The Curse Of Wardoks
6 Ghost! The Talking Armor
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The Curse Of Wardoks
Author :Salah_Louizy
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6 Ghost! The Talking Armor

Somewhere in Kyoto city, around one hour away from Luke's house, three wardokian warriors landed on a high building roof, it was Captain Loopy, and two other squadron leaders, Squala and Caditz.

"Squala, Caditz, this is where the last stone activity was detected, somewhere around that area over there." Loopy said while pointing north, what he didn't know is that luckily he was pointing directly at the direction where Luke's house is located.

Loopy spawned a bag of clothes, they were human clothes. He gave each one of them a casual uniform and said. "We are going to search around all that perimeter, he couldn't have gone far away, he was hurt and tired" He showed them all the area where Ruster could be with a swing of hand, and he ordered them. "both of you go that way, I'm going this soon as you find something, report it to me immediately. Do not engage in unnecessary combat, understood?"

Loopy was very serious about his warning, he had a hunch that Ruster got stronger, and he could easily beat other squadron leaders. His hunches are never wrong, so he always believes them.

"Yes, Captain!" They both answered with a wardokian military hand gesture.

"Dispatch!" He ordered


Luke entered his room while still holding the door handle, he slowly closed the door, and leaned upon it with his back. After seconds of unnatural silence.

" Welcome back!" Ruster said smugly.

Ruster appeared again! He was sitting on top of Luke's bed, he was extending his left leg out of the bed while hugging his right knee with his right hand. There was a weird black flying device near him, it had an egg shape and weird antennas on his back. It seemed to have eyes as well.

Luke wasn't afraid of him anymore, so he locked the door and came close, and asked. "Where did you go before?"

Ruster was confused at first, but then he realized that Luke was talking about earlier when his sister came in, he answered."Oh! We take this for granted, but I always forget that you humans can't sense energy..."

Luke didn't understand a word from Ruster's speech, but he could feel that humans were offended as a species.

"You see this?" Ruster pointed towards that flying device. Luke looked at the device, he didn't give it much interest at first, but when the device started flying around him, he got worried. "What is that?" Luke suspiciously asked.

"This is my armor, its name is Ghost!" Ruster replied pridefully.

Things weren't making sense to Luke at all, he was really confused, and he was wondering how can an object the size of a watermelon be an armor.

"Ghost!" Ruster shouted. The device then came closer to him, it instantly changed its shape from a solid shape into a soft cloth-like shape and wrapped itself around him. Both of them became invisible on the spot. After a second they reappeared again, and the device turned back into its original form.

As a13-years-old, Luke couldn't stop himself from feeling amazed, his eyes sparkled with excitement and he shouted a long "Cool!" as he held his head with both hands. He then understood that this is how he vanished earlier.

"That's how you disappeared, you can become invisible!" Luke said.

"Yes!" Ruster replied. He glanced at his device for a while, like if he was telling him something, then the device seemed like it noded as a response. Afterward, the device flew in Luke's direction and started rotating around him, he emitted some sort of light as if he was scanning the kid.

Luke made some worried body reactions and kept following the device with his eyes with caution. After some time, the device has stopped.

"Greetings Master! Thank you for your hospitality. My name is Ghost!" Ghost spoke unexpectedly with Luke.

"It can speak!" Luke shouted

He felt so intrigued by Ghost that he actually slightly touched it on its top. It had a metallic surface but also felt rubbery. Even though they have just made an extraordinary performance in front of him, Luke still wanted to know how Ruster called this thing his armor. "How is it an armor? This Ghost thing..."

"Master, please don't call me a thing..." Ghost sadly said.

Luke felt embarrassed from what he just said, this armor was giving him a hard time. "I'm sorry Mister Ghost!" He said while joining his hand in a begging motion.

Ruster started laughing that weird laugh of his again."Don't worry kid he's just messing with you!" He said. "So you want to know how Ghost is an armor?" He rhetorically asked and stood up.

Ruster was very tall for a human, he was about 3 meters tall, as he stood straight, his head was nearly touching the ceiling. He had silver hair on the top section of his head and long black hair on the sides and back, he was tying his long hair to the back with a ribbon. His blue skin made his yellow eyes shine. The wardoks eyes were catlike, which gives them this beasty character. Ruster's body was very muscular and fit, he had body features and organs just like humans. The most noticeable thing was his tattoos, all the wardoks had them. They weren't artificial but fused with their skin and they were born with them. Their skin consisted of tattoos-like black lines covering all their body, each one of them had a unique pattern of lines. Ruster had them all over his chest and neck, and one line stopped at his left eye. His clothes were old fashioned and antic, very barbaric for someone with a high tech invisibility device.

"Ghost!" Ruster shouted. His device then changed its shape to cloth-like again and rapidly wrapped itself around his master, this time they didn't turn invisible, but instead, Ghost turned into armor!

The armor didn't look like those medieval times armor, it was slimmer and didn't look protective at all. It was black with blue lines on the shoulders and it was made from leather-like material. It has some metallic plates around the chest and back, some smaller ones on the elbow and knees. It also had a large hood and a face mask that covers the mouth and the nose.

Even though it wasn't exactly what Luke had imagined, he was still astonished by it. His eyes sparkled again, his childish attitude took over him, and he couldn't stop himself from screaming loudly from excitement.

"Luke, is everything alright?" His mother shouted from downstairs.

Luke slightly opened the door and reassured her. "It's alright mom, I'm just playing a video game!" then he closed it again. He turned towards Ruster and asked him. "Your Ghost thing... I mean armor! Your Ghost armor is incredible, but how is it an armor, it's not very protective." Luke asked.

Ghost unwrapped from around Ruster, back to his original form. Ruster sat on the bed again, it was cracking due to his weight, but it was holding on. "Ghost helps me control my Ki, with my Ki I can protect myself from any attack!" Ruster explained.

"Ki?" Luke asked.

Ruster knows that humans weren't familiar with Ki so he explained to him that it means the life energy of living creatures. If someone can control it, he can do a lot of things with it. He also told him about the aura and that it's the basic form of Ki.

Luke was extremely focused , he didn't understand everything, but he remembered it all. He was curious about his own aura, so he asked."So you can see auras. What does mine look like?"

"Hmm... You are one special kid, I have seen a lot of humans auras, but yours is the first one to amaze me, you have great control over your feelings!" Ruster said.

Luke has been alone and hated this whole last 2 years, so he learned to ignore people's bullying and bad-mouthing, he became stronger mentally and more mature than his age. Being alone also helped him boost his physical strength because he used to train himself to pass time. It also helped him improve his IQ because he used to read books wherever he went. He knew that people should take opportunities from their bad situation as well, everything can be used in a proper way and become an asset if we want it too.

Luke continued his out of context and childish questions to satisfy his curiosity until Ruster felt overwhelmed and said."Hey kid, let's go eat something somewhere, I'm starving!"

Luke agreed, but he didn't know exactly how they are going to go out unnoticed, and even if they do, how can Ruster walk around without drawing attention to himself. Ruster had that already figured out and he said." There is one other thing Ghost can do!".

Ruster fused again with his armor, Luke thought that they were going to get invisible and walk around, but they didn't. This time Ruster turned into a 14 years old human boy!

"Tadaaa!" Ruster shouted.

Luke didn't believe his eyes, he looked absolutely like a human being. He was so astonished and wowed until he noticed that Ruster was completely naked. "Uuuugh!...Wear some clothes!" Luke said while looking away with disgust.

"I'm sorry, I didn't have any human clothes on me to wear... can you lend me some?"

Luke kept his eyes closed and told him to check the closet. When he got dressed. Luke took a long stare at him.

Ruster transformed into a 14 years old boy, about the same height as Luke, he had brown hair that reached his shoulder, wide brown eyes, and white skin. He didn't look Asian, but he looked very much human.

"You can turn into a human! What are you?" Luke asked, mouth wide open.

Ruster saw a weird hat that was hanging from one of the bed's legs, he grabbed it and wore it. He opened the window, and he put his right foot on it as if he was going to jump, then he stopped and looked at Luke."I'll tell you outside!" He said, then he jumped out.

Luke shouted "No!" out of worry after seeing Ruster jump, he hurried to check if he was okay, even if it was just the first floor, it was still very high for a kid. He looked from the window and saw Ruster who landed on the street safely waving to him and telling him to hurry down.

Luke, wore his shoes and jacket rapidly and descended downstairs in a hurry. On his way, he told his mother that he is going out. He didn't hear her answer because he was already out, but she wished him good luck.

He stared at Ruster in his human form, standing in the street where they met for the first time, people were passing right beside him with no suspicion towards his true identity. It was the ultimate camouflage.

Luke approached him and they started walking. "Do you know a good restaurant?" Ruster asked.

"Yeah, I know one not far from here..." Luke answered, and showed the way.

He didn't speak, he just kept staring at Ruster, he was still shocked and didn't fully get all the recent events that happened to him. At least he thought that this creature made him forget his pain of loneliness, and that made him... happy.

Ruster took a glance at Luke who was staring at him for a while." Aren't you going to talk?" He asked.

Luke didn't know what to stay actually, clearly, he has forgotten how to be social. So Ruster helped him and asked first.

"By the way, my name is Ruster, what's yours?"

It was a typical question, and people don't give it such importance, but for Luke, it made his heart pump from joy, it was a long time since the last time a stranger asked him for his name. so he answered warmly.

"My name is Luke, Luke Jones!"

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    《The Curse Of Wardoks》