The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
1445 Everyone She Knew Was Skilled at Making Others Worry About Them
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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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1445 Everyone She Knew Was Skilled at Making Others Worry About Them

Nalan Chunbo pondered for a while, then turned away and walked out of the study.

After a whole year, Gu Juexi was finally making movies again. His latest movie was somewhat related to physics.

With Gu Juexi's bad temper, it normally took about three to five years to produce a movie but this recent one didn't take as long, mostly because he had found an amazing script.

No one knew which script Gu Juexi had picked but he had already decided on the characters and had even added a female lead.

Many female artists began auditioning for the role, hoping to be picked by Gu Juexi.

The cast would be chosen by him personally. Ye Yuwei once remarked that he only chose them himself so he could ogle the beautiful actresses.

Much to her surprise though, Gu Juexi asked Ding Ning to select the new female lead instead.

Which was how Ye Yuwei encountered Ding Ning in Gu Juexi's office. The woman was lying on the couch and playing games on her handphone, legs propped up on the armrest.

Ding Ning glanced at Ye Yuwei when she walked in, then went back to playing her game. "Gu Juexi isn't here. You might have to wait a while for him."

Ye Yuwei nodded then walked over to Ding Ning's side and sat down. She noticed that Ding Ning wasn't in her uniform. In October, when the weather was somewhat cold, Ding Ning was wearing short pants which exposed her long legs, a tiny jacket, and bright red high heels. A long coat was laid out on one side of the couch.

No one would be able to tell that this woman was actually a Major.

Ye Yuwei looked at herself in comparison and frowned. Whatever. She decided not to compare herself to Ding Ning, it would only make her feel bad.

"Why did Gu Juexi invite you over?" Ye Yuwei asked.

"I was on vacation when he called and told me that he needs my help, so I came over." Ding Ning finished her game and tossed her phone on the table, then stretched her arms. "Most importantly, I didn't want to remain idle."

Ye Yuwei thought for a moment. It was more likely that she didn't want to see Yu Jiangqing.

"Is Brother Yu here as well?"

"What's the point of having him here?" Ding Ning snapped as she remembered him saying that her outfit was too revealing and not formal enough.

He should be more thoughtful considering that Ding Ning came all the way here because of him, losing her freedom in the process.

"Ding Ning, do you still have feelings for him? If not, why would you still hate him?" Ye Yuwei asked carefully.

"Feelings for him? Are you kidding? When I lost my child, where was he? Just waiting for his flight to escape." Ding Ning sneered.

Ye Yuwei could only stare at her in sympathy. This woman couldn't let go of the past because she still cared about him.

As a mother, she understood how she felt.

Somehow, Ye Yuwei also felt that Ding Ning relied on Yu Jiangqing. It was because of him that she was able to make it so far.

Actually, she believed Yu Jiangqing.

Sometimes, logic didn't mean anything when it came to matters of the heart.

Especially when it involved children. Ye Yuwei was willing to argue with Gu Juexi over their child's education, which was nothing compared to Ding Ning losing her child.

Before Ye Yuwei could say anything, her handphone vibrated. She took out her phone and looked at the message she had received.

[Brother: I realized I didn't get to know her well enough. I don't even know what she likes to eat.]

Ye Yuwei blinked, dumbfounded.

Ye Yuwei looked at the message, then turned to Ding Ning. It was true. Everyone she knew was skilled at making others worry about them.


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