The Creature Within
2 The crash Chap 2
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The Creature Within
Author :_DarkVoid_
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2 The crash Chap 2

Flying through space at the speed of the light the ship spins out of the hyper channel and begins hurtling towards a strange planet. The team jump in their seats, connecting the safety bars over them ready for an emergency landing.

Command Rellik yells hold on tight as the ship hits the planets surface but for some reason the ship continues to go down.

It seemed that the planets surface was in fact all water and the ship was sinking to the of it very quickly. The crew grabbed their multi terrain suits putting their helmet's on and seeling them tight. A huge crash and the ship hit the ground causing the crew to fall to to the floor. Once back on their feet they all ran towards the window only to see that they were surrounded by a underwater cavern With but one titanic building standing in the distance.

Ethan ran diagnostics on the ship only to find that the fuel was empty and the tank had a very large bullet hole in it. Rellik hatch a plan to leave the ship heading a mile north towards the building which seemed to be a factory of some sort. The team decided it was best as they needed fuel desperately as without it they would be stranded on a planet not know to them, and with know one looking for them leaving the team to eventually starve to death...

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    《The Creature Within》