hexia and Smoothie fucking.

Smoothie:YES YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!

Tsarck:HAHAHAHAAHA!!!I see that you're enjoying yourself smoothie!

She froze when she heard him but she moaned and continued to fuck when Hexia bit her nipple.

Tsarck:*Sigh*well ,seems like i will have to wait for my turn huh?.....Hahahahah!!AS IF!!!

He jumped on the bed and began to kissb Smoothie's whole body while she moaned and Hexia pouted.

Hexia:Don't forget about me!

Tsarck:eh?Hexia,dear you need to share sometimes!

He undressed himself and smoothie and began to fuck her so much she drooled and her mind went blank.


It continued for atleast 3 hours before she fall asleep and Hexia jumped on Tsarck's lap.


Tsarck:kukuku!Knowing both our stamina we will fuck for the whole trip to impel down!

Hexia:Well you just need to send the girls from the sect to capture robin and nami while we go to impel down!They will train them to obey you and when we get back you can order them to kill their whole crew!!

Tsarck:No,no,no!I know that they are supposed to meet in 3 days but luffy will tell them to wait for 2 years.I will not save ace since i don't need him but i will save Whitebeard since i must ask him about the one piece.I will let Law take luffy and after he announced the new date to his crew i will go back aand train nami and robin myself!

Hexia:Well i just sent a mental order to the girls of the sect.They are gonna capture nami and robin,then they will do as you said and wait for you on the island!

Tsarck:Hahahaha!Now that it has been dealt with.Let's fuck!!



After that they continued towards Impel down and arrived a few days later.They saw that luffy and hancock were already in it so Tsarck sent Sana and Maori to capture Hancock while he travelled to the different level,killing everyone on his path.He did encounter a few members of the marine but they were not even worth being killed.

He saw luffy and Baggy running on his way but he ignored them and went to the 6th level where he found all the future members of blackbeard crew.Instead of killing them he did the same thing as Blackbeard and made them fight against each other to see who will join him.Since he offered them freedom and a place as members of his crew,they naturally began to kill all the others prisoners.

At then end only one person was left.It was a girl who seemed to be around 16 years old.She had blue hair and black lifeless eyes.Tsarck didn't remember her being here in the anime so he asked Hexia about it.

Hexia:Blackbeard wasn't nearly as strong and famous as you back then,plus that girl is being attracted to you because of your aura of charm and charisma.

Tsarck:'kekeke.....She is gonna be a great addition to my crew but i think i've an interesting idea about her.

Tsarck:Girl my name's Tsark,what's yours ?

???:Hawk D Laura

Tsarck:Well my dear laura you found yourself a new life!!

Her eyes shone brightly when she heard that and she blushed in a cute way.

Laura:R-Really ?

Tsarck:Of course! But tell me,why are you here ?

Laura:*Sob*I-I have the seishin seishin no mi .It's a paramecia fruit that can manipulate someone spirit's,change or erase their memories and personalities.It can totally manipulate the mind but i can't control it properly and i-i....i k-killed so m-many people b-because of it.I-I've destroyed p-peoples lives!!!!

Tsarck smilled warmly and hugged her.She was shocked by his actions but returned the hug and began to cry.She was sad ,so sad, after all her powers killed people and she couldn't control it,that's how she killed all the prisoners.She didn't know that soon she will become a slave,with the sole purpose of satisfying her master,atleast with some effort she could become his lover ...Right?

Tsarck:Laura i need you to do something before you come with me.A man named marshall D Teach will come here later,i want you to join him and wait for my signal to betray him!


Tsarck:Laura don't you want to be loved?Don't you want to control your power and stop killing people?Then do what i told you and soon after the war end you will have everything you want!

Laura:I-I....o-okay but p-please,don't let m-me alone!I don't want to be alone anymore!!!

Tsarck:Don't worry my dear laura,i will stay with you forever.....

She fell asleep and only woke up when she heard a malicious voice coming from the outside of her cell.

???:MUHAHAHAHAHA!!Girl do you want to have your freedom back!?

Laura:'Tsarck....I will do it for my freedom and to be never alone again.Please...I hope you didn't lied to me!'
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    《Suspended for now*Silver Nightmare in different worlds》