The Charm of Soul Pets
Chapter 1500: I will Take Responsibility For Its Misdeeds
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The Charm of Soul Pets
Author :Fish’s Sky
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Chapter 1500: I will Take Responsibility For Its Misdeeds

Chu Mu did not know where little Yellow Spring would be exiled to. It was unrealistic to follow the royal ocean guards. They would definitely treat Chu Mu as an enemy.

Chu Mu did not want to lose a potential water type soul pet like that, but he could only watch little Yellow Spring getting dragged away to a place he did not know.

The world was so big, there were countless ocean regions. Just where did he have to go to find it?

Little Yellow Spring was getting further and further away. Chu Mu already could not see it anymore.

“Big brother, little Yellow Spring looks so pitiful. It must not have done those things intentionally. It just doesn’t know there will be such consequences. The Ocean Species shouldn’t treat it like that......” urged Ning Maner.

Little Yellow Spring was really young, its mind had not matured at all.

Every young creature had their pranks. Due to it being overly powerful, its pranks ended up as disasters for the Ocean Species......

Ning Maner believed that little Yellow Spring could not even differentiate good and evil right now. As long as they could teach it properly, it would definitely not do such things.

“Let’s look for Lan Qie,” Chu Mu pulled Ning Maner and hurriedly swam towards the coral city.


After arriving at an oceanic cave, the slightly fatigued mermaid princess slowly walked out. She saw Chu Mu rushing to her and showed a polite smile.

“Sister Lan Qie, little Yellow Spring is taken away,” said Ning Maner immediately.

Lan Qie did not seem to know about this matter yet. She looked to the young mermaid at the side confusedly.

The young mermaid went through the matter about the royal ocean guards briefly.

Lan Qie frowned slightly and spoke after a long ponder, “This should be because the clan chiefs of those clans that suffered complaining to Yellow Spring Emperor. Sigh, my father locked it up in East Ocean with the intention of lessening its blame. I never thought things would develop in the worst way possible.”

“Is there any way to cancel this verdict?” asked Chu Mu.

Lan Qie shook her head, “Since the royal ocean guards showed up, there is no room for discussion. Also, the place to be exiled is chosen by those clan chiefs. If it’s a calm ocean region, little Hidden Dragon can probably live there peacefully for decades or centuries. However, if it’s a dangerous ocean region, it will be up to luck......”

Emperor rank could live peacefully in some tiny ocean regions. However, in dangerous ocean regions, ferocious species lived there. Those places were completely meant for survival of the fittest. With little Yellow Spring’s arrogant temper, conflicts were bound to occur. Its weak Emperor rank strength could hardly protect its own life.

Hearing Lan Qie’s words, Chu Mu’s mood also sank.

He finally saw the perfect water type soul pet for himself, yet it was about to be sealed and exiled before he could interact more!

“Can I secretly trail behind those royal ocean guards, then try to take it to another ocean region?” asked Chu Mu.

Lan Qie shook her head, “Ten Layer Restraint is the strongest restraint of our Ocean Species. Unless you reach Undying rank, destroying the restraints with external force will only destroy the soul of the restrained along with the restraints. Yellow Spring Emperor is really angry this time and wants to punish little Yellow Spring harshly. Sigh, I always assumed Yellow Spring Emperor would continue leaving it alone. Looks like those clans had suffered severely.”

Ten Layer Restraint was enough to weaken an Immortal rank creature to Emperor rank. If he could not remove this heavy restraint, Yellow Spring could no longer be called Yellow Spring.

“Is there really no other way?” asked Chu Mu. If he met little Yellow Spring earlier, he might be able to teach it not to commit so many misdeeds.

However, little Yellow Spring was already punished. It would be neigh impossible for Chu Mu to find another young and powerful Yellow Spring.

“I will ask my father. Follow me,” said Lan Qie.

She could actually tell Chu Mu really adored little Yellow Spring. In truth, nobody wanted to see this talented little Yellow Spring exiled like that. She really hope Chu Mu could correct the morality of little Yellow Spring, since it was only a child.

Chu Mu followed Lan Qie to the bay of the island. He saw an ocean altar on the cliff that stretched all the way to the ocean.

Turtle clan warriors in heavy turtle shell armor lined up on the two sides of the altar. They stood there without moving an inch, forbidding any creature from approaching this ocean altar.

There was an ancient throne on the altar. Chu Mu saw an elderly full of beard.

His beard was really long, growing all the way to his abdomen area. His seaweed-like hair was combed neatly.

He half leaned on the throne and held his head with his hand. He appeared to be thinking, yet looked like sleeping.

His lower body was also fish, but different from mermaids, his fish scales were as sharp as blades. It lacked the curvy texture of mermaids, and gained masculinity and manliness!

“Fater,” Lan Qie brought Chu Mu to the platform below the altar.

The staircase leading to the altar was several times wider than human’s. After reaching the front of that merman, Chu Mu realized this East Ocean Siren King was actually many times larger than normal human!

East Ocean Siren King half opened his eyes and calmly asked, “What’s the matter?”

“About Yellow Spring —— Calamity. This is the human king of New Moon Land I mentioned to you. He is an outstanding soul pet trainer. He wants to keep Calamity as his soul pet. I also wish for Calamity to follow this human. Perhaps, this can correct its sense of values. However, Emperor seems to have made up its mind. It already ordered the royal ocean guards to seal Calamity and exile it to an unknown ocean region,” said Lan Qie.

Chu Mu could not understand the language used by Lan Qie and East Ocean Siren King. Ning Maner translated the rough meaning for Chu Mu in a low volume.

East Ocean Siren King slowly opened his eyes. He pushed up his head and examined Chu Mu.

Obviously, Ning Maner’s specialness attracted more attention than Chu Mu. His gaze eventually fell onto Ning Maner and spoke using human language, “You are the successor of Messiah Tree?”

“Yes,” Ning Maner nodded. She could not understand why this merman grandpa could tell from a glance that she inherited the power of Messiah Tree.

“You are her guardian?” asked East Ocean Siren King after taking another glance at Chu Mu.

“Yes,” Chu Mu nodded.

“I believe in Messiah Tree’s choice, and similarly believe that a Monument Tear Individual is an outstanding soul pet trainer. If possible, I will leave Calamity to you. However, Yellow Spring Emperor’s order can hardly be changed. It’s blessed to be the Child of Eternal Ocean, but ends up as the Disaster of Eternal Ocean......” said East Ocean Siren King.

“It’s still too young and has not matured mentally. The heaven gifted it with strength that should not belong to its age. This is not its fault,” said Chu Mu.

“A mistake is a mistake, it’s unrelated to age. If you make a mistaken, you cannot argue and can only make amendments,” said East Ocean Siren King.

“Amendments?” Chu Mu could not fully comprehend East Ocean Siren King’s meaning.

“Yes. If you truly wish to make Calamity your soul pet, then you have to make amendments for the misdeeds it did. After appeasing those Ocean Species, Yellow Spring Emperor’s anger will also be appeased a little. By then, if you voice out that you will personally restrain Calamity, Yellow Spring Emperor would take into consideration that you are the sole guardian of Messiah Tree and accept your request. Becoming the soul pet of an outstanding soul pet trainer is much better than getting exiled,” said East Ocean Siren King.

Chu Mu realized that there was still room for salvation and immediately brightened up.

“Alright, I will help it appease the anger of those Ocean Species and do my best to make amendments,” Chu Mu nodded without any hesitation.

“Human, the disasters it caused are far more severe than you imagined. Are you really willing to take responsibility for Calamity after just a single encounter? Many Ocean Species are not as easy to persuade as you humans,” said East Ocean Siren King with a serious expression.

Lan Qie was also focusing on Chu Mu at this moment. She was really confused why this human would immediately agree. The disasters little Yellow Spring —— Calamity caused were measured in millions of lives and several races. It was no easy feat to appease their anger and make amendments. At least, even she might not be able to handle it properly herself.

More importantly, he was only a human. Amongst Ocean Species, other than mermen and mermaids which were more reasonable, the other Ocean Species carried a natural dislike and hostility towards foreign species. It would be far more difficult to complete this task than how it appeared.

“When I saw it for the first time, I decided that it will be my soul pet. Since it’s my soul pet’s misdeeds, I am willing to take responsibility for it,” said Chu Mu.

In his heart, soul pact was not a one-sided slavery. It was a choice for both.

A soul pet trainer would not be able to suddenly make a powerful creature sign a soul pact with him.

In order to successfully sign a soul pact, Chu Mu had to obtain little Yellow Spring’s acknowledgement. He had to have the courage to shoulder little Yellow Spring’s everything!

Chu Mu might not know just how arduous the task of amendment and appease East Ocean Siren King mentioned would be, but he knew he would never give up on this soul pet he had his eyes on just like that.

“You don’t have to make any promises on this matter. I’m just telling you a possible method, just do as you like. If you feel it’s impossible, you can give up anytime. You don’t owe it anything, nor do you owe the Ocean Species anything,” said East Ocean Siren King.

After that, he waved his hand, indicating Lan Qie could bring Chu Mu away.


“Are you really going to do it?” Lan Qie watched Chu Mu with brightened eyes.

Lan Qie noticed she could not understand this human. Even though he and little Yellow Spring —— Calamity were strangers, he somehow wanted to shoulder such a heavy responsibility.

“Yes,” Chu Mu nodded.

“Alright, I will support you, and do my best to help you,” said Lan Qie with a serious expression.

After these few days of interaction, Lan Qie realized this human became more and more admirable.
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