The Curse Of Wardoks
12 Somehow, Everything Is Connected.
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The Curse Of Wardoks
Author :Salah_Louizy
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12 Somehow, Everything Is Connected.

Luke looked exactly like Ruster when he was wearing his armor, but not the same height, it looks like the armor adapts itself to its user's size. He was standing there, unwavering, holding Loopy's arm while blood was still coming out of it, he was facing the opposite direction to them, they could only observe his mighty poster from his back, he looked strong and dangerous.

"Are you kidding me? That human kid... That's unheard of..." Loopy shouted.

Loopy held his arm from pain, trying to stop the bleeding while looking at Luke who didn't move a muscle.

"Low Ki energy... Master..." Ghost kept saying.

Ruster didn't let the confusion distract him, he endured all of his pain and quickly stood up. This was an opportunity not to be missed, Ruster's only chance to make a deadly attack. "Please give me a good sword!" He said inside his mind. He wasn't able to spawn a specific sword, so a random one appeared. Ruster had an arsenal of about 50 000 unique swords, each with unique abilities, he didn't know what all of them do, he only used some of them.

"What is this sword?" Ruster said when a black rusty sword spawned into his hand. "Doesn't matter, it's good enough!" He said as he saw that the sword was pointy enough to deal significant damage. He flexed his arm and swung the sword in a piercing motion towards Loopy's heart.

Loopy was completely distracted by Luke. Luckily for him, he had a great peripheral vision, he noticed Ruster's attack, but he was unable to fully avoid it. Instead of piercing his heart, Loopy moved a bit so Ruster's sword penetrated his right chest side and came out from his back. It was extremely painful.

"Ghost! To me, NOW!" Ruster shouted. Ghost quickly unwrapped himself from around Luke and came to Ruster. Luke wasn't conscious, he fell down right away.

Ruster made a quick turn and gave Loopy a kick to the face. He smashed into a pile of scrap and remained still.

Ruster despawned his sword, turned right away towards Luke who was laid down unconscious, he grabbed him as fast as he could, grabbed the stone as well, and ran away from that location. He jumped to a nearby building and then continued jumping quickly to other building's roofs until he disappeared.

Loopy was still recovering from Ruster's kick, his head was spinning, and the bleeding from his arm and chest was not stopping at all.

"They went from that direction...I can still catch them... " He told himself. But as soon as he stood up, he felt an unbearable pain from his chest. "What's this?" He asked. He spawned another morphing syringe and injected himself. Still, the pain remained. " It's getting worse!" He was talking about the chest wound. "That sword! It must've been poisoned!" Loopy deduced.

He spotted the other part of his arm on the ground, and walked towards it. He grabbed his arm and said to himself. " I can still heal my arm as long as it stays fresh... Judging by the looks of it, it can hold on some time. If I can find some ice, it's going to hold even longer... Hmm... I just need to stop the bleeding now, then I can follow them!" Loopy spawned a medical kit and treated his wounds.

"If they stay within a 20 km radius I can find them easily... I think Ruster is very exhausted, he took quite the beating, I just need to touch him and teleport him with me to our world. He is not going to have any chance of escaping there, I can't lose an opportunity like this to retrieve the stone... Still...There is one problem..." He thought as he was treating his wounds.

Loopy looked at Squala and Caditz dead bodies over there, he despawned the medical kit along with his arm and stored them inside his body and then walked towards them.

He felt that he was losing energy due to his chest wound. "If they died in human form they would have remained in that form even after death... Now, I'm under the obligation to teleport them back to our world... But... Can I do that?" He asked himself.

Loopy kneeled down and touched Squala's chest with his palm and stayed still that way for a while. "Damn it, I can't do it... That's a problem." He shouted.

The sun had just set, Loopy looked towards a building far away, and stayed focused.

"I can sense that Ruster is on top of that building, he is sensing me as well."He said. He spat some blood that was still on his mouth and told himself." That human kid, I didn't consider him as a threat, I was careless... Also, this wound is making me powerless, there is no point in following them now...if I can't even teleport a dead body, I wouldn't be able to teleport Ruster as well... My big concern right now is these two. I need to call a jumper to come and get them as soon as possible, it would be catastrophic if a human finds them here!"

He stood up and faced the building where he sensed Ruster. He focused for a while, he was trying to sense if any humans were nearby, but he didn't sense anything. This junkyard was isolated. "I don't think a human will find Squala and Caditz dead bodies here at this time... I better hurry anyway... I'll be right back Ruster, and for that human Kid... I'M GOING TO CRUSH HIM!" He said with immense rage and dedication.

Loopy vanished instantly leaving behind him a fading blue flash. As for Ruster, he landed on a building roof, he was on his knees, eyes closed and his mind was in total concentration, he looked like he was trying to listen to something. Suddenly he relaxed and fell on his butt from fatigue.

"He jumped back!... THANK GOD... If he followed us, we would've been beaten for sure, I guess he needed to heal his arm first... It was a pretty serious cut... "Ruster said while staring at Luke who was still unconscious. "All thanks to him..." He said gratefully, then he unwrapped his armor. Ghost appeared again levitating next to him.

"Everything okay, Ghost ?"

"Affirmative Master..." Ghost replied.

Luke slowly opened his eyes, he saw Ruster's relaxed face looking at him and Ghost flying near him. "What... What happened?" His memories then suddenly rushed back to him. " What? where is that dude...Ghost ... The armor... I... Where are we?" He shouted.

Ruster made a friendly laugh and said. "Relax Luke, we are safe now..." He then put his head on the ground and bowed down to Luke. "You saved my life, I'm entirely in your debt Luke, Thank you!"

Luke blushed and didn't know what to say... "No, Ruster no need for that, I really didn't know how I did what I did so it was nothing..." He said awkwardly.

Ruster set and looked at Luke's face with eyes full of gratitude. "If It wasn't for you, I would've been killed! Please I really mean it!"

Luke looked at Ruster's beaten up body and chopped arm. "Are you going to be okay? You seem seriously wounded!"

Ruster made a long "Ah!" sound and said "About that, don't worry... I got it!"

Ruster glanced at Ghost who wrapped around his master like a backpack. He then spread his hand and spawned a glass bottle. It was filled with a glowing white liquid. Ruster asked Luke to open it, he can't do it with one hand. After that, he drank it. Following this, his body instantly started healing. Within 3 minutes, no wound could be found, even his arm had grown back.

"WHAT! How did you do that? What's that potion?" Luke asked curiously.

"That's my energy." Ruster replied. He told him that there is an ancient technique that lets the warriors store their current physical state's energy in a special solution. After they get wounded in battle, if they drink it, their bodies restore to that previous state. It's not technically healing, but more like a save point potion. It was a secret technique that Ruster has learned recently. He didn't use it earlier because he wasn't expecting to fight. The solution is very rare, he was being cautious about it.

Luke expressed his relief to see that Ruster has healed up. It was night already, and they were on top of a building so he asked. "Do you have a place to crash?"

Ruster didn't know anybody here except Luke. "Eugh... Nope!" He said while he was rubbing the back of his head from embarrassment. Luke asked him if he wanted to spend the night with him. Ruster didn't refuse, he also wanted to talk with Luke about a lot of new developments.

"Great!" Luke said. "So can you do that human thing again?" He asked.

Ruster smiled and made Ghost wrap around him to transform into the same human form he had before. "That's really nice to watch, that transformation!" Luke expressed his excitement.

Ruster carried him again, and they jumped to the buildings nearby. They continued jumping down until they reached the ground and casually continued walking among people towards Luke's home.

At the same time, back into the junkyard, there was a drone flying by, it belonged to a journalist that was trying her new night camera. She was far away but she could see the junkyard clearly on her laptop. Suddenly her drone filmed Squala and Caditz dead bodies. She couldn't believe her eyes, and she called the authorities right away.

30 minutes later Luke and Ruster reached home and entered.

"Mom! Dad! I'm back..." Luke shouted as he entered.

His mom noticed his dirty clothes, and injuries and she said worryingly. "Luke! What happened?"

Luke quickly reassured her, he told that he got into a stupid fight with some kids, but importantly he told her. "This is my friend, Ruster! And he will be spending the night ^^" He shouted enthusiastically.

His dad was in the living room, when he heard his son's words, he shouted as well. "A friend?" He came quickly to see Ruster and salute him. Luke's mother was also happy to hear that as well. They both rushed Ruster with salutation and welcoming.

It was a long time ago since the last time Luke brought a friend home, and that made them worry about their child. But seeing Ruster now erased their trouble and made them extremely happy. Ruster wasn't good with formal conversations, so he didn't know what to say.

"I'm going to make you guys something to eat," Luke's mother said. "Luke go take a shower!" She gazed at her son.

Luke quickly showered and changed his clothes, he came and sat on the dining table while Ruster was having an extremely awkward time. They asked him a lot of questions but Luke was doing all the answering, he was such a good liar. He told them that Ruster came from Tokyo to participate in the summer championships and that he will stay here for a while.

After the welcoming session had finished, they went to the room and made a bed for Ruster beside Luke's bed. When everything was set, Ruster asked. "What was all that hospitality? Don't you bring people in more often?"

Luke made a gloomy face, he sat on his bed and told Ruster his story. He told him about his friend Shimizu Kei's death and all the bullying he received. That's why his parents were happy with this. Ruster felt a lot of compassion towards Luke, and he understood now why he wanted a friend to talk to.

Luke opened his drawer and brought out a picture of him and his friend Kei, it was on a wooden frame, he used to look at it when he missed him. He handed the picture to Ruster so that he can see him as well.

Suddenly Ruster's got shocked, he didn't believe his eyes. He started sweating and trembling.

"What's wrong?" Luke asked.

Out of confusion, Ruster shouted. "This kid... THIS IS MY BROTHER!"

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    《The Curse Of Wardoks》