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Suspended for now*Silver Nightmare in different worlds
Author :Tsarck
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27 Entrance at Marineford!

After Laura and some other criminals that Tsarck left,joined Blackbeard he went towards marineford in order to....Well you already know that!

Hancock was captured but she wasn't easy to deal with since her past as a slave made her extremely fearful of the situation.Tsarck decided to deal with her after he takes laura back since he will be able to alter Hancock memories.

Tsarck and his crew went to Marineford directly while the sects members went to capture Nami and Robin,which was not difficult with how weak they were.

Tsarck:Hey Hexia!Now that i think about it,nami and Robin are quite weak!

Hexia:Well yes they are but that's because they were not trained well,also Nami doesn't have a devil fruit,but i can take devil fruit from the corpse of it's user and give to someone else.I can also use devil fruits to enhance other powers but only when they have things in common.Like the darkness fruit and Arrogante.

Tsarck:HHAHAHAHAHA!!Teach is so DEAD!!

Xia:Tsarck !!We are gonna arrive soon!

Tsarck:OKAY!!Hexia what is currently happening there?!

Hexia:hummm....OH!Whitebeard has just arrived and Luffy is gonna come soon!

Tsarck:I will use my lightning power to teleport there!Sana you go and slaughter the marines!Xia and Maori you go fight against the shichibukai!!


When the ship approached marineford,they used their different abilities to go there quickly.Tsarck used kari,while Maori used her wind to transport xia and Sana.

Tsarck waited for luffy and the others as the girls finally arrived.


Everyone was shocked when they a vice-admiral being freezed and cut down by an unknown woman but they quickly understood what happened when they saw her face.

"It's Sana of the Silver Nightmares pirates!!!"

That shout gathered everyone attention on her while she laughed and covered herself in fire.

Sana:Hello everyone!!My captain has decided to come here to have some fun!!Let's enjoy ourselves!!HAHAHAHAH!!

The men had difficulties to fight her since she was way too beautiful,and Teach was salivating when he saw her.

Teach:MUHAHAHAHA!!I want that girl!!Laura you will use your power to control her after we captured her!!Let's go!!

Laura followed him happily since she knew that Tsarck was here too.Maori and Xia appeared and immediately went to attack the shichibukai.Maori used her wind to slice Doflamingo's arms and used her sword to pary the attack of Moria.

Xia used her palm magic to fight in close-combat against Kuma .She was dominating him since she was fast and her strikes were extremely powerful.Kuma did try to use his devil fruit on her but she blocked him with the sword Hexia gave to Tsarck,Noroi o muryō de, a sea-stone sword that had a golden handle and scriptures on the blade.

After some time Xia and Maori began to win their fight but doflamingo managed to trap Maori with his threads,Xia went to rescue her and cut one of Kuma's legs in the process.She used her palms to strike Doflamingo in the head while she kicked Moria in the balls,if he had any.

She freed Maori but she was suddenly punched by an incredible force and was sent flying away.Kuma tried to attack Maori too but his other leg was cut and Maori approached him slowly as he screamed in pain.

Maori:kukuku!It seems that our training was really good!!Or you're simply too weak!Well it doesn't matter,goodbye mister Kuma!

She beheaded him but she was catched by Moria and doflamingo used her as a punching bag.


Doflamingo laughed sadistically as he broke her arm.He then put his fingers on her eyes and smiled as her eyes widened in horror.

Xia:Drunken Palm Strike!!

Doflamingo's head was bashed violently and blood splattered on the ground as Xia breathed heavily.

Xia:Y-You're good M-Maori?

Maori:Hehe*Cough*You've save me two times already!Next time don't do that !I don't want to owe you anything!

Xia:Ehhhh....Our dear Maori don't want to be left behind?

Maori:*blush*Shut up!!


Xia:Oye Maori!Let's do our combination attack !


Xia took a Drunken palm stance while Maori surrounded Xia's body with violent wind.

Xia and Maori:Drunken Palm Divine Wind Strike!!

Xia used her enhanced palms to hit Moria in the stomach while the wind that surrounded her sent him flying in the Marine HQ.

Xia:*Sigh*We should return to Tsarck and take Senzu beans

Maori:*smile*Yeah*Cough*Let's d-do that!

They ran towarfs Whitebeard who was kinda surprised to see them here.But it quickly changed when Crocodile appeared behind him and tried to attack him.Luffy went to stop him but Crocodile's whole body decayed before he could touch him.

Tsarck:HAHAHAHA!!That dumbass really thought he could actually attack a Yonko!!

Whitebeard:So you're the kid that killed Big mom huh?!

Everyone looked in Whitebeard way when they heard this,and they saw a handsome and muscular man that wore a purple cloak with a crown on his head.

Tsarck:HAHAHAH!!!The new Yonko has arrived !!!!

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    《Suspended for now*Silver Nightmare in different worlds》