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Suspended for now*Silver Nightmare in different worlds
Author :Tsarck
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42 Mariejois

After many months of hardship and stress,Anne finally became powerful enough to be considered as a potential future Celestial Dragon.It came a morning in the form of a letter which invited her to come to Mariejois and discuss with the Gorosei .At first she thought it was weird that it was only in Mariejois and not Marigeoise but she quickly understood when she arrived.

The new threat of the Yonkos was too great to be ignored and as such the World Government decided to tighen security around Marigeoise.Even the Celestial Dragons had to stay there all the time,even though some still found many ways to get out of the city since they thought that such a thing couldn't really bring harm to them.

When Anne arrived many people made way for her and stood out of her way,as they were way too afraid to even approach her.During those months Anne was desperate to become a Celestial Dragons that she became even more ruthless than usual.No matter who it was,if they opposed her they died,and many people began to fear her maybe even more than a Yonko since compared to a Yonko she wasn't supposed to be strong and yet she killed way more people than them.

It terrified anyone to know that such a monster roamed freely in Mariejois,but they knew that the reason of her presence here was connected to the presence of the Gorosei,who were supposed to stay in Marigeoise.

A crowd formed around her as she stood still and waited for a messenger to come and tell her that the Gorosei was prepared.People around her murmured discreetly in fear to be caught by her.

"Woah!Never thought someone like her would come here"

"Such a brutal woman shouldn't be here!She's not fit to be here!"

"SHHH!She's gonna hear yo-"

Anne appeared behind the man who talked and strangled him.

Anne:Actually i heard you.I must say i'm quite surprised that you still don't understand the reason as to why i'm here.

Naturally people were curious but they didn't dare to say anything in front of her.A man with a suit came towards her and bowed.

"Miss Anne,the Gorosei is ready to receive you"

She followed him but turned after a few step and looked at the crowd.Many knew that she was gonna say something important so they listen with great interest.

Anne:I'm powerful and influential!I'm rich and charismatic!I think it's clear that the Gorosei want me to become a NOBLE!!

She smirked as she followed the man and left a crowd of stunned people who began to speak anxiously,hopping that it was just a joke and that such a terrible woman wouldn't really become a noble.

In a dark alley a man dressed in a white suit with a white top hat frowned when he heard her and sighed.

???:*SIGH*She will only bring problem for the world if she become a Celestial Dragon.

An extremely tall man behind him chuckled and moved towards him.

???:You're just annoyed that you will soon have to call her mistress.*CHUCKLE*You know i'mm quite happy that she's gonna become a noble,after all compared to the other she's actually worthy of such a title.Strengh,beauty,wealth and power,she who has everything will bring many change to the world.I'm sure of that....The only problem is what type of change is she gonna provoke?


In an unknown there was 5 old men who were discussing about the important events of the world.These old men were the Gorosei,the highest power in the World government even though there was someone higher than them,but the world didn't know that and it didn't need to know.

"I think it is quite clear that the Warlord Reina is dead.*SIGH*I hoped it was merely a rumour but it seems that we will need to replace her or..........."

"No!We can't do that!The shichibukai system helped us in many ways and it's too precious !!"

"Gentlemen we shouldn't fight over these trivial matters.The only important matter for now is this woman,Anne.We could make her a Celestial Dragon but sadly it will be pretty difficult to control her.I know that we all want to control her in order to regain the little bit of power we lost over the nobles but it will be way too dangerous.We sent many agent of the CP-AIGIS0 and the reports were all clear,this woman is extremely powerful,maybe even more than the current Yonko Tsarck,and such she should be treated with respect.Mistress Im need her since she could become an incredibly powerful ally for us,i think we must please her in order to make her stay here and turn her into a loyal ally."

The other men nodded as the door opened and Anne entered,a big smile plastered on her face even though for some reason she seemed even colder than usual.It actually made the members of the Gorosei sweat when they saw her,but they quickly sat down and offered her a sit.

Anne:I am already aware of Im existence.

This statement made them stumbled back and one even fell on his butt when he heard this.This wasn't really that shocking since Im actually told them that there was a chance this woman knew her.They didn't knew how that woman could possibly know something like that but since their Mistress said that it was okay they naturally acted like it was normal and returned to their previous positions,trying to act like they were calm while they were sweating way too much.

"W-Well*Cough*Miss Anne,i think you already why we called you here,right?"

Anne snorted and glared at him.

Anne:What are your conditions old men?I'm not in the mood for stupid and useless talk.

"Ah y-yes...Well know that you want to become a Celestial dragon and we can make you one,but we have three condition.If you respect them then you will become even more powerful then the other celestial dragon,the conditions are the following:

-You will act as a spy for us and report any weird or unusual behaviour from the other Celestial dragons.

-You will meet with us and mistress Im every last days of each months in order to discuss the problem of the world.Since it's better for us to act in the shadow you will be the one who carry our order and deal with the biggest problems.

-For the last one we know that you're different than every other Celestial dragons but we need you to act atleast a little like them.We also know that you're extremely strong but we think that it will be better if you act like a weak woman,having bodyguards to "protect"you all the time.As such you'll be able to hide your true strengh ."

Anne smirked and got up,she then grabbed the tie of the old man in front of her and released all her aura in the room.The old men were litterally about to lose conciousness but Anne suddenly stopped and exited the room .

Anne:If you try to do things behind my back or even worse betray my trust i'll make sure to paint the whole holy land with your blood and that of the citizens!!
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    《Suspended for now*Silver Nightmare in different worlds》