The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
451 It is Good That You are Alive
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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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451 It is Good That You are Alive

Although Nalan Chunbo did not believe Ye Yuwei's words, he understood her temper very well and knew that she was already getting annoyed.

In the end, Nalan Chunbo chose not to follow them but he gave her a curfew. If she was not back at the hotel room by five o'clock in the evening, he will go and look for them himself.

In order to ease her controlling brother's worries, Ye Yuwei could only agree to the condition.

When Ye Yuwei arrived at the location of their appointment, Wen Jie had already arrived.

Wen Jie had already booked a hotel room for them. When she heard the doorknob turning, Wen Jie turned around to look at the door.

As soon as Ye Yuwei saw Wen Jie, she ran inside the room and knelt down by her side before Wen Jie could even stand up.


Ye Yuwei's voice broke because she was trembling uncontrollably.

Before Wen Jie could speak, tears started falling down her face. She reached out and patted the back of Ye Yuwei's back gently.

"It is good that you are alive. It is good that you are alive," Wen Jie said in a soft and shaky voice. She was grateful, she was full of gratitude that Ye Yuwei was still alive. "Let Mom take a look at you. Let Mom take a look at you," Wen Jie said in her shaky voice. She held tightly onto Ye Yuwei's hands as her tears fell down on their hands.

Ye Yuwei looked up and wiped the tears off Wen Jie's warm cheeks with her palm.

She looked at Wen Jie and quietly said, "Mom, I am sorry."

"Silly girl, you have the freedom to make your own decisions. You have not done anything wrong. It is Juexi that had made you suffer in the past. You have not done anything wrong toward me," Wen Jie said as tears fell down her face. "You must have suffered a lot of grievances all by yourself for the past few years. It must have been difficult."

Ye Yuwei shook her head slightly. She was still holding on tightly to her mother-in-law's hands. "Mom, I—I have brought them here to meet you," Ye Yuwei said as she turned around to look at the two little children who were standing right behind her.

Xixi was holding tightly onto her brother's hand. She did not understand why her mother and this grandmother were both crying.

The little meatball however understood that this was probably his grandmother. She was the old meatball's mother.

Wen Jie had been so focused on Ye Yuwei that she had not seen the two little children standing behind her. When she saw them, her hands started trembling uncontrollably that she could not even speak.

Ye Yuwei waved her hand, signaling the children to come closer to them.

Ye Xicheng held his sister's hand and they slowly walked to their mother. When they were standing beside their mother, Ye Xicheng suddenly said in his clean and crisp voice, "Hello, grandma."

Xixi was stunned for a moment. She lost her balance and almost fell down, but eventually managed to regain her balance. She softly whispered after her brother, "Hello grandma."

Wen Jie's raised hands were slightly shaky, but she did not dare to touch them.

"They—they are?"

"Mom, they are your grandson and granddaughter. God has been good to me. Although so many things happened to me in the past, the heavens did not take them away from me," Ye Yuwei said as she held back her tears. "Mom, I told you before. You have to be healthy because you have to watch your grandchildren grow up."

Wen Jie gently touched Ye Xicheng and Xixi's faces. Her lips were shaking, but she could not find the words to say.

Ye Yuwei knew that her mother-in-law was excited.

When she saw the joy on her mother-in-law's face, she felt a little less remorse.

"Grandma, stop crying already. Crying is not good for your eyes," Ye Xicheng said as he reached out his little hands and wiped the tears off her face. His voice was gentle and soothing and it made everyone feel better almost instantaneously.

Ye Yuwei looked at her son and felt relieved instantly. Her young son was so much better in comparison to that person.


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