The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
1028 She Seemed to Have Lost Everything
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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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1028 She Seemed to Have Lost Everything

In B City, it was already late afternoon when Wen Jie woke up.

Wen Jie sat up slowly. Xiao Yaojing who had been taking care of Wen Jie hurriedly ran to the bed to help her.

"Where are Juexi and Weiwei? Where are they now?" Wen Jie asked hastily. She wanted to get off the bed but couldn't due to her weak condition.

"There is no news about them yet, but Qiao Yikun said that no news is good news. Besides, with Gu Juexi's set of skills, they can surely make it," Xiao Yaojing said consolingly as she helped Wen Jie sit comfortably. "Aunt, you should take a good rest now. If you are sick when they come back, they will blame themselves for this."

Xiao Yaojing could not tell if Wen Jie had heard her. As a mother, she could not help but worry about her son. No matter how skillful her son was in the eyes of outsiders, in a mother's eyes, he was still someone who needed protection.

"Where is Gu Tianmu?" Wen Jie asked suddenly.

Upon hearing the question, Xiao Yaojing's expression changed slightly and she lowered her gaze.

Wen Jie was frightened by Xiao Yaojing's expression, and her heart started pounding in her chest. "He… how is he?"

As if considering how to phrase it, she raised her gaze and admitted, "He has second-degree burns and his wounds are infected from the seawater, so he is still in critical condition."

Still in critical condition?

Wen Jie slowly curled her hands into fists and gripped the blanket tightly. He had only uttered one sentence when he took the bomb away, which was blaming Gu Juexi for being troublesome.

He was always like this. He never told anyone what he was about to do, and only did it when an idea struck him. He always had this 'I'm doing this is for your own good' attitude without any explanation about his intentions.

Wen Jie realized that she actually knew nothing about Gu Tianmu before this.

It took her until now to finally realize how simple and straightforward Gu Tianmu was, so simple that he could be seen through with one glance.

"Aunt, do you want to visit him?" Xiao Yaojing asked.

Slowly, Wen Jie unclenched her fists and looked at Xiao Yaojing in confusion. Did she want to visit him?

"No," Wen Jie replied faintly, but her mind was chaotic.

Gu Tianmu was in critical condition, and her son's current status and location were unknown. She seemed to have lost everything overnight.

Xiao Yaojing helped Wen Jie lie down on the bed. She exited the room after making sure Wen Jie was comfortable.

PA Wen had just finished handling Gu Tianmu's matter. "How is she?"

"She woke up, and now she's lying down again. How is Gu Tianmu?" Xiao Yaojing asked quietly as she closed the door.

"Still in a coma, the nerves of his right hand are severely damaged, I'm afraid his hand is beyond repair," PA Wen remarked and took a seat on the bench.

"They really are an ultimate pair of father and son. Both with such annoying characters, they even want to be injured together." Xiao Yaojing sat down beside PA Wen and huffed, "So Gu Tianmu hated Yezi so much because he thought Yezi was the one who suggested the divorce, and he decided to release his rage on Yezi because he was too embarrassed to say he didn't want to get a divorce?"

"Yes, that seems to be the case but in fact, it was all CEO and had nothing to do with Mistress," PA Wen looked at Xiao Yaojing and remarked. The truth was, Ye Yuwei was the scapegoat for Gu Juexi's actions.

Xiao Yaojing stunned.

"In fact, I drafted the divorce agreement."

"Is this what you specialize in? Do you plan to draft ours in the future?" A sudden rage grew in Xiao Yaojing when she remembered that PA Wen had drafted the divorce agreement between Ye Yuwei and Gu Juexi as well.


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