The Curse Of Wardoks
3 Humanity“s Greatest Ally.
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The Curse Of Wardoks
Author :Salah_Louizy
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3 Humanity“s Greatest Ally.

Since the beginning of our history, we were observed and watched by an unknown enemy... an enemy from another world!

No one knew about their existence, no mentions in history nor magic books, there is no written evidence of their being only rumors and forgotten myths. The wardoks! That is what they call themselves.

The wardoks were very careful about keeping their existence a secret, and for thousands of years humans never realized that they do, and that's because whenever a human sees a wardok, that human dies immediately, killed by the same wardok that he saw. That was the rule in their world.


On a cold night, in some sort of forest somewhere within the wardoks world, a forest with high trees, and solid ground, there was a hot pursuit, 3 well-trained warriors were trying to catch a fugitive.

"The fugitive has been identified, it's one of the squadron leaders called Ruster!" One of the warriors shouted while running. "Fire a signal now!" He ordered the warrior on his left.

The warrior then spawned a flare gun from thin air right into his hand and immediately fired it on the sky. It emitted a strong red light that illuminated the dark tree of the forest revealing their position to the other search parties.

The fugitive's name was Ruster. He was being tailed because he stole the most crucial item for the wardoks survival, the Cluster stone.

The pursuit was intense, Ruster was running insanely fast, jumping from tree to tree with extreme agility and speed.

"I am not going to be caught! I will stop the invasion of the human world... and... grandfather, I will atone your sin and restore your honor no matter what... " Ruster said to himself with immense dedication.

Although his chasers were uncommonly fast as well, they were no match for him. Ruster kept increasing the distance between them progressively until he was out of sight.

The wardoks were a species of warriors with human-like features, except that they had larger builds and taller anatomies with blue skins in different shades.

They had amazing powers and numerous abilities, such as the ability to jump into the human world. But this ability was not mastered by all of them, only a few were able to do so using their own energy, the other ones, who were incapable of doing it, can be teleported by someone who mastered the ability otherwise they must use the Cluster stone.

As he was jumping from tree to tree and trying to increase the distance between him and his pursuers, he found himself trapped, there were three other warriors blocking the way right in front of him. They intercepted his way and they were coming towards him offensively. It was a dead-end, but Ruster was not the type of guys that give up easily.

"Three warriors up ahead... easy shit." He said inside his mind, and then he shouted "Ghost! Give me my sword Razor!"

Right afterward, a sword with two uneven length layers of steel appeared in his right hand from thin air, just like what happened with the warrior with the flare gun. As Ruster approached the warriors in front of him, one of them started warning him. "Ruster, you don't have to do this, give us the stone, and you may survive! Direct orders from Lord Ozen !!"

The warrior saw that angry look on Ruster's face and immediately realized that there is no way to talk him out of this, Ruster seemed very determined to escape no matter what.

In response to that, the warrior drew his sword as well and lifted his arm up above getting ready to swing while waiting for him to approach him. Ruster kept running towards his enemy without hesitation while taking a defensive stance with his sword in front of his face horizontally, his speed was phenomenal, he continued his running low and fast until they reach a point of contact! Right after the warrior swung his sword attacking Ruster, just right after the two swords collided, Ruster's sword emitted a shock wave that threw the warrior way back. As for the other two, surprised by their comrade being thrown away, they got distracted and followed him being tossed away with their eyes. In this brief moment of distraction, Ruster kicked one of them away, and used the other one's back to jump to a tree branch, and resumed his escape jumping to other trees.

Ruster was a wardokian warrior, he participated in the war that took place in the wardoks world for the last one thousand years. but he vanished after the end of it. The war rendered their world uninhabitable, therefore the wardoks decided to invade the human world and continue living on it instead, so they were preparing a large-scale invasion.

Ruster didn't accept this decision, so as a response, he stole the Cluster stone, because, without it, the wardoks wouldn't be able to teleport all their armies to the human world.

The first search party has reached the warriors that Ruster has beaten up moments, all of them were on the ground.

"Do not lose the target escape! All soldiers on your feet, NOW!" One of the warriors shouted.

All the warriors were following Ruster fearlessly and with all their strength, but he was just too fast for them. Ruster kept increasing the distance rapidly until he completely lost them.

"Looks like I'm fine now, I don't sense anyone behind me anymore," Ruster said to himself while looking behind. He continued his escape without resting, he's jumps were unbelievably high, he easily climbed the trees and kept jumping between their branches.

"Master... on your left, WATCH OUT!" A voice just shouted, it was coming from inside the armor that Ruster was wearing.

As Ruster got alerted, he immediately glanced left, to his surprise, a huge metallic shield emerged from within the tree's crowns, shooting towards him at high speed. Rusted turned his body towards the shield, bumped into it with his left leg to use it to propel himself higher onto another tree. As he landed on the tree's higher trunk, he pierced his sword on it and held on to it. Ruster wanted to stay high to observe the surroundings, he searched with his eyes from that position until he saw his attacker, she was a squadron leader...

"Koggy!" He surprisingly said inside his mind, " I know she is a good stalker... but that was fast..."

"Master... we are surrounded, there are 7 other squadron leaders around us!" That voice talked again.

"What?!... I can't fight that many squadron leaders. Ghost, are you sure?"

"Affirmative Master." The voice confirmed.

Ruster heard other voices shouting deep inside the forest, they were the voices of the warriors he ditched before, they must have caught up. Ruster felt that he was stuck and spontaneously started looking for a way out. When he was in the middle of his thoughts, Koggy jumped to a tree branch in front of him and said. "Ruster! Just give up... you have no way to run, you are surrounded from all directions, give us the stone and Lord Ozen may let you live."

"Over my dead body Koggy!" Ruster replied.

"C'mon, we are comrades, I don't want to hurt you Ruster, we fought many battles together... remember?" She tried to persuade him.

But Ruster was determined, he answered furiously. "Battle! Battle! Battle! That's all what you guys think of, I'm sick of this, I want to change this madness, no way I'm giving up on the stone!"

"Where do you think you're going to go? You can run but you can't hide Ruster. C'mon... get down here!"

"Hell yeah I can run, and that's what I'm going to do !! " Ruster replied as he steeled himself to run away. His sword instantly disappeared when he let go, he rapidly jumped down into another tree, but as soon as he landed his ankle outbursted with an unbearable feeling of pain. Ruster lost his balance because of it and fell down crashing into the tree branches until he strongly hit the ground on his back. "That's must be from back then, I must've hurt my ankle when I used my leg to propel myself on Koggy's shield..." Ruster remembered.

He felt dizzy due to the fall and unbalanced, he back took a strong hit, the second his head stopped spinning, he noticed a massive hammer coming towards his face, he briskly dodged the attack, but it was so strong that the shock wave pushed him further away.

"Damn it, I missed!" The attacker said.

"Iron! he's here too!!" Ruster said in a worried manner.

"Master!" That voice panically shouted.

Ruster just sensed it as well, a powerful kick coming from behind him directly to his head, but it was too late for him to dodge this time, BAM! Ruster has been sent flying around and crashed into a large tree trunk.

Iron let out a prolonged whistle of amazement and said sarcastically."Please remind me to never upset you again koggy, would yah!" As she was the one who kicked Ruster.

Koggy simply replied with a simple "Tsk!" of agitation.

The hit was strong enough to render Ruster unable to move. As he was laying down upon the tree trunk, He slowly started opening his eye, in front of him, stood around 30 squadron leaders and warriors scattered on the trees and on the ground in every direction. Ruster was completely surrounded.

"This is it for you Ruster, you have nowhere to run!" koggy said confidently.

Ruster was feeling immense pain and fatigue, he had many bruises and scars all over his body, he couldn't even speak until he coughed all the blood from his internals. "You guys-" he coughed again, "what we're trying to do is wrong!" He said.

"What? killing some pathetic humans is wrong now?" Iron said sarcastically. "You've gone crazy Ruster, I bet you've killed more humans than I did."

One of Ruster's old comrades called Squala jumped from a tree branch and landed just next to Koggy, then said. "I can't believe you betrayed us Ruster... I thought we were your friends..."

Ruster was still laying immobilized against the tree trunk, he looked at his comrade's sad face and said." I know that you won't believe me now, regarding this situation, but you must at least hear me out, all of you!... No matter how much Ozen's words seem ambitious and looking upon our greater good... His ways are wrong! No benefit will come from killing all the huma-"

"Cut the crap out Ruster" Squala interrupted him, " you vanished for years and now you came back talking like one of those Unnamed people, are you giving up on Avalon?"

Ruster made a faint smile and answered."My grandfather was executed by Ozen for saying the truth... I never realized what he truly meant before, but now I guess I do... There is no Avalon, only Heaven or Hell!"

"What are you talking about?... Those are humans' beliefs..." Squala said with an unbelieving tone. As for Koggy, she got really pissed from hearing Ruster's words, so she shouted." I was going to let you draw your sword and fight to the death like a warrior Ruster, but since you became like this, I'm just going to kill you!"

"I figured that you may want revenge for your grandfather's death." Iron said, 'but after hearing your words, I guess you're just doing this to save the humans!"

Ruster moved his body for the first time since the kick, he was feeling heavy so he struggled to stand up. When he finally stood up, he used the tree trunk as a support to remain steady. Then he said.

"You're wrong, I don't care less about the humans... I'm just trying to atone my grandfather's sin, but if I must save humanity to achieve my goal..." Ruster said while slowly lifting his hand, and just like his sword, a blue glowing stone instantly appeared from thin air right into his hand, then he continued. " Then I'll become humanity's greatest ally!"

After hearing Ruster's words, all of the squadron leaders felt a strange vibe and Immediately rushed to capture Ruster, but unfortunately for them, he vanished instantly leaving behind him some blue fainting sparkles.

"No way! He... He jumped to the human world!" Squala shouted!

"That's impossible! no squadron leader has the sufficient energy to use the Cluster stone!" Iron said, "How did he do that?"

While everyone was freaking out because they've just lost their fugitive, koggy remained focused and shouted:" DID ANYONE HERE MASTER THE JUMPING TECHNIQUE?" She asked the 30 warriors and squadron leaders, but no answer.

"Koggy, I don't think anyone here is a jumper, we need to inform a Captain!" Squala said.

"Then we're going to inform Captain Loopy immediately! We need to follow him now!" She replied.

One of the warriors had a communication device, Koggy went to him an ordered him to contact one of the lightest Captains in the wardoks world, Captain Loopy!

Ruster landed somewhere in the human world, he couldn't know exactly where, because he doesn't know how to manipulate the stone, so he just teleported randomly. His senses were vibrating and his vision was still blurry, using the stone for the first time was consuming.

Before he could see, he said to himself, "I hope I don't encounter any humans right away, I don't want to kill anybody now!"

But as his vision started to stabilize, the shining light of the morning sun was hurting his eyes that had just come out from a dark forest. But when he could see clearly, he was shocked to see that several feets away from his position, stood a human boy, with golden blonde hair, and black eyes full of terror.

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    《The Curse Of Wardoks》