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Suspended for now*Silver Nightmare in different worlds
Author :Tsarck
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43 Against Kaido

While Anne was going to Marijois,Tsarck was still fighting against Joker.Well fighting would be kinda difficult to say since he was just playing with him sadly it seemed that he played for too long.


Xia was stabbed in the back by Basil hawkins who started to fight with her while Ping had to fight against the gifters.Even though Xia and Ping were stronger they had difficulties dealing with all of them and Hawkins was a vicious and smart man who Xia couldn't kill that easily just by using her power.

Joker:*breath heavily*W-Well seems like those two bitches are gonna lose their fights if you don't help them.But if you do the-

Tsarck:Then you can attack me or even retreat Blah Blah...Your attempt at annoying me or making me doubt is really useless so SHUT UP!

Joker was kinda shocked by the power Tsarck's voice contained and he immediately knew it was the conqueror's haki.It's power was weaker than Shank's one but it was still pretty strong so Joker had problems dealing with it.He mentally prayed that Kaido was coming soon since he absolutely refused to just lose to Tsarck.

Tsarck:You know*Smirk*It seems to me that many people if not all the people don't know me too well,so i think it's best if i teach all of you who i'm really.

Joker glared at him as Tsarck took out his axe and began to laugh.

Tsarck:HAHAHAH!!Many people think that everyone should atleast be at a reasonable level of power and not be completely overpowerful but you know what i think?HAHAHAH!!I think it's all bullshit!!Anyone can become a fucking god and give no fuck to the rules or the codes!!I'm the Silver nightmares and i represent madness and power!!I'll show you all that in life there are some beings who are naturally made to just exterminate everyone without breaking a sweat!!Almighty beings who are not bound by any of those stupid laws!!

Tsarck released all his power and began to slaughter all the beast pirates as Joker tried to attack him but was stopped in his track.


He rushed at Xia and Ping who were blocking his path but they dodged and un-sheathed their swords.They took their stances and began to mercilessly slash at Joker who soon couldn't take it anymore and fell to the ground.

Xia:It seems that the wounds he got from his fight with master were bigger than we thought.

Xia looked up to see a trembling Ping who was pointing tiredly at something behind Xia.She could see Ping lips moving but no words got out,even though Xia could understand what Ping was trying to say.

Ping'W-We are s-so dead'

She turned around and a giant fist connected with her head.



While this was happening Tsarck was finishing all the last Beast pirates who were on the island,and even though it was easy for him it seemed that his limit as a clone were showing which was really not a good sign.

Tsarck:'If i exhaust myself too much i will just dissappear and the girls will stay here to fight against Kaido who should be arriving soon.The timing is really too fucking bad!!!'

As he mentally cursed some of the gifters tried to surround him but his respira shield just made their flesh decay when they hit him.They tried everything they could but nothing worked,as if he was invincible and nothing could even graze him.

He suddenly sensed something weird with his telepathic link as if Sana was trying to call him but he just ignored it and walked calmly,slaughtering everyone in his path.

He soon arrived in front of a beach to see a shocking sight.He was used to see the aftermath of his fights but it was still quite stunning to see.It looked like a gigantic thing crashed on the beach and corpses filled the whole beach as two bleeding women were fighting against an immense dragon who shot beams at them.They were obviously tired and injured,but still continued to fight as the dragon was dominating them.

Tsarck looked at the fight and smirked,he then climbed a tree and watched the fight with a satisfied gaze.


Xia and Ping succeded in killing Kaido's generals but it seemed that kaido was still too much for them even after he got back in his normal form.His armament haki combined with his incredible strengh made it impossible for them to even counter-attack as they were just getting a beating.

Ping dodged an attack and rushed at him while Xia rushed behind him to help Ping.They both jumped on him charging their Qi in their swords as they were merely a few inches away from him.

Xia and Ping:Dark Dragon Twin Slash !!!

Two black dragon that seemed to be made out of darkness shot out of thei swords as they collapsed on the ground.They barely stayed concious but they could still see how Kaido got rid of the strike with his physical abilities alone.He walked towards them slowly,enjoying the look of horro on their faces as he neared them.He crouched in front of them and laughed.

Kaido:HAHAHA!!You know i bet you're thinking that Tsarck will come help you huh?You know i'm not really who can criticize people on their personalities but DAMN!!Everyone can see that you're just pawns to him!HAHAH!And yet you still act like good little puppet!

He strangled them but then threw them in the air and smirked.

Kaido:Seems like i was right!HAHAHA!Instead of helping you he is waiting for me.

They didn't want to believe him but sadly Tsarck's behaviour was enough to prove that he was right!Tsarck was using them and yet they acted as if they loved it.Ping lusted after him and Xia concedered him like her saviour but the more they thought about it,the more they understood what was the meaning of Silver nigthmare.

As they prepared themselves for thei death,a cannon bal was shot and struck Kaido in the stomach.He looked around and found a gigantic black ship.The queen Anne's revenge.

He saw an extremely angry looking woman on the deck and immediately tensed.

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    《Suspended for now*Silver Nightmare in different worlds》