The Curse Of Wardoks
10 Desperate Situation
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The Curse Of Wardoks
Author :Salah_Louizy
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10 Desperate Situation

A voice calling my name, a deep and far away voice... Who was it? And why? Maybe it was death calling me from the underworld... I'm going to die now! This is it for me... Mother... Father... Sarah... and... Ruster... I'll miss you guys!

Those were Luke's thoughts as Captain Loopy was lifting his small body from the ground. He grabbed him from his head with his huge right hand, and slowly rose him up until both of their eyes aligned. Loopy was clenching on Luke's head causing him unbearable pain as Luke grabbed on his large wrist with both of his hands, it was his hopeless attempt to loosen the tight grip.

"What a filthy human, I can feel your body tremble in my hand. So pathetic!" Loopy said disgustingly. He spoke in Japanese so that Luke could understand him.

Luke was terrified and breathless, he was barely opening his eyes to look at Loopy's face yet hear him.

The Captain tossed Luke's body a slight toss in the air and rapidly switched his hand from grabbing his head to strangling his neck. He was squeezing hardly on it until Luke started to suffocate. Loopy was enjoying the sounds Luke was making due to his pain and choke.

While he was contemplating Luke's struggle, Loopy noticed Squala and Caditz sliced up bodies behind him. "Tsk! Those bastards, I've told them to avoid confrontation!" He madly said. However, there was something else that surprised him. "Ruster managed to kill both of them... Impressive, he's way stronger now than before!" He said while expressing vibes of acknowledgment towards Ruster.

Suddenly, and out of nowhere, Loopy felt a shock from within his body which made him lose balance and drop Luke down. For a moment, it felt just like a heart attack. He felt dizzy, so he took some steps back as his vision was glitching and lagging. He put his hand on his head and closed his eyes until he regained his balance and returned to his normal state." What was that?" He wondered. "An attack?" He asked himself. He took a glance at where Ruster was thrown, but it was not him, Ruster was laying down on the ground between the junk, he looked unconscious.

Then right afterward, Loopy remembered something important. The wardoks had black lined tattoos all over their body. Each one of them had a unique pattern of lines since birth. Loopy took a look at his left hand's wrist, and he saw it, a white strip appeared on top of the black line tattoo on his wrist. It looked like the white strip was slowly expanding along the tattoo shifting the line's color from black to white. "It was the curse! The kid has activated it on me!" Loopy said.

It was a long time ago since the last time a human saw Captain Loopy, and that's why he has forgotten how it felt when the curse activates. The curse of being seen by a human, the curse of wardoks.

Luke was sitting on the ground coughing, Loopy roughly strangled him. When the coughing stopped and he felt somewhat better, he took a glance at the Captain who was walking straight towards him, he was making a sinister smile.

Out of fear, Luke started desperately scooting away with his hands and his bottom, but the Captain reached him easily and stepped on his chest immobilizing his movements.

"You saw me! Then I should kill you right now kid!" Loopy said. He was heavily stepping on Luke's chest, stopping his breathing again, a little bit longer and he will die. Loopy was determined to kill Luke because the only way to undo the curse activation, is to kill the human who activated it.

Luke was screaming and struggling for his life while Loopy was enjoying his misery, he couldn't take it anymore, the pressure was extremely unbearable. He was going to die soon.

"How pathetic! How can such low life creatures make us suffer this much?" Loopy asked himself as he squeezed his foot making Luke feel more pain. After a while, he stopped enjoying the choking so he decided to just crush his little body.

Loopy rose his leg higher, he wanted to squash him like an insect. Luke was just staring at his foot from beneath thinking that this is it, his time has come. He surrendered to the sad truth and closed his eyes waiting for his death.

Unexpectedly, it was only with his peripheral vision, but Loopy could see it clearly, a fast upcoming punch directly to his face."BAM!" It hit him. Although he didn't have the time to react, he managed to minimize its damage. Loopy was pushed back due to the strength of the punch, but since it didn't fully connect, he didn't sustain any major injury. He looked towards his attacker, it was Ruster!

He regained his consciousness, but his breathing was heavy, and his left eye was swollen due to Loopy's knee kick, he was unable to see with it. "Luke, are you okay? can you stand up?" Ruster asked.

Luke felt extreme relief when he heard Ruster's voice, and quickly opened his eyes. Immediately after he sat, he started vomiting and coughing. "Yeah! Now I am..." He answered as soon as he felt better. Then he slowly stood while holding his chest, he was still in pain.

"I need you to run away now! I'm afraid I can't protect you from him, he's going to kill you!" Ruster ordered Luke worryingly.

Ruster knew that he was at a great disadvantage, he knew most of Captain Loopy's technique, but in his current state, he wouldn't be able to do much. He hasn't fully recovered from his last injuries during the escape, and also his ankle was burning, he was barely standing on it. "It must have been from back then when I bumped into Koggy's shield, I didn't fully recover!" Ruster thought.

"Are you going to be okay?" Luke asked him.

Ruster answered him."Don't worry about me... Just run aw-" A sudden kick from Loopy to his face threw Ruster away one more time, and he hit the ground and rolled over further away. Ruster didn't get knocked out, but he was terrified, he didn't sense any upcoming attack before he got hit, neither did ghost! "Damn! The Captain is stronger now!" Ruster said.

Luke was about to run, but Loopy caught him one more time. He lifted him from his legs making his body suspended above the ground.

"You could've had me there Ruster, I wasn't wearing my armor! I must admit, you are stronger now!" Loopy shouted to Ruster who was about to stand up.

He then Looked towards Luke and spawned his sword right into his hands. "Die, kid!" Loopy told Luke as he flexed his arm getting ready to pierce him with the sword.

"NO!" Ruster shouted as he ran insanely fast towards Loopy to prevent him from killing his friend.

Loopy had his armor settled on his back like a backpack. When he saw Ruster's obvious rush, he shouted. "Raigeki!" That was his armor's name. Just like it happened with Ghost, Loopy's armor instantly turned into a cloth-like material and wrapped around him. It has a completely different design than Ruster's armor.

As Ruster approached, he clenched his fists to attack while Loopy was ready to defend. Ruster launched a fast punch, but Loopy saw it and could easily counter it. He swung his sword to attack as well, but surprisingly, he noticed that Ruster didn't have any intention of attacking, he just bent over letting Loopy's sword cut his arm so that he could rapidly grab Luke and take cover.

Luke didn't believe that Ruster just lost his arm, that was cruel, he fell down and screamed from the brutality of what he just witnessed. "Ruster... your... arm!" He said with tears on his eyes.

"Don't worry about it! Are you okay?" Ruster answered while holding what's left of his arm. He was bleeding a lot.

Loopy was in shock, he despawned his sword and gazed at Ruster's chopped arm on the ground, and he didn't believe what just happened. He turned towards them and asked. "Ruster... Did you just protect this human?" He spoke wardokian.

Ruster didn't answer, he just stared at him aggressively. "You do realize what's going to happen if we don't kill him, right?" Loopy asked with wide and confused eyes.

"Yes, I know... but he is my friend now, and I will protect him..." Ruster answered.

"Friend?" Loopy whispered. His aura was getting furious second by second, Ruster words made his blood boil with wrath. "Don't tell me my men died... because you wanted to protect the kid..." He said as his rage was still building up. Ruster knew what was going to happen, so he pushed Luke farther away to protect him... Loopy just snapped, and he vanished from his position to appear instantly behind Ruster. It wasn't teleportation, he was just too fast. Ruster quickly reacted and defended himself, even so, Loopy gave him a strong punch that electrified him and pushed him back. He followed him with several consecutive punches, each punch was paralyzing just like a stun gun, that was Loopy's ability.

Ruster couldn't defend at all, he took all the damage in, but luckily, his armor was holding up. After a combo of punches, Loopy gathered all of his strength in one single punch to Ruster's gut. The punch was so strong that it made Ghost separate from Ruster and get thrown away from him. Ruster was now completely defenseless!

Ruster was nearly standing, he lost so much blood, and couldn't think at all. After a brief struggle to remain steady, he just collapsed and fell unconscious on his back.

Luke was standing a bit far from them, but he saw everything, he didn't know what he was feeling, that guy seemed on a whole other level than Ruster. It was a desperate situation for him, he wanted to run, but he just couldn't leave Ruster like that. He knew he couldn't do anything and that was killing him. He started crying, not out of fear but out of weakness, he realized how helpless he was.

Loopy seemed to have calmed down from his rage. He stared at Ruster who was laying on the ground for a while and then made a sigh. He approached him and stood quiet for a moment, then he said.

"I was ordered to bring you alive, Ruster... I guess this is going to be the first time I disobey and order... I WILL KILL YOU!"

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    《The Curse Of Wardoks》