Tales Of Zyndaria
3 Chapter 2 - Cave in the Cliff
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Tales Of Zyndaria
Author :princezuko
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3 Chapter 2 - Cave in the Cliff

Chapter 2 - Cave in the Cliff

In the Seven Sect outer area there stood a forest where the fierce beasts prowl. It is one of the best training grounds the sect owns but a certain level of cultivation is required to go to the deepest parts of the forest. The further into the forest the higher the cultivation level of the fierce beasts became. Only the best of the sect could could go to the deepest parts and even then there were restrictions.

At the edge of the forest there stood an old looking bamboo hut where Ye Chen resided in. He couldn't live in the sect because he was only a disciple in name and record. With his cultivation level even the outer sect was off limits for him, not to mention the inner parts of the sect.

The sect was divided into two parts; the inner area where the inner sect and core sect was situated at and the the outer area where the outer sect and external area were placed.

Naturally as the best, the inner disciples and core disciples lived in comfort and always had the best resources. They were all treated with respect and reverence.

The outer sect students lived in the outer area and were not as well treated, but they were still considered real sect members. But the external area was for the people like Ye Chen. They were only only disciples in name and record and were not really considered as the real sect students. At the very least one needed to be an outer Sect disciple to practice martial arts.

… After sorting out his thoughts Ye Chen exited the hut. Once outside he heard a cry of pain from a fierce beast. It was a fox, a snow fox to be exact, trapped in a snare 100m from his bamboo hut inside the forest. Ye Chen walked slowly and until he arrived at the cliff. In front of him a stream raged tempestuously before violently falling into the depths of the vast lake below. He went to where the snow-fox was trapped and watched as the fluffy snow-fox pitifully gazed at him with sad eyes.

Ye Chen could no longer bear it and hurried to release the beast from the snare. Once free the boy expertly and efficiently treated the beast's wound within minutes. After giving a grateful look to Ye Chen the snow-fox vanished without a trace leaving a confounded Ye Chen. He couldn't understand how it was possible; although the snow-fox is an intelligent fierce beast it shouldn't have the powerful magical powers necessary to disappear like this.

While Ye Chen was lost in thought, an arrogant and aloft female and her evil looking lackeys came to the place Ye Chin was standing. Although the female was arrogant, she had the ability and the looks to back up her arrogance.

Not only had she already reached the 8th layer of body tempering she was considered a stunning beauty within the sect. While her attitude was not the best her looks were definitely first class.

While she had reached the 8th layer the men surrounding her had only achieved the 7th layer of body tempering. This was still an impressive feat, but compare to their young mistress, they were still lacking.

This arrogant female was Yu Yin from the Yu family who are the competitors of the Ye family. Both families were led by peak martial lords but the young talent in Ye Family couldn't compare with Yu Family and were often belittled and humiliated because of this.

The snare was her doing as she wished to capture the fluffy beast as a pet. Unfortunately for her when she came for the result she could only watch the trash from the Ye Family releasing her pet from afar. Her face turned bright red and she could no longer keep her temper within check.

"Ye Chen, do you know what you did?" shouted the rage filled women.

"What?" Ye Chen asked. He only gave a confused look that only made the women even more furious.

"You released my Snow-fox! My Snow-fox!" Seeing only more confusion from the 'waste' she stamped her foot in frustration and shouted to her lackeys, "Throw this waste down!"

Her followers nodded and within a flash the men surrounded Ye Chen and violently threw him off the nearby cliff with the waterfall.

Although he was once a supreme expert, right now his cultivation was much too weak compared to the men who surrounded him. He could only stand helplessly and watch as they threw him down the cliff. The women tossed her hair with a hr mp and stalked away with her entourage.

Ye Chen fell with the waterfall yet he was not smashed to pieces as he thought he would. He could feel himself floating as he gently tumbled and rolled down the waterfall. Instead of getting slammed into the cliff, he found himself staring at a giant cave which lay hidden behind the waterfall. To his great surprise he also found the snow-fox he had recently saved looking at him with a kind gaze.

But once he had entered the cave the snow-fox had once again vanished. Ye Chen glanced around curiously and his gaze was instantly attracted to a black pond with a starlight gloss. Strangely, or maybe not, there was nothing else in the cave. To the average person this pond would have been instantly dismissed as nothing of importance but to Ye Chen, he was electrified. He knew the true value of this pond.

It was a celestial pond which was considered as a treasure by the practitioners who practice the celestial ways. Not only was this celestial pond a priceless treasure, but it had another use which allowed one to change his or her Physics.

Ye Chen's current physics couldn't bear the practice method he remembered from his previous life so he could only use this chance to remodel his Physics. Ye Chen had once found the Cosmos Celestial Body Training method, a supreme physics remodeling method, but he was unable to practice it because one must still be in the body tempering level and celestial stones or a celestial pond was required. Even if he had still been at the body tempering level, neither of the two were easily acquired. In fact they were rare and hard to find.

Ye Chen sat cross legged near the pond and started practicing the Cosmos Celestial Body and began to chant the practice method.

'Cosmos is infinite, creation made the destruction, destruction made the creation, my body as the cosmos made the strength infinite!'

With a large boom, everything within Ye Chen's dantian exploded including the traces of Yuan Qi. His dantian became a pitch black nothingness similar to the void.

In Body Tempering layers Yuan Qi is born and slowly nurturing it to become martial power can bring a person a step into the Martial Master level. But now Ye Chen's dantian was a pitch black of nothingness.

Even though it was a painful process, he persevered and began to crazily absorb the energy within the celestial pond. Eventually his dantian had acquired a few bright lights similar to the stars in a cosmos and his eyes changed to become pitch black. Within the pupils lay dots which were scattered like glossing stars. His entire body began to give off the faint gloss similar to a celestial being.

Unknowingly to Ye Chen, this practice had taken two months. Luckily no one had disturbed him but because of the lack of food he had became a lot thinner. Even though practitioners can prevail for longer periods of time than normal people without martial power, it's difficult for someone to live without food.

To Ye Chen's surprise he had reached the 9th layer of the tempered body within those two short months and his Physics had become comparable to a Martial-master.

This practice speed is unheard of even among other geniuses. Even the most prodigious genius required at least a year to reach the peak of the Tempered Body from the 4th level, not to mention the 3rd level. The next step was to make his celestial energy convert to martial energy. Then he could become a Martial Master and could finally begin to practice martial arts. This was also the requirement to join the outer sect.

'The outer sect exams should be beginning soon. Yu Yin, you better hope to not run into me,' Ye Chen thought.
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