Suspended for now*Silver Nightmare in different worlds
45 I“m really gonna write some chapters
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Suspended for now*Silver Nightmare in different worlds
Author :Tsarck
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45 I“m really gonna write some chapters

Well...I know i was supposed to write new chapters weeks ago but i was wayyyyy too busy and....

You know what?I'm not gonna use excuses so i'm just here to tell you that i'm really gonna write new chapters even though the pace is gonna be different.

By the way many things in the story are gonna change.I'm gonna end the gender bending thing with the mc and write some sex scenes since i kinda saw that there wasn't any of these scenes in the whole novel.

The novel is gonna become more gore and starting from the first chapter i'm gonna write, anything can happen(every character can die and pretty much any crazy thing can happen).Things are gonna change in the anime worlds trust me .

Also i've got a little scene from the chapter i was supposed to publish but i kinda lost the whole chapter except for this scene.


Kaido couldn't believe it.

The ones who survived the slaughter couldn't believe it.

They knew that Tsarck was strong and crazy but....That?!

It happened so suddenly that no one had the time to register the fact that a ray of lightning had litterally destroyed half of the island with his lightning.Most of the pirates were dead but the ones who had survived were almost envying the others when they saw the bloodthirsty smile on Tsarck's face.

Tsarck turned towards his sister who was still on the boat and glared at her.

'Sana, i want you to pick Xia and Ping and then you go as far as you can!'

'But broth-'

'Shut the fuck up and just obey!!'


She moved the ship and went to Xia and Ping while Tsarck looked at Kaido and began to laugh.

"HAHAHAH!!You cannot even know how happy i am!!I finally get to destroy you!!I'm gonna take my time, torturing you both physically and mentally prepare yourself Kaido!!"

He shouted as his entire body was covered in lightning and he rushed at Kaido who barely had the time to react.

In Tsarck's mind Hexia suddenly sweatdropped.

'Everytime i think it's the good moment to ask for sex he start to slaughter people.*Sigh*After that fight i have to make a plan with the other girls!We cannot continue without sex like that!!'

'Wait why do i sound like a sexually frustated old woman?!'
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    《Suspended for now*Silver Nightmare in different worlds》