The 4 O' Clock Club
3 Chapter 3 - Yuno
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The 4 O' Clock Club
Author :The_Canary
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3 Chapter 3 - Yuno

After watching the punishment drills from the coach of Rayven, I stood up from my seat and let myself out of the room. Stepping outside, I could still hear the grunts from the fencing team and orders from the coach. I will just text Rayven later. 

Walking alone on the silent hallway, it reminded me of my  memories from my previous school. I could never remember a time that I walk alone since there were always my friends hanging around with me.

I spotted a few students milling around the open field of the academy. Remembering that I have prior appointment to the school's principal, I pulled out my phone from my bag and saw it was already 7:15 am.

Shaking my head, I hurriedly ran past some students who were surprised by my hastened action. The academy was too big if I will just roam around and guess where the principal's office was. So I mustered myself and asked the students I'd spotted earlier. 

They pointed me to a large building - they were calling it the Main Building and the room was located at the top floor. Following their instructions, I climbed the stairs and flew myself to the principal's room. 

I knocked tentatively at the door, then when I heard a go signal to come in, I pushed the door inside and found a weary old guy sitting behind a mahogany table.

The nameplate on the mahogany table had letters inscribed on it - Dr. Floyd Manuel, La Orden's School Prinicipal.

Dr. Floyd Manuel was weaering an eyeglasses covering his brown eyes while he eyed me, scrutinizing probably my appearance. He gestured at me to sit on the available chair before him which I did pleasurably after running just to get in here.

Fixing his brown coat and maroon tie, he cleared his throat and smiled at me warmly. 

"Welcome to La Orden Academy, Ms. Yuno del Luna!"

I nodded at him and replied my thank you to him. 

"So how do you find our school?" he inquired at me while looking expectantly. He was probably expecting me to be impressed by the grandiose appearance of their school which was true in a way. It was a big school, but I still have yet to make my full observation.

"It was big to be honest. I appreciate there are a lot of greeneries around the academy. I also noticed there a lot of sports activities."

Looking satisfied with my answer, Dr. Manuel placed his hands on the table launching himself to the greatness of the academy. 

"La Orden Academy aims to produce quality and best students for our country. If you have the extra time to explore our Alumni Hallway, you will see successful graduates from this academy. I hope it will inspire you to be one of them. It has been the goal of the acadmy since 1944 to mold our enrolled students to the best that they could be."

"1944? You mean this academy withstood the Japanese occupation?"

Irritation was shown in his facial expression as I interrupted him with his speech, but he quickly masked his face again with a pleasant smile at me. "Oh yes, Ms. del Luna. I have to credit you on your sharp recall of our history. Yes this school withstand the Japanese occupation. By the miracle of God, this city along with its infrastructures were spared from the war. Just a fun fact though, La Orden Academy was recently recognized as one of UNESCO"s World Heritage Site. So you're walking along a historical site."

Looking at his wristwatch, he nodded at himself and looked back at me again. "I won't hold you any longer. But I hope you will have great year in La Orden Academy. I have one of our best students to escort you to your classroom."

Right on cue, someone knocked at the door and I heard Dr. Manuel telling the visitor to come in. Turning the knob, a tall student entered the room. 

Let me scratch that it should be a tall handsome student greeted my eyes. Hugging his body was the identital blue coat with white sleeve tucked inside. There was also a red tie hanging between his chest and enveloping his long legs was a checkered blue pants. 

I also wanted to highlight that he had white fair skin like a model and stylish black hair. 

"Oh, Mr. Sytanco perfect timing! I want to introduce to you Ms. Yuno del Luna. She's a transferee for this second semester. If my memory serves me right, she will be in the same section with you also." He paused and glanced at my direction. "Ms. Yuno, this is Dylan Sytanco, your classmate and guide for today. Hope you two will get along. Both of you may go now to your classroom. Oh by the way, there's an upcoming dance next week. See you there, Ms. del Luna."

I pulled myself up from my seat and looked at my guide - Dylan. He was wearing a stoic expression and gave me a curt nod. We stepped out from the room and trailed after him.


We spent a quiet and awkward walk going to our classroom's building. I kinda expecting this also since he appeared to be not much of a talker. I had to catch up to him though since he was striding with his long legs. He was probably taller than Rayven. 

He led me to the second floor of the building, and that was when I heard a couple of girls gossiping about a boy who mysteriously disappear two months ago. It was the story that Rayven raised from last night. I began to slow my pace, so I could hear more of the story. Fortunately, I caught the name of the missing student - Raymond Manto. 

One of the girls heard a rumor that he eloped with a girl, but her friend rebutted it saying that Raymond never had a girlfriend before. Then they saw me that I was looking at them and stopped their conversation. They hurried their steps and returned to their classroom.

Shaking my head, I returned to my walk and found that Dylan was meters away from me and waiting impatiently. 

I quickly gave my apology to him, but he just simply shrugged at me and returned his pace. We were about to turn to another hallway when I heard a sound of giggles. I noticed also that Dylan stopped walking and was left frozen on his place. 

"Hey Dylan -" I never had the chance to finish my sentence when Dylan suddenly grabbed my shoulders and pushed me on the wall softly. 

"I have a favor to ask, Yuno. Just stand still until those girls past us." He pleaded at me. I could hear from his tone the desperation in his voice. But looking at our set up, it seemed like he wanted to make it look like he was kissing me if you were going to look from the other side. Our faces were inches away from each other. I could feel also his breath which made me uncomfortable looking at him in straight face. 

I was about to protest and pulled myself out of his hands when the girls he'd mentioned strolled near our area. 

Someone gasped from their side. Dylan was successful on making it looked like he was kissing me without actually kissing me. 

"Is that Dylan, Deena?" One of the girls asked, intrigued by our appearance. 

I didn't see the reaction of the girl named Deena. But I'm pretty sure that she was pissed off since I heard her stomping away from us followed by her clique. 

Pulling himself out of my vicinity, Dylan looked at the direction where Deena went to, while I was left looking piss also at him. Collecting all my stength on my right leg, I stepped on his feet which he grunted in pain and suddenly yanked himself away from me.

"What the hell was that?" He raised his voice at me.

"I should be the one asking that question! How dare you dragged me into your love drama!" 

"Where do you get the idea that it was a love drama?"

"I was not born yesterday, Dylan. What'd just happened was making that sorry girl jealous!"

"Trust me, sorry was the last thing you ever describe Deena. For your information, she was my ex-girlfriend. Unfortunately, she still hasn't gotten over me."

And that was the beginning why I want to punch his oh so perfect beautiful face. Dylan is an arrogant person and full of himself.

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    《The 4 O' Clock Club》