The Curse Of Wardoks
4 The Start Of a Friendship Beyond Worlds
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The Curse Of Wardoks
Author :Salah_Louizy
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4 The Start Of a Friendship Beyond Worlds

With an open mouth, shaking hands, and an accelerated heart rate, Luke stood frightened for his life, he didn't make a single move, eyes fixated on that thing that appeared in front of him. The only thing his mind was telling him is, "what the hell is that creature?"

"Damn it! A human kid!" Ruster said to himself. He felt really mad about this, he knows that the stone usually teleports to a random location where no humans are around, but something went wrong this time.

The only wardokians who can use the stone to its full extent are the Charters, specialized priests trained from their childhood for this sole purpose. So he just blamed his lack of experience for this downer, but he knew that this wasn't the time to complain, he had to fix things up, he had to kill the kid now before more people show up.

He took a glance at the scared boy, he could see his aura, that was one of Ruster's many abilities. The aura reveals a lot of information about one's feelings and intentions, and Luke's aura was vibrating in a way that showed his panic and stress. Ruster thought that it was a normal human reaction, especially for a human kid. He has killed a lot of humans who have seen him in the past, and all of them had the same pathetic look, all of them were weak and only thought about running away. He wanted to finish Luke off before he makes a run for it as well.

"Ghost! my sword Jian!" Ruster shouted. He wanted to spawn one of his swords called Jian. But nothing happened. Ruster was confused so he shouted the same words again, but no response. Suddenly, his armor unwrapped itself instantly from around him like if it was a living creature, and settled on his back, like a backpack. "Ghost is not responding!" Ruster said and looked into his backpack, "maybe he shut down because of the jump... Damn it! It looks like I have to do it barehanded!"

Ruster was speaking a strange wardokian language, so Luke didn't understand any word from it. He trampled back and fell on his bottom when he saw that Ruster stood up and was coming towards him.

Since his armor took itself off, his real body was more visible now, he had a very muscular shape, He didn't wear any tops beside some jewelry, but his pants were somehow barbaric and ancient, resembling Vikings clothes.

He stood just in front of Luke who's heart beating accelerated even more , Ruster's almost 3 meters high figure was overwhelming and extremely terrifying. Luke just closed his eyes, waiting for his doom.

But Ruster hesitated for a bit and watched the poor thing swear out his death. He felt immense guilt and self-loathing because he just stole the stone in order to save humanity, and now he is going to kill a human with his own hands. He felt that he was contradicting himself and that he was letting his grandfather down. Ruster gave up on all of the wardoks beliefs, but this one was just something else, it's beyond faith, it's about survival. No wardok can ever let a human survive after seeing him, that was just it, the unspoken rule of their reality. He had to do it! He must do it! Ruster felt that if he wishes to save the human world, this kid has to die!

Out of blue, Ruster felt an immense pain on his chest, a pain so strong that it made him crouch down and scream from agony. He was holding his chest as if he was having a heart attack. The pain didn't wear off until he puked all of the blood inside him, he kept breathing heavily for a while and then said inside his mind. " Was this an injury from the battle?... No... It must be the curse!"

At this moment, while Ruster was recovering from his sudden pain, he was interrupted with a friendly touch to his shoulder, and after that, he heard some warm words that made his heart explode with contentment and alleviation.

"Are you okay, mister?" Luke said.

Ruster didn't believe his eyes, his mind was blown by how the situation shifted drastically." This is unbelievable... this kid... in an instant... his aura shifted from a state of fear and panic... into a state of nothing but genuine concern about my well being..."Ruster said inside his mind. He kept wondering how this kid ignored the fact that he is not a human but still showed compassion for him. Ruster trampled back on his butt this time while Luke stood in front of him asking him, "Do you need help? Are you okay?"

After a while of silence and amazement, Ruster started laughing suddenly from the bottom of his heart and shouted, "HEY KID! YOU ARE THE BEST!", and kept laughing hysterically.

Luke was amazed that Ruster could speak Japanese, and said surprisingly, "You speak our language!"

"Of course I do, I speak 94 human languages!" Ruster replied.

After hearing him talk friendly, another shift in Luke's aura happened immediately, this time it expressed comfort and trust. Ruster quickly picked it up, he could easily read people's auras, so he asked. "Why didn't you run away from me?... This never happened to me before..."

Luke made a serious gaze, and answered, "Should I?"

After seeing Luke trying to act tough, Ruster started laughing hysterically again and tapping the ground with his hand, his eyes were full of tears from laughter, he was talking in between laughs " khkhkh... No... khkh... You're fine... khkhkhk... But you're killing me with your though act."

Although he was laughing, Ruster was feeling grateful to Luke, he managed to ease his heart and throw away his guilt in such a formidable way. "Seriously kid, why didn't you run away?" Ruster asked.

From Luke's perspective, he saw something in Ruster strange, something familiar, that made him feel like he was standing right beside his killed friend Shimizu Kei again, but he didn't tell Ruster that, so he answered otherwise. " I heard a voice calling my name? It was you right?"

"A voice?" Ruster said.

Luke saw the confusion on his face and asked again, " It wasn't you?"

Before he could answer, Ruster sensed someone coming from the corner of the street, so he immediately got serious, and he grabbed Luke rapidly and said. " Hey kid, I need somewhere to hide and rest now! can you help?"

Luke was engulfed with Ruster's big and wide-opened eyes, he was serious about his request. So Luke answered, "This is my home." he pointed backward with his thumb, the house was just behind them," you can hide there, my family isn't home yet..." He followed.

Ruster rushly grabbed Luke and carried him to the house, the door was left open when Luke came outside earlier. As Ruster was taller than the door, he crouched to enter and then put Luke down, he then closed the door behind him softly.

"That was weird?" Luke asked.

Ruster then made a serious face and said," Listen kid... No other human should see me, you are the only one who did... No more... understood?"

Luke felt some hostilities in Ruster's words so he couldn't respond, he just nodded with his head.

"Where can I rest?" He asked.

"In my room, it's upstairs... I'll show you" Luke responded. And then he went upstairs leading the way. As Ruster stepped on the wooden stairs, cracking sounds were being heard due to his weight. They reached the room's door, Luke opened it and they entered. It was a medium-sized room, one bed, and one window, Luke's desk was one the opposite side of the bed, a typical Japanese room.

Ruster immediately laid down on the bed, it was smaller than his body, his legs were sticking out, but he didn't complain.

"Hello... Sir?" Luke asked, but he was already asleep.

Luke was watching Ruster sleep for a while wondering about his nature. He was feeling these strange vibes coming from him as if he knew him from somewhere, strange and yet thrilling vibes like those of a close friend. a feeling he missed for a long time now.

To his surprise, Luke suddenly heard the door of the house open rapidly, and right after, he heard the steps of his little sister climbing the stairs while calling her brother's name.

"Luke! Luke!" Luke's sister shouted.

His mom was home already! He felt immediate goosebumps and rushed to the room's door to close it shut before his sister could reach upstairs, but unfortunately for him, his sister was fast, she had already come into the room.

Luke got paralyzed and freaked out, she's going to see the creature!

"Luke?... what's that?" Luke's sister said.

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    《The Curse Of Wardoks》