The Creature Within
1 The beginning and the end for all Chap 1
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The Creature Within
Author :_DarkVoid_
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1 The beginning and the end for all Chap 1

Earth was such a peaceful planet with life heading its natural cource, until one day it was discovered by alien creatures that lived millions of light years away. And this day eventhough not known yet would be the near destruction of the earth and the human race, wiping them out forever...

(A board the Merlin 224 space craft Team Alpha are about to go on intercoms with the commander of SOMF to discuss the imminent threat of the destruction of earth.)

The coms connects and the command is now present, the team stand there in total silence as the current situation is the worst it could be. Leaving even Captain Rellik speechless while commander Walts waits for someone to raise the current issues afloat. Sir intercoms is live and this is Captain Rellik of Alpha force 7 ready and waiting on your disposal... Sir our orders ?

The commander shakes his head then looks directly into the camera, with tears in his eyes he goes onto say The earth is already lost and very soon will be know more, so Alpha force 7 you know the weapon you carry aboard can never get into there hands and that you are now the future and the path you take is the one you must follow. get the weapon away from hear leave to somewhere where no one will find you, hide it and protect it with your lives. And to each one of you it's been the highest of honors serving with you and now you must respect your new commander as you have respected me. Rellik, Commander Rellik this is your time now, your future, their future lead them as I have led you.

Commander Walts salutes the team and the team salute back aside From the new Command, Rellik who then yells in great anger and sadness We can come back, we can fight the earth does not have to fall we are still within the atmosphere PLEASE SIR... PLEASE (Walts replies) You know that's not true, we can't win and all you can do is run. My time is up and yours is just beginning, now go that's an order to all of you.

But as the commander sit there staring at the team with so much emotion apon his face, screams come suddenly, being heard from the commander walt's side followed by an explosion and the coms shuts of. Rellik runs to the coms panel trying to get the feed back shouting with fury saying NO! NO! His first mate Sarget Ella Ports hugs him saying it's ok it's ok.

Ethan the crews MA (Mechanical Assistant/Robot) says Commander Rellik we need to leave now. Go (Rellik quietly whispers) just go. Ethan pushes the hyper drive handle and the team shoot into the dark void of space...
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    《The Creature Within》