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Suspended for now*Silver Nightmare in different worlds
Author :Tsarck
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40 Yuko the spy and Yandere

After Anne woke up she decided to go to the where the spy was supposed to meet her.She arrived in front of a fancy-looking restaurant and a man came towards her.The man saw that she had a suspicious box in her hand but ignored it and welcomed her.

Anne:I want a table for two.

"Of course miss.Sit down and a waiter will come to take your order"

She sat down and waited for a few minutes.A young girl that looked no older than 19 years old came in front of her and sat down too.

Anne:I would've said i'm sorry sadly i'm not,so do you have the informations i'm looking for?

The girl smiled and took a file from her jacket.

"Of course i have Ma'am but do you have what my boss asked you to bring?"

Anne grabbed the box and put it on the table,as the girl tried to take it Anne glared at her and the temperature suddenly became warmer.Lightning began to gather in her palm as she grabbed the girl's hand who winced in pain.

Anne:Little girl don't try to fool me.I want to see what's in the file,and if it's not satisfying you won't have the money.


Everyone in the restaurant looked at the girl when she shouted so she blushed in embarassement and glared at Anne.

"Could you please kindly explain to me why you're acting as if you're the one who decide everything?My boss did tell me that you were extremely arrogant but damn!Maybe trading with the Celestial dragons is not such a good idead if you become like them."

Anne smirked and let go of the girl hand .

Anne:I'm quite hungry so it would be better to deal with that after we ate,don't you think so?

"Well if you're paying of course i'm!"

The waiter came and the girl began to order some incredibly expensive dishes while she smirked at Anne.

Anne:'That little girl is really not prepared for what i'm gonna do to her later....*lick her lips*I may have swapped my personnality but it seems that this still stayed.'


After they finished eating they went to Anne hotel room since they wanted to be away form the prying eyes.When the girl entered the room the door was immediately closed and lock while she was tackled to the bed.


She shouted but moaned softly when Anne grabbed her tits and began to play with them.

"W-What are y-you doing?"

Anne:It seems that you're still inexperienced little girl.*Bit the girl's ear*Trust me it's gonna change soon~

The girl wanted to talk back but she found herself unable to do anything else than moan when Anne suddenly placed her hand in her panties and began to rub her pussy.


Anne began to kiss her passionately as her hand was covered in liquid.She took out her hand and brought her fingers to her mouth as she began to lick them.

Anne:Hehe~You taste good little girl~

"M-My n-name's Yuko not l-little g-gi-AHNN!"

While she was talking Anne took out Yuko's panties and began to finger her.

Anne:Yuko?kuku...That's a good name for a little pervert~

Yuko:I'm n-not a p-pervert!

Anne moved her mouth in front of Yuko pink entrance and began to lick it while pleasing herself.

Anne:'It's kinda weird to do it in my girl form.Meh!It's still good to experience now things,especially with such a high-quality girl like her.....Damn!I'm beginning to think like those dumb nobles!'

Anne:Eh~You're not?It's weird because those cute little sounds you make,seems to tell the contrary~*kiss her*Your body seems to tell the truth don't you think so?~"

Yuko:Wait!It f-feels like s-something's coming!!AHNNN!

A huge amount of liquid poured into Anne's mouth like she was drinking from a fountain,and she drank it all while Yuko had a flushed face.

Yuko:I-It felt g-good~

Anne brought Yuko's head between her breasts and smiled as Yuko looked at her with a dazed expression.

Anne:Yuko~I can make you feel even better you know~Do you want me to show you real pleasure?~

Yuko embraced her tightly and cried.

Anne:'Oh no!Absolutely fucking no!!!'


Anne:'Not a freaking orphan!!!NOOOO!!'


While all this happened many people across the ocean were preparing themselves for the War that would arrive soon.The revolutionnary were training with the pirates of Katakuri since Tsarck told(Threatened)Dragon and Katakuri to work together.Buggy was in an open war for territory with Kaido since Tsarck wanted to keep Kaido away for now,and the straw hats were still training not aware of how extremely bad were gonna become soon.

(On the Queen Anne's revenge)

Sana:FUCK!My sis-con sense is telling me that my brother is fucking another girl!

Hexia:Wow!You really called the telepathic link like that?

Sana:Of course i did!

Hexia:*Sigh*You know to you it might look like everything is good,but i can tell that you're quickly gonna become just a normal girl to Tsarck if you don't act now.

Sana looked at her with teary eyes and a cute expression.

Sana:*sob*I-I want him t-to see m-me as his l-lover!How can i-i do t-that?

Hexia:'He's so gonna be pissed off about that!'

Hexia:Well Tsarck doesn't look at you like a woman because you just act like a sister with him,so be more seductive with him!You know what?Knowing him i don't think he would mind if you attacked directly!

Sana:*Blush*Y-You mean.....

Her whole face was red as she rubbed her thighs togethers.

Hexia:Yup!Find the right moment to attack and BOOM!You jump on him and have sex with him!

Sana:I-I can't do t-that!

Hexia:'I'm so dead!'

Hexia:Sana you know the others will steal him from you.Your brother will forget about you and will treat you like a stranger.You will never be able to get his love.HAHA!I don't think he even sees you as someone important with all those girls around him!You have no chance against the other!YOU WILL LOSE HIM!!

Sana tensed and a murderous aura spreaded around her.

Hexia:'Well that was definitely not the smartest move!'

Sana was nothing like her previous self,the dark aura around her and the pressure that came from her was way too opressive and malicious to be compared to her previous self.She was clenching her fist so hard that blood was pouring down from it and her eyes looked empty as if she lost everything.She slowly turned towards Hexia and the aura around her became wilder and more aggressive.

Sana:*whisper*No...No....He's mine.....

She walked towards Hexia and when she was just a few inches away her mouth transformed into a twisted and sick smile.


Hexia:'I have only one thing to say....RIP MYSELF!!"
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    《Suspended for now*Silver Nightmare in different worlds》