Suspended for now*Silver Nightmare in different worlds
33 Situation of the World and Memories
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Suspended for now*Silver Nightmare in different worlds
Author :Tsarck
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33 Situation of the World and Memories

During those two years not only Tsarck's crew changed,but the whole world changed too.

The marines had to replace sengoku so they asked Garp who refused,still too sad and sorrowful because of ace and Sengoku's death.Finally it was aokiji who took the job since kizaru was way too...Well kizaru to take the job.A new admiral came to replace Akainu and his name was....Smoker!

Actually smoker and an old man named issho fougth and issho was about to win,but smoker found a way to counter issho's control over gravity and used it against him which resulted in smoker's victory.After smoker trained like a madman while issho became a vice admiral,and aokiji decided to make the marines into real peace-keeper and not the morons they were under Sengoku.

The world also knew a great change in who controlled what,since all the territory that were controlled by the whitebeards pirates were taken by the fleet of the Silver nightmares pirates.The territories of Big Mom were now controlled by the beast pirates and Kaido was hella pissed off because of Big mom and dofflamingo death.

Shanks and his crew decided to go to the Wano country and fight against Kaido since he was becoming way too unstable and dangerous.The two crew's fought to death but it was Kaido who won in the end and Shanks had to retreat with half the men he came with .

The Shichibukai also changed since most were dead.So now it is Mihawk,Capone bege since he needed a new alliance with someone after Big Mom's death,Weeble a guy who told everyone that he was Whitebeard's son,Baggy the clone since his crew became quite large and he also trained to become stronger,Jewelry bonney since it was a good place to take and finally,Reina a new pirate with a crew only composed of women and who already had the level of a yonko commander.

Since Big mom and Whitebeard stopped being Emperor's two people took their places.Tsarck obviously who now had a bounty of 4 000 000 000 Berry on his head even though no one would try to kill him with what he did on Marineford,but also a new empress named....Katakuri!

You see,after katakuri changed into a woman,Tsarck told her to start a new crew and become an empress.Why?Because he needed someone to spy on Kaido and Shanks but also someone who could rally new allies to attack the Wold Government.

The Suritto kuchi pirates quickly became one of the most powerful crew in the world and soon Katakuri became the new empress,even though everyone knew that this woman was Tsarck's wife but no one knew that it was katakuri since she hid her slit mouth with a mask and well of course she was a woman so one could possibly know who she was.No one except one person.


(Mariegeoise,room of the Empty throne)

Five old men were kneeling in front of a black individual who looked calm and bored at the same time.

"Mistress Im,this Tsarck is way too dangerous!We need to fight him or he could become a danger for the whole world!It's already difficult to deal with those arrogants celestials dragons !"

Im:No,we must concentrate on Celestials dragons for now,some of them seems to be interested in the new Warlord Reinad but also the empress Katakuri and Sana the sister of this Tsarck.I know it sounds dangerous but if i can't fight them myself we will need to create a gigantic war and finally kill them all.

"As you wish mistress Im"

The kneeling old men exited the room and Im returned to the castle.When Im entered the room they took out their crown and cloak,Im now looked like a beautiful woman in her 30's with black hair and black eyes that seems to hold way too much pain.She looked at the poster of a certain boy with a straw hat and sighed.

Im:*sighed*Why do they make things so difficult for me?Did he really had to go and declare war to the world government?And now he declared war on Kaido!*Sigh*Atleast he's just an innocent kid,that Tsarck give me a really bad f-feeling....WAIT!TSARCK?!A man with silver hair and red eyes?Who is so handsoma that any women would fall in love with him?A murderer who calls himself the Silver Nightmare?No!That's impossible!

She took the poster of Tsarck and looked at his face,and the more she looked at him the more she remembered her past life.


There was a younger version of Im running behind a younger version of Tsarck.

Im:*Pout*Why are you always late?!

Tsarck:EHH?!Me?Late?Of course i'm not!It's you who's too early!

Im:*slap him*Don't try to find an excuse !

Tsarck:TCH!You know you're never gonna find a husband like that!


Tsarck:Yeah exactly!The age to be married!

Im:*blush even more*I-I...YOU KNOW WHAT I HATE YOU!!

She ran away while her blush was so big she looked like a fucking tomato.

Tsarck:'kukuku!We will see how you react later!'

Later she came back home expecting to find her mother cooking and her father and brother playing videogames but she only found blood stains.She began to panic and searched everywhere for her family.


She opened the door to her parents room and found them hanged on ropes while her little brother was crouching in the corner of the room repeating the same things.

"I-It's n-not my fault!I-It's n-not my fault!I-It's n-not my fault!"

She ran to him but before she could reach him he looked at her with an horrified expression.


She was grabbed by an unknown person and pushed to the wall while her throat was being crushed.

???:Ehhhh....What do we have here?Are you surprised little girl?hehe!I thought you would be used to horrible things with what happened to you when you were 13 years old!

Her eyes widened when she heard this and memories of many men raping her appeared mind.She tried to forget but she couldn't,but the person didn't seems to want to kill her since he or she was waiting for something.And suddenly it happened,someone barged into the room and tackled the individual.


He shouted as the person took out a knife and slashed at him.Tsarck dodged but his arm was scratched and he began to bleed.Im was too scared to even move so Tsarck pushed her out of the room while dodging the person's knife.

Tsarck:ASSIA MOVE!!!!(assia is her old name by the way,and i called her Im because no one said her old name)

Assia ran to her brother and took him out of the room.She searched for the phone of her mother and used it to call the police.


She heard him scream and wanted to go help him but her little brother began to cry and grabbed her shirt.

"Don't let me alone!!"

She chosed to stay with and prayed that Tsarck was good.After a few minutes the noises stopped and her brother took her hand.He ran and exited the house to go find the police cars that were arriving.

In the house a boy and a girl were laughing their asses off.


Sana:AHAHAA!That was way too funny!

Tsarck*turn serious*Well that's good and all but did you do what i told you?

Sana:YUP!I took everything expensive that they had and also their credits card!

Tsarck:Good!We are gonna need it!

Sana:Also the boy didn't see my face so it's good !

Tsarck:Yeah!Yeah!Now get the hell outta here!


She jumped out of the window and fled with a bike she hid in the bush behind the house.

Tsarck:*Sigh*Sorry for that Assia but we need that money,and i don't like you enough to feel really sorry for you.After all you maybe the girl i loved the most but it's still not enough compared to my future.

Years later Tsarck's face became official and everyone knew that he was the silver nightmare.Assia naturally understood that he was the responsible for the death of her parents since everything seemed way too prepared and the unknown person did have a familiar voice she heard in the past.Sadly she couldn't hate him,she knew he needed money and it was logical that her family was the easiest target since he knew them.But what made it really impossible to hate him was the fact that she loved him.


Im:Tsarck after all these years i hope you didn't forgot about me.*Blush*Because i never forgot about you,even with all the bad things you did,i still cannot stop loving you .*SIGH*I don't if it's because my parents weren't good with me or the fact that you were the only friend i ever had but my love for you grew bigger with the time.Did you loved me at that time?


Heiwa island

There were bodies of women everywhere covered in sweat and you know what.In the middle of this pile of women there was a man who suddenly sneezed.

Tsarck:Who the fuck talked about me?I hope it's smoker!I'm so gonna swap him!

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    《Suspended for now*Silver Nightmare in different worlds》