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Suspended for now*Silver Nightmare in different worlds
Author :Tsarck
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38 *Title at the end*

The plan of Anne was going quite well and she was becoming more and more famous(or infamous)with the time.Some even started to call her the Slave Queen,even though she didn't know if it was a good or bad thing,but she was too busy to even care.Rosward was extremely pleased with all the pirate captains she sold to him,and also the quality which was quite incredible.He was still disappointed that he couldn't get Reina since she was a warlord of Luffy since no one knew where he was.

Talking about that the Straw hats were in fact training and this time in the same place.Law made them train on Wano since Kaido would never think they were still here,after how easily they were destroyed .Their training was going quite well but it had to momentarily stop when a surprise came.




Luffy:Y-You're alive?!

Nami:HAHA!Of course we are!

Law:WAIT!WAIT!WAIT!How is that even possible?If my information are correct and i know they are,you were captured by the girls that worked for the Yonko Tsarck.


Sanji:'that fucker!!'


Robin:Indeed but they kept us on an island and since they're all dead we actually managed to escape!

Sanji:But you were c-captured 2 years ago!

Nami:They kept us because Tsarck seemed to like us*shiver*B-But we managed to survive and finally when the girls died which was about 2 months ago,we found a way out by using the devil fruit power of Robin to repair some kind of boat we found!

The others quickly shook all their suspicions away and went to Nami and Robin happily,while two people still had some doubts.Law since it seemed way too easy,after all Tsarck called himself the Silver Nightmare and according to many people he seems to deserve that title.But well maybe they actually could escape that easily.They could Seduce Tsarck with their charms and escape when no one was on the island,Tsarck would not go after them since he is a Yonko,and a Yonko won't really care about such trivial things.

Zoro on the other way actually knew something was off.Sanji was still so perverted yet Nami seemed to actually not care,not because she was happy to see him after all this time,but more like his existence wasn't something so important as to really be annoyed by his perverted antics.Robin seemed even more...Distant with the crew than what she was when she first came.The others were easily fooled but not Zoro,because he may be stupid some time but he was good at reading people and also.....He never trusted them ,afterall his goal was to become the world strongest swordsman,not the friend of those two bitches,especially Nami.


Since the plan of Anne was working quite well,naturally the revolutionnary quickly acted in order to not be left behind.Her plan could really help them in so much ways that they couldn't afford it to fail,as such they eliminated all the 'bad guys'that could threaten her while she took care of her 'official'ennemies.They also spied on the new Yonko since even though he was under the control of Anne,he was still....Well.....A....Clown!!!

Katakuri was preparing for the final war and as such she trained with ther two sisters while Edward was the one who commanded her whole fleet.No one seemed to bother and their men were so afraid of them that no spilled the bean about Whitebeard,even though Katakuri knew that Tsarck didn't give a fuck to that.Her role was to create a gigantic army that would take care of the marines who would try to help the people in Mariegeoise.

Buggy had the role to help his mistress Anne,that he feared way too much to oppose her,even though the real reason he never opposed her was that she gave him the Yonko title so he had no complaint to make about her.He had to make sure no one could really become a threat to her and if someone tried to attack her,he would destroy them no matter who they were.With his natural charisma and the fact that he already had a fleet (Tsarck/Anne gave a part of his/her fleet to him)He managed to gather even more people and these days he was maybe even more scary to the people than Kaido himself,even though that was only because Kaido was doing his own things away from the people,while Buggy was openly terrorising them.

While all that happened,some people weren't really happy especially about the sudden success of Anne.

A husband and a wife were arguing over the problems of their business.

(Dressrosa,Las Cadenas office)

"We need to put her down!!"

"And how?!She has the support from many high-ranked people and even a celestial dragons!"

"They don't need to know what happened!Actually we don't even need to kill her !"

The woman looked at him with a curious expression before she understood what he meant,she went to kiss him and began to chuckle darkly.

"KUKUKU!The **** is really the best way!"

"HAHAHA!With that she will be broken!"

"kukuku!Maybe we could even control her after that,many arrogant and pampered woman like her who can't even defend themselves are traumatised after experiencing stuff like that!She could become a mere puppet!"

In the corner of the room a litte zap of lightning could be saw,but the couple was too concentrated in their plan to see it.

*Return,preparation and Future disasters!*
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    《Suspended for now*Silver Nightmare in different worlds》