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Suspended for now*Silver Nightmare in different worlds
Author :Tsarck
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35 Future Celestial Dragon




It was naturally a shock for them to see Tsarck in this form,and for some reason he seemed even prettier like that,after all you know what they say"A man can never hope to become beautiful,like the treasure known as Woman".


Tsarck:I forgot to tell you but now i have the power to change gender and personalities.I decided to use it on me,but since i can't control it well for now,i accidentally changed my personnality too.I went from crazy and happy,to cold and bored.'I'm quite happy though that it worked well with Katakuri'.

Nami:W-Well,since you're here we c-can start the negotiation.

Tsarck nodded and sat on a chair looking at Dragon with such a bored gaze that he felt worthless.

Dragon:Well Mr no!Ms?

Tsarck:Call me....Anne

Dragon:W-Well then Ms.Anne,i must say that i was quite surprised when i saw two of my son friends acting as your messenger but your message is even more shocking.

Anne:Since you're already aware of my offer,i want to know your answer.

Sabo stood up and took a chair to sit besides Dragon,he looked at Anne with a difficult gaze and then decided to talk.

Sabo:I think that it will be beneficial for us,but i have two questions for you.Why did you change your gender?Also why do you want to bring down the world government?

Anne:*SIGH*I changed my gender because i plan to become a celestial dragon.


Anne:I will use this look to become a Celestial dragon and then find the best way to strike them.As for why i want to destroy the World Government,it is merely because i want to discover the truth of this world,even though i think that this goal will change with what i'll discover.

Dragon:Hmm...It is indeed a good plan,since you can defend yourself and no one will know that you're actually Tsarck.The problem though is the time it will take you to become a celestial dragon.After all in order to become a celestial dragon you'll need to become rich and influencial enough.Plus you will have to act like a noble.

Anne stood up and began to take a noble pose,which shocked everyone by how she really looked like a noble.

Ping:H-How are you able to do that Mast-Mistress?!

Anne:I may be a pirate and a murderer but i can mimic pretty much everyone.Look at this.

She began to mimic Boa Hancock and then Robin,who blushed when she saw her mistress act like her.

Robin:'Mistress knows me so much!!!'

Anne:Well now that it has been dealt with i wi-

Sabo:WAIT!!What are you gonna do with your crew?I mean an inactive Yonko is pretty weird.

Anne made a hand-sign and looked coldly at Sabo.

Anne:I will do this.Kage Bunshin!

A perfect clone of her appeared,which again stunned everyone,even Dragon stumbled back.

Dragon:H-How many a-abilities do you h-have?!

She walked towards him slowly in a seductive way and crouched in front of him.

Anne:Way too much for you to count.Do you want to test them Dragon~?

Dragon fainted with blood coming out of his snose while robin and Nami glared at him.

Nami:'So unfair!!'

Robin:'TCH!If he wasn't so important i would've killed him!'

Anne:Well then,since everything's been dealt with i will go back to my Island and prepare to execute my plan,we will begin the operation when the royalties of the world are there.

Sabo:But that's too short for you to become a celestial dragon!Also you can't use your lightning or your death power.

Anne:Sabo~I already told your boss that i have many abilities,also i'm way too good so it's only natural for me to do become a celestial dragon!

She walked out of the room and went towards her ship where Sana waited for her,while her crew followed behind.

Anne:'Well it was easy to earn the Kage bunshin since Hexia gave it to me as a reward for Marineford even though it was a bit late,atleast now i can be at two place at the same time.Anne will be the clone when i become a celestial dragon but before i will use my clone to extend my power as Tsarck.

Anne:It will be difficult but i think i can manage to first stay as Anna while my clone extend his territory and then i will become Tsarck again since Anne will be away from the danger as a celestial dragon.For now since Shanks should be dead i need to take the territory of the Red hair pirates,but i also need to keep an eye on Straw hat since he will fight against Kaido soon.With everything that is happening the summit of the royalties will happen after the event at Wano,but i still need to be fast and quickly become a celestial dragon.I thing i will use my powers to become influential,since i'm a yonko and i control one it will be easy,but the problem will be the other Celestial Dragon.'

She continued to think,unaware that her crew and katakuri would soon be at war against the government.


Marigeoise,house of Saint Charloss.

Charloss:KEKEKEKE!!This Sana will make the perfect slave for me!

His sister Shalulia shook her heads and Charloss looked at her confused.

Shalulia:My poor brother it seems that her beauty made you overlook the Empress Katakuri!

Charloss:What are you talking about?!It's impossible to have an Empress even an Admiral cannot beat them!

Shalulia:One yes!But three?

Charloss:Wait!You mean?

She nodded and they both chuckled darkly.


On the fishman island.

Katakuri:'Why do i have the sudden need to punch a world noble in the balls?I mean i'm not even sure they have balls!'

She thought but shrugged it off when she saw the donuts in front of her.She was about to eat one when Whitebeard crashed into the little house she created with her mochi.

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    《Suspended for now*Silver Nightmare in different worlds》