Tales Of Zyndaria
2 Chapter 1 - Prologue
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Tales Of Zyndaria
Author :princezuko
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2 Chapter 1 - Prologue

Chapter 1 - Prologue

In the vast stretch of the battlefield ruins, a young boy held a delicate young girl on his lap. His eyes were filled with sadness beyond description; he stared at the girl while repeatedly calling out 'why... why…' The girl is motionless yet still manages to have a charming smile on her face. The beauty in the boy's hands slowly dissipated into nothingness.

The boy couldn't help but cry to the sky with a sadness beyond description; his powerful cultivation was influenced and started to envelop the whole world in it. A few unlucky planets were also affected and began to slowly form cracks, then… BOOM! A few planets were instantly destroyed.

Even after the huge explosion, the boy was still alive and floating in throughout the vast universe. He wandered the many solar systems and cosmos for some millennium but still, he couldn't die because of his curse of immortality. He saw the endless mysteries of countless universes and came to a profound understanding and was enlightened.

This time, when he went through the mystery of the core of the universe, he was thrown into an endless abyss of dark purple glow. And then an endless darkness surrounded him and he could hear the sounds of an explosion. When he thought finally he could end his eternal suffering from his curse, the man could feel his body became smaller. Some time passed, and when he opened his eyes again he realized he was a lot smaller.

His body felt like a 14-year-olds while his godly level cultivation was lost. It felt like it was even weaker than the average man's. He couldn't figure out if his curse was still in effect, and he didn't know if he should try.

This was the second time something like this happened to him. Originally his name was Ye Chen and a was the average senior high school student. After being rejected three times by his crushes in his lifetime, his confidence had taken a huge blow that changed him into a carefree NEET. He like the girls, but even if it wasn't to the point of true love.

After living as a NEET for a while he had an accident where his life went through a drastic change. It had happened when he was going to buy snacks. It was night and he was near a crossroad, when he saw one of the girls he confessed to was close to getting hit by a truck. So he did the logical thing any man still deeply in love would have. He jumped.

He ended up saving her but was was hit too hard. It was to the point his brain couldn't register the pain.

When he next woke up he could see a strange light. Back then he was similar to his current state and was in a fragile 14 year old body. His body was weak to the point where the average man could KO him with only the slightest hit.

At that time he was reminded of the classics of his home world and thought he will be a summoned hero for a country to defeat the demon king. Then afterwards a nice little princess will come to welcome him.

Little did he know that his fantasies were about to be destroyed for the world he was brought to was similar to a cultivation world in Chinese novels and the one who will face him will be a demon god. In this chaotic world where the strong eats the weak, he struggled time after time again to face hardships and tribulations. Eventually he climbed to the top.

But in the process he lost the person he loved most dearly and at the end it wasn't a demon god who was the hardest to face; it was his foster sister who at his highest point challenged him with a death match...........

"Why? Why…"

"It's because brother never noticed…my love. Everyone was afraid of your powers and thought you'd be a demon king...but I wanted brother to become the hero. That's why I don't have any regrets," the girl on his bosom said before she closed her eyes forever.

Ah... a large headache filled with memories of his past life and current life flooded his mind. He woke up startled and attempted to calm himself as he assessed the situation.

This is the South Region of Peace continent, the lowest place of Central Alliance in Peace continent and is also named as Zyndaria the lower plane. But although it is known as the lower plane, the highest-level sect "Seven Sect" is located in the South.

In this life before he took over this body, the original owner was from a small Family named Ye. Coincidentally he and the original owner share the same name, so his name was still Ye Chen. But the real problem was that his cultivation is now weak as it can possibly be. The third layer of body tempering was the First big realm in cultivation but for a normal 14 year old kid to have this cultivation, it can be said to only be mediocre at best as most this age were already at the fourth layer. According to his memory, even in this world the cultivation levels and methods used, though slightly degraded, were the same so his past experience would be useful.

In this world there are two paths; Martial Cultivators and Array Masters. The path to becoming an Array Master is a hundred times harder than to become one than a cultivator since Array Masters must temper their mental energy. Because of the difficulty almost everyone would chose martial cultivation.

Martial cultivation in this world contains 9 layers of body tempering. After these layers were the Huge martial realm which was divided as Martial Master, Martial Grand-master, Martial Lord, Martial Overlord, Martial King, Martial Emperor, Martial Sovereign, Martial Ancestor, Martial Saint, Martial Demigod, Martial God, Martial Celestial, and Martial immortal.

Each of these layers are also divided into 4 sub levels of initialized, condensed, transforming and finalizing layers. Once a Martial Sovereign is achieved you can break the shackles of the lower plane and go to a higher plain.

Similarly once Martial Demigod was reached you can be free of the entire planet's shackles and wander the universe and Lower Heaven. The reason it's called the Lower Heaven is because once you become a Martial Immortal you will be allowed to transcend to the Higher Heaven.

Ye Chen had only reached Martial God before he took over this body so he had never stepped into that realm where his ultimate goal once lied. His goal was to enter the realm known as "Eternal Immortal Emperor". It is said an Eternal Immortal can rule a few universes and as the emperor of them, the power of that level is unimaginable. But this is all said and done as Ye Chen was now a mere mortal at the 3rd layer of body tempering. The only reason Ye Chen wanted to become the Eternal Immortal Emperor was to revive the one he had lost in his previous life but it will be a long time before he could even regain his lost cultivation.
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    《Tales Of Zyndaria》