The 4 O' Clock Club
8 Chapter 8 - Rayven
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The 4 O' Clock Club
Author :The_Canary
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8 Chapter 8 - Rayven

The weekend had arrived at the town of La Orden, one of the few things that the students eagerly looked forward to aside from the occasional pocket events happening in our small town. But then nothing beat the time where you could just lay on your bed and spent the next few hours thinking about what to do next.

Unfortunately, for me, I received a text from Tay reminding me of the tree planting activity where he forcefully dragged my name to be put on the list of volunteers. The whole football team was invited by the municipal office to do a tree planting activity at the La Orden Forest Park.

I rolled on my bed for a few moments then reluctantly pulled out myself from the comfort of it. I dragged myself to the bathroom to bathe my body with a cold shower.

After taking a long shower and examining my cabinet to check what clothes to wear for a very hot tree planting activity, I went downstairs and headed to the dining room.

I found my father scrolling his tablet while wearing a plain shirt and cargo shorts. There was an empty plate on the table with small crumbs spread around it. Then he took the coffee mug on the table and sipped from it.

While continuously scrolling on his tablet, he noticed my figure when I entered the room.

"Oh, good morning Dylan! Yuno already went ahead of you if you're looking for her. She mentioned that she has to meet Monica. They will just meet you at the forest park."

About that, Tay also invited Yuno and Monica to the tree planting activity which to my surprise were both happily accepted his invitation.

"Sure! Tay will pick me up, so I won't be taking my car today."

My dad nodded at me and gestured for me to take a seat. He was about to stand up to prepare my breakfast when we both heard the honk from outside.

"That's probably, Tay. I have to go now. I'll just take some bread along the way." I turned my back to him and went to the living room to pick up my bag. When I turned the knob of our main door, my dad called my name.


"Do you want me to buy something in the forest park?"

He shook his head and moved closer to me.

"I know we haven't been talking much lately. But I just want to say that I do really appreciate that you're trying hard with Yuno and Helena. I know it's hard to have new people living in our house, but I can see that you're getting along just fine with Yuno. As for Helena, she can never replace your mom. I know that. But –"

I interrupted his talk and patted his shoulder. "Don't worry, Dad. I understand you need a companion in your life. If she's making you happy, then I'm fine with it. Regarding Yuno, we're both Potterheads – to my delight, so yeah. I don't think you will be seeing us fighting anytime soon."

Both of us chuckled to my speech then we heard another round of honking outside.

"I gotta go now. Let's talk later! Bye!"

My dad waved me at me, and I dashed inside Tay's car and took the seat beside him. Before Tay turned his wheel, he gave a last-minute wave to my dad and left our street.


We'd arrived at the forest park after stopping by the convenience store to buy some bread since both of our stomachs growled inside the car.

Tay parked his car on the available slot and went to the entrance where we found Yuno, Monica, and the rest of the football team along with their coach. He went to his teammates to greet them while I went to Yuno and Monica's side.

"So are you both excited? 'Cause I'm not looking forward to being exposed to the sun." I complained to them. It was a very hot morning and sweat started to linger around my neck.

"What are you saying? It's a beautiful day, Rayven. Besides this is my first time volunteering to a tree planting activity, since there are no available nature parks in the big city where I came from."

I saw Monica yanking out her camera from her bag and started pressing some buttons on it. She was probably adjusting the setting since it was daytime.

"Please don't tell me that the real reason you've accepted Tay's invitation is to document the football team's volunteering activity," I asked Monica then she just smiled at me and raised her camera at us.

"Enough talking and let's take a picture!"

We moved closer to each other and forced myself to smile at the camera despite the grueling heat on my skin.

After Monica took a group picture of us, the park's personnel arrived and called our attention. Everyone gathered around her. She was wearing ranger clothes while she examined each of us.

I saw Monica still taking some pictures. Now her lens was focused on the football team.

"Good morning, everyone! I'm Sophia your guide for today. I will be leading you to the designated planting site, so hopefully we get along. But before that, we are still expecting other participants for this activity. Hopefully, they will be arriving soon, so we can finish early."

And on cue, three large white vans had arrived at the entrance and people departed from the vans. Based on my estimation, it was around twenty people will be joining us. They were all wearing casual clothes also, and their age group varies between 16 -25 years old based on their appearance and looks.

Sophia clapped her hands loudly to get the full attention of everyone including the newcomers. She reintroduced herself again then she beckoned us to follow her inside the forest park.

I pulled my shades from my bag and wore it to protect my eyes from the glaring sun rays and dreadfully walk with them.


We were in a large clearing surrounded by tall and thick trees while we were all crouched down digging the soil below us with our mini shovels. I was partnered with Tay to do the activity, so we placed the tree saplings beside us.

Yuno and Monica were assigned partners also and busy digging the soil for their saplings.

"I remembered from my literature teacher that there are two ways to immortalize yourself," Tay muttered while he wiped his sweats from his forehead.

"Care to elaborate?" As I continued to dig deeper for my sapling, our hands were covered by plastic gloves, so we were both having difficult time using the shovel.

"One to publish a book and second to plant a tree and name it for yourself," he said and flashed his smile at me.

"So what you're saying is you want to publish a book next?"

"Geez, of course not! I hate reading books much less writing long essays. I just recalled what my literature said."

Shaking my head, I found that I dug enough for my sapling and carefully placed it inside the hole. Then I started spreading the soil around it while I waited for Tay to finish his. Before leaving, we put our name on the wood tag planted beside our saplings.


Once everyone was finished, we gathered under the large tent beside the clearing and replenish ourselves with water refreshments.

While drinking and wiping our sweats from our necks and faces, Sophia called our attention again. She still looked fresh since she just supervised us while we were all crouched down under the glaring sun.

"I hope you enjoy this tree planting activity. Hope I will be seeing your familiar faces again for our future tree planting activities. But I also want to call out this certain group. Without them, this tree planting activity won't be possible. They sponsored today's activity to further promote a better and greener environment for the next generations to come. Let me call the Black Order!"

Five guys who all looked the same age as me peeled out from the crowd and shook their hands to Sophia. They pulled something out from their pants pockets and pinned something on their shirts. When they stood and faced us, I almost choked while drinking from my water bottle. They were all wearing the same pin as Caden.

Yuno saw my reaction and came closer to me. "Hey! Are you okay?"

I nodded at her while I regulated my breathing. Black Order. So that was the name of his group.

"Coincidence, right? The name of this town is La Orden, the direct translation from Spanish to English is The Order." Yuno pointed out to me. Then I felt Monica's presence near me while she took pictures of the boys beside Sophia.

She lowered down her camera while still looking intrigued at the group. "Based on the information we've gathered in the school newspaper, they are like a charity group exclusively for La Orden only."

"Charity group for what?" I asked her.

Monica just shrugged at me while she continued clicking her camera capturing this very specific moment.

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    《The 4 O' Clock Club》