The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
1310 The Ye Family Has Overturned
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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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1310 The Ye Family Has Overturned

After Ye Yuwei left, Gu Juexi and the guys were still drinking. They had picked a rather reclusive spot to drink, and their drinks were from Yu Jiangqing's private stash.

Yu Jiangqing drank very little though. Gu Juexi was gulping most of the alcohol down.

Yu Jiangqing and Lu Qichuan exchanged curious glances before Yu Jiangqing finally asked, "What's going on? I thought the family feud was over a while ago."

Gu Juexi leaned on the railing and drank, watching the heavy rain outside. "There's a plot twist. The Ye family has overturned."

Yu Jiangqing and Lu Qichuan exchanged glances again, completely oblivious to the progression of the matter.

Gu Juexi, however, gulped down a mouthful of beer and sighed. He was anxious about how this incident had suddenly turned over. "I didn't want to be involved in this matter, I wanted to toss it back to Nalan Chunbo, to let him solve the problem himself. But I think God has other plans."

"What really happened? What's wrong?" Lu Qichuan frowned and asked, "Yuwei looked very upset."

'I doubt she would be happy after hearing the truth,' Gu Juexi thought bitterly.

Gu Juexi downed his beer instantly and looked back at Yu Jiangqing. "Don't you have any white wine?"

"Can't you be grateful? That's all I have. In fact, I have to hide it from Ding Ning. Otherwise that woman would report me to the Disciplinary Inspection Department." Yu Jiangqing frowned at the mention of Ding Ning.

"You too. It's about time you retreat, why are you blocking Ding Ning's way?" Lu Qichuan chided, "If you don't back down, Ding Ning can't move forward."

It was stated in the rules that couples couldn't participate in special operation teams together.

"Why does she want to be in the special ops?" Yu Jiangqing frowned with a hint of agitation.

Lu Qichuan leaned against the railing and looked at his buddies. He laughed and teased, "If you knew back then that you would be so worried about a woman, you would definitely jump down from here headfirst and die straight away. It's a waste of precious oxygen on both of you."

Gu Juexi and Yu Jiangqing glared at him at the same time. "What about the mother of your child?"

Lu Qichuan stared blankly at them. Yu Jiangqing was so frank that his words hurt.

Before Lu Qichuan could rebut, Gu Juexi had jumped down from the second floor. He landed on his feet lightly and sprinted towards the gate.

Instinctively, Lu Qichuan wanted to follow Gu Juexi, but he was pulled back by Yu Jiangqing. "That's enough, let them handle their own problems. Look at Boss, he is linked to Ye Yuwei now until forever. For the sake of your so-called brotherhood, let them be."

Lu Qichuan composed himself and resisted the urge to jump down. He gulped a mouthful of beer then passed the bottle to Yu Jiangqing. "I also think that your liquor is too mild. When you retreat, I'll take you out for a round of beer."

Yu Jiangqing looked at the beer bottle in his hand and the man who had just jumped down from the railing. Were both of them Spider-Men?

"Captain Yu, what do you think you're doing?"

Yu Jiangqing looked up as a shout echoed from behind him. The people from the Disciplinary Inspection Department had come up.

Yu Jiangqing muffled a curse. Damn it, Ding Ning had reported him again. Was she aiming for a Righteousness honor medal?

However, it was impossible for him to be caught red-handed, so Yu Jiangqing imitated his brothers and jumped down from the railing, pretending that he had done nothing wrong.

As for Gu Juexi, he sprinted to catch up with Ye Yuwei. Ye Yuwei had just left the military camp. The umbrella Ding Ning had lent her didn't seem to work well in the heavy rain, and she was still getting wet in the rain.


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