The Curse Of Wardoks
7 The Cluster Stone
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The Curse Of Wardoks
Author :Salah_Louizy
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7 The Cluster Stone

They were walking in Kyoto city's streets like normal friends, nothing suspicious at all, the street was crowded, but no one seemed to give a damn about Ruster. Luke didn't talk, he just kept observing his new companion awkwardly.

They were about the same height, wearing casual clothes. Ruster was wearing a brown hoodie with short sleeves, and white shorts filled with black stripes, the shorts were reaching his knees. As for Luke, he was wearing a black jeans jacket on top of a white shirt, and black pants.

Ruster saw the awkwardness in Luke's eyes, so he told him. "You can talk, you know?" with a relaxed expression.

Luke sensed that he was being unpleasant, so he quickly went through his mind looking for all of the social skills that he used to have, and brought them out."Yeah, I'm sorry for being awkward... " He said. "This is just new to me!" He explained.

"Don't worry about it!" Ruster answered with a smile of support, he was very friendly and easy to be with. Luke felt Ruster's kindness and started to feel comfortable and thankful.

"So are you some sort of alien from another planet?" Luke innocently asked.

Ruster stopped in the middle of the street and gazed at Luke for a moment, his eyes were full of surprise, then he instantly started laughing the same hysterical laugh he does. "khkhkhkh... Oh my God! He thinks I'm an alien... khkhkh!"

Luke felt offended and got annoyed because Ruster was laughing at his question, which made him feel stupid. He made an angry stare and said in his mind."And I just thought he was nice!"

Ruster noticed Luke's angry look and then he apologized. "I'm sorry kid, I'm just joking, don't get mad at me, it was just hilarious."

Luke wasn't fully satisfied but he thought that it was okay, he endured a lot more. They continued walking normally. Suddenly Ruster said. "I'm not an alien, I'm from Earth just like you!"

This answer instantly made Luke forget about his annoyance by raising other questions that ignited his curiosity. " From Earth? Seriously?" Luke asked.

"Yes, but I'm from another world though... I guess you humans can call it the wardoks world. I'm a wardok." Ruster explained.

Luke answered with a long "What?" of exclamation and confusion, Ruster knew that he was going to ask about its location so he answered him right away.

"Our world and Earth have the same size and they are both in the same location, they just don't overlap, and can't interact with each other." Ruster explained.

Luke was still confused so Ruster explained further." We have the same Sun and Moon, and the same constellations. To put you in perspective, Imagine if a meteor hits the earth and destroys it, our world will be destroyed as well."

As they walked Ruster explained more about his world, and how both Earth and the wardoks world are different layers of the same location. Luke didn't grasp it at first but after further explanation, he somehow accepted the idea. Then he asked. "How can we go there?"

"Humans, can't go there!" Ruster replied strictly. "It's because you need to use your Ki energy to jump there, and humans can't do that!" He explained.

Luke felt a bit disappointed, he wanted to see this world Ruster was talking about, but it seems impossible. "Don't feel disappointed, there is nothing to see there anyway" Ruster reassured him.

"Why not?" Luke asked.

Ruster explained that, for the last 1000 years, a war took place in the wardoks world between the 4 major countries there, Kathala, Vagoth, Nerojin, and Denmen. The war ended recently, rendering the world inhabitable and very short on resources. Kathala was the winner and took all over the other countries.

Luke was very absorbed by Ruster's stories and wanted to hear more details about them. The more Ruster spoke, the more questions built up inside his mind.

They've reached a local restaurant not far away from home, it was a fast-food restaurant, Luke opened the doors and they entered. The restaurant was crowded and noisy, they struggled to find a table at first, but the waiter showed them a place near the window and they sat there. Ruster took the menu and ordered for 5 large double cheeseburgers with french fries. The waiter got surprised by this uncommon order from Ruster that he forgot to take Luke's order and went away.

"That stupid waiter forgot to take my order!" Luke said in his mind, but he wasn't hungry anyway. He glanced at Ruster who was staring outside from the window and said. "Why were those countries at war?"

Ruster turned his head toward Luke, he made a sigh, and right after that, he spawned out of nowhere a blue glowing stone right into his hands. "Because of this!" He said.

Luke was surprised by the sudden appearance of a precious stone in Ruster's hands, but he didn't act surprised, it was already settled on his mind that everything Ruster does is inexplicable by his simple human common sense. He simply asked. "What is that?"

After a long conversation, Ruster explained everything about the stone. He told Luke that it was an item with mysterious origins and that it was essential for their existence. It not only let the wardoks who don't master the jumping technique, teleport themselves to the human world, but it was also capable of letting them teleport large amounts of resources, from earth to their world to feed their people. Something no wardok could do with his own energy. The wardoks world didn't have sufficient wealth nor supplies to ensure their survival, they were sustained by human resources as well. And that made the stone the most important thing there, anyone who holds it can control their world.

It was a long explanation but Luke understood most of it. Ruster handed the stone to Luke so that he could examine it. The stone was a transparent blue crystal, about 6 inches tall, and wasn't as heavy as it looked.

Luke had so many questions to ask but the waiter interrupted him. "Your order is ready!" The waiter said and put the 5 double cheeseburgers in front of them.

"Yes! My favorite meal!" Ruster shouted as he dug in.

Luke watched Ruster as he ate one of the cheeseburgers in a hurry, he was eating savagely and not stopping, it wasn't something you would want to see. "Your favorite meal! You usually eat it?" He asked nauseously.

"Yes, a lot of jumpers bring stuff like this to our world!" He answered eyes on the food.

"I see..." Luke said interestingly. He kept examining the stone for a while and then asked. "If the stone is so important, why do you have it?"

Ruster took his time to swallow the food in his mouth and then replied casually."Because I stole it!"

"You stole it... why?" Luke asked. But then he made the assumption that Ruster was from one of the countries that were defeated, and stole the stone as revenge. "Is my assumption correct?" He asked.

"No, you're wrong!" Ruster answered, he took a glass of water and drank it slowly while Luke was still waiting for his explanation. When he finished, he put the glass down and said. " I'm actually a Kath, my home country is Kathala, the one who won the war... The reason I stole the stone is to save the human world!"

"Save the human world... From what?" Luke concernedly asked.

By this time Ruster has already finished eating, so he took the stone from Luke, and made it vanish again. Then he told him to get moving with a hand gesture. Ruster was heading for the exit when The waiter stood in front of him waiting to get paid, but he pointed back at Luke with his thumb as if to tell him that it was his friend who's going to pay. The waiter then made way for Ruster who peacefully got out and waited outside while Luke was paying for the food furiously.

"That idiot! I must've known that he wouldn't have any money!" Luke said in his mind while feeling angry for spending all his monthly savings. "You owe me a meal now, Ruster!" He shouted.

"Oh! I'm saving you guys, and you don't even want to treat me right?" Ruster complained sarcastically while taking a walk.

Luke followed him and he remembered what they were talking about, so he asked. "Oh! Yes... about that, I asked you, saving us from what exactly?"

Since the first time they met, Ruster has been talking with a sarky tone and he had a carefree personality, but now he put on his serious face and said. "My people, the wardoks... they are going to invade the human world!"

Luke immediately stopped walking and started a Ruster with worried expressions. "Are you serious?" he asked.

Ruster continued his walk and explained everything to him. He told him about when he stole the stone and why and he told him also about his followers. He assured him that as long as he has the stone nothing would happen to the humans.

"I see... so that's why you were injured when I saw you the first time." Luke said, and then he asked."So what are we going to do now with the stone?"

"I'm going to break it!" Ruster said with absolute determination.

The stone was not easy to break, but among Ruster's friends who planned the stone heist operation with him, there was a wardok who mastered an ancient stone breaking technique. He told Luke that his plan was to get back to his world and meet his friends to break the stone.

Luke asked him about how would the wardoks survive without the stone because earlier Ruster said that it was important for this matter.

"If we don't have the stone we can focus on building our world with our own strength. The stone is making us more greedy and more reliant on humans." Ruster explained

Luke felt that Ruster was feeling sad for his world, there must be some other painful details that he didn't want to talk about. So he didn't ask him more questions on this matter. Despite that Luke had another thing that was bothering him so he asked. "Why do you want to save us Ruster?"

By this time Ruster was acting weird, he was observing the surroundings and looking at the buildings and people, when suddenly Luke heard Ghost speak.

"Master..." Ghost said warningly.

"Yeah Ghost... I know!" Ruster answered and he sounded intense.

Luke didn't know what's going on so he asked. "What's the matter Ruster?"

"Luke... I need you to stay calm okay... we're being followed!"

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    《The Curse Of Wardoks》