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Suspended for now*Silver Nightmare in different worlds
Author :Tsarck
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32 Life on Heiwa

After a few days they finally arrived at Heiwa and they directly went to the sects women while Reina jumped on Tsarck and dragged him in the forest.

Sana:*Sigh*It's definitely your fault,she's like that Maori

Maori:Wait what?!I didn't do anything!

Xia:Yeah we all believe you right girls?

They all nodded and chukled while Maori pouted and went to brood in a corner,muttering about how she would've killed Sana if she wasn't Tsarck's sister.Xia and Ping directly went to train with the other while Katakuri and Smoothie trained Brulée since she was way too weak.Sana walked towards the scared Nami while Robin tried to find a way to escape.

Sana:Well,well what do we have here?The loyal friends of Monkey D Luffy huh?

Nami:What are you gonna do with us?

Sana:My brother is the one who will decide that.But i can assure you that you will quickly become ours!HAHAHAHAHAHA!!

Instead of the usual stoic or even slightly crazy look Sana had,she now looked like the craziest being that could ever exist.The moments when Sana loss her cool are few but when they happened it could terrify everyone,except Tsarck since he could act even crazier.During hours and hours she tortured/fucked Nami and Robin,who looked like they went through hell and paradise at the same time.They bleeding and had bruises all over their bodies but at the same time they were sweaty and were drooling with an expression of complete pleasure.

It was truly a sight to behold but Sana quickly hid her blush and went for a walk in order to calm herself,afterall she was quite embarassed about these moments,even though she succeeded in broking Nami and Robin but still!That was soooo embarassing!!

'I hope no on saw me'

She didn't knew that a blushing Hancock had actually saw this .

'I saw nothing!!NOTHING AT ALL!ABSOLUTELY NOT THEIR HOT AND SWEATY BODIES WHILE THEY FUC-ARGHHH!!STOP THIINKING ABOUT IT!!'She hit her head repetedly agains a tree while katakuri was really confused.

Katakuri:I just let her for a few moments!What the hell happened?!


After Laura used her power on Whitebeard they changed his memories and replaced them by fake ones while erasing the real ones.Whitebeard was now Edward the devoted servant of Tsarck and Sana,and he was gonna take his job seriously.Like reallyyy seriously since he decided to act like a bodyguard for Tsarck,looking at every possible corner for any threats.

Tsarck:'PSHHT LAURA!Ain't he a little too devoted?'

Laura:'I told you i cannot control it well!'

Tsarck:'*Sigh*It doesn't matter.Go and use it on Nami and Robin too,you know how i want you to reshape their minds right?'

Laura:'Don't worry Tsarck i know it!But can i get some rest after that?'

Tsarck smirked and walked towards her,he then kissed her on the cheek and murmured in her ears.

Tsarck:I'm sorry but even if you try to rest,i'm quite energetic,i might come and play with you while you're "resting"kukuku!



Tsarck:HAHAHA!!I fucking love my life!!


During 2 years they trained everyday without ever stopping and progressed by leaps and bounds.The members of the Divine Wind Sect became atleast as powerful as the whole whitebeard crew,while their mistress Jin shin reached the level of a yonko commander,even though she was weaker than Katakuri.Katakuri and Smoothie trained brulée who reached the vice-admiral level with good observation haki,and suprisingly the conqueror's haki.Xia trained with her palm magic since she needed to become faster.

Ping trained with Maori and reina in extremely dangerous condition,she was always bleeding so much she looked like she was about to die, extreme pain was daily for her but her strengh became even bigger than Xia,a fact that she loved to flaunt in front of Xia.

Maori and Reina trained with robin and Nami,who became good little slave but also extremely powerful ones.Nami was now at shichibukai level alone,she learned to fight with many differents weapon and she also developped an observation haki which was way too powerful for her level since it was at the same level as Katakuri.

Robin became as strong as Smoothie with an extremel powerful armament haki and a better control of her fruit.Sana became as strong as whitebeard and also gained the conqueror's haki while she couldn't use the other for some reasons.Whitebeard became younger since Tsarck mastered the power of Arrogante and sent him back in his 30's,he also became alot calmer and wiser since Laura mastered her fruit which was good because his antics sometimes pissed Sana's off.

During theses years Tsarck had received two missions:

-Recruit pirates and take control of White beards territory

Reward:All type of haki

-Reach the peak of this world in strengh.

Reward:Suwappu-Suwappu no mi, a fruit with the power to change the gender of any individual,but also change their personalitlies to go from an extreme to another,exemple a man who hate the user who change into a woman who absolutely love him(can work on woman too)

I don't think i need to say what he did with this last power right?

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    《Suspended for now*Silver Nightmare in different worlds》