The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
1353 I Don’t Deserve Her
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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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1353 I Don’t Deserve Her

Someone like Gu Tianmu would never bother to talk to those reporters if he honestly didn't care. 

So she wasn't needed for the time being. All she had to do now was wait for PA Wen to return, and he would be able to manage from there on. 

Wen Jie leaned back in her chair, her face still pale. Wen Lan's death had been sudden and shocking. 

"Was that girl Wen Shan?" As if trying to distract herself, Wen Jie asked Nalan Chunbo. 

"Yes." Nalan Chunbo felt his mind go blank for a second when he heard the question. 

"Wei Wei said that she was a lovely girl who was obsessed with you."

"She is lovely indeed, but I don't deserve her," said Nalan Chunbo. He lowered his eyes to hide his emotions, then looked up again to focus on the road ahead. 

"Why would you say so?" asked Wen Jie disapprovingly, "why would you think that of yourself?" 

Nalan Chunbo smiled and did not say a word. He sure hated to think that of himself, but it was true that he didn't deserve her. In fact, it was probably for the best that Wen Shan was not obsessed with him anymore. 

Nalan Chunbo recalled how the girl had barely looked at him when she bumped into him in the hospital, and he remembered how he had chased her away. His lack of confidence had broken the girl's heart, and he didn't want it to happen again. It was for the best that they kept things this way. 

Nalan Chunbo took Wen Lan and Gu Tianmu to an apartment and told them to have rest, but Gu Tianmu dragged Wen Jie into one of the bedrooms, saying that they needed to talk. 

Wen Jie's brows furrowed when Gu Tianmu dragged her into the room. 

Nalan Chunbo hesitated and was going to put down the keys and have a seat, but decided not to in the end. 

"I will be heading out now, Uncle, Auntie. Please call if you need me," Nalan Chunbo said and left the apartment. 

He couldn't stay there anymore. 

Wen Jie wanted to say something, but Gu Tianmu was holding her wrist too tightly. 

"We have to talk," said Gu Tianmu. 

Wen Jie lowered her head to look at the bloodstains on her shirt. She didn't have extra clothes with her to change into. 

"I know you are innocent. I have never blamed you, and I don't think there is anything we need to talk about," Wen Jie looked at Gu Tianmu and said. 

Wen Jie remained composed as she spoke. In fact, she had been calm throughout, as if those were her true feelings. Her calmness provoked Gu Tianmu. 

"Do you really have to act like this?" Gu Tianmu reached out to hold Wen Jie's arm as she tried to leave. 

"I am exhausted. Can I get some sleep first?" Wen Jie looked at Gu Tianmu. 

Gu Tianmu fell silent for a second and let go of Wen Jie's arm reluctantly. 

Meanwhile at the hospital, Nalan Chunbo stopped his car in front of the hospital but did not get down from it. He stared in the direction of the hospital as if he was waiting for someone. 

Wen Shan wanted to head back to her university to continue with her dissertation after she confirmed that Gu Juexi was alright and that all he needed was rest. 

"I will get Juexi to have a look at your dissertation once he gets better," Ye Yuwei said as she walked Wen Shan out from the ward. 

"I wouldn't dare make him look at my dissertation. I will get going now, my brother's flight should arrive at night, and he said that you don't have to pick him up," Wen Shan said and adjusted her backpack on her back. She looked at Ye Yuwei, who was still carrying Xixi in her arms, and gestured at her to go back into the ward. 

"Wen Shan." Ye Yuwei nodded and called out Wen Shan's name suddenly as she was about to leave.


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