The Dragon Prince's Wife is a Translator
123 Chapter 124 “Devil and Bunny“
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The Dragon Prince's Wife is a Translator
Author :Zehell2218
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123 Chapter 124 “Devil and Bunny“

"Y-ying' are a translator?" Long Ao Zhen pointed his trembling finger to the script held in Li Shi Ying left hand.

Li Shi Ying tilted her head in confusion and look to the direction pointed by Long Ao Zhen. When she saw the script with glowing light here and there....her whole body stiffen on spot as if someone push a pause button on her body.

Li Shi Ying: .....😶

Few seconds later Li Shi Ying managed to move her paused body but her movement was so stiff that she resemble a robot.

"I-i....i...t-this..." Li Shi Ying put a fake smile on her face while not knowing what to say. She turned her head to look at Long Ao Zhen expression and when she saw his expression, her face turned pale.

SHE IS FINISHED!!! Long Ao Zhen will knew that she lied to him yesterday and sneak out to go to the auction!!

Author: 😅 i think that's not the case here Ying'er...

Long Ao Zhen trembling finger stopped the moment Li Shi Ying choose to kept quiet about his question.

Oho so his little sister now dare to hide something important from him?

Long Ao Zhen then also put a fake smile which really resemble a devil from hell as he prepared to 'catch' a certain little bunny for some explanation. "Hmm? What's wrong? Can't answer?"

Long Ao Zhen voice was deep and scary enough to make Li Shi Ying had a sudden goosebump all over her skin.


A loud alarm rang in Li Shi Ying mind when she saw Long Ao Zhen scary smile and with an agile movement, she escape from the bed.

Of course she wasn't fast enough to escape from a certain devil claw. With another 'swoshhh' sound, Long Ao Zhen grabbed Li Shi Ying back collar and dragged her like a sack back to the bed.

With a PLOP! sound, Li Shi Ying landed with her back on the bed while a certain devil crawled slowly to the bed, pitting himself against the little bunny.

Long Ao Zhen put his hand beside Li Shi Ying body to prevent her from escaping as he looked down to a certain trembling bunny underneath his body.

" are a translator, huhhh?" With the same wide eerie smile on his face, Long Ao Zhen brought his handsome peerless face closer to Li Shi Ying face.

Li Shi Ying was too afraid to notice their ambiguous state. She tremble from the head to her toe thinking that the male lead will make her into a fried bunny when he found out that she had lie to him!

"'s not like that....l-let me explain first..." Li Shi Ying turned her head avoiding Long Ao Zhen handsome yet scary face. Her heart would burst or she may have a heart attack if that handsome face came closer for another inch.

Long Ao Zhen was indeed startled and at the same time, angry. He was angry that Li Shi Ying hid this important news from him making him looks like a fool bidding something for her which was actually the thing she auctioned!

Moreover his 'little sister' dare to lie about her condition yesterday and dragged Jiu Wei to be her partner in crime.

Not only that! She even made him go to a dragon country so he couldn't protect her from that horrible incident!!

Then he spent 4 millions for her sake and yet here the money went back to her pocket. It wasn't the problem with money actually. Long Ao Zhen just felt disappointed that Li Shi Ying didn't trust him enough to tell him her secret as a translator.

She even tell Jiu Wei first! Why didn't she tell his 'brother' instead??

Long Ao Zhen was quite angry but he didn't want to harm his 'little sister' so he quickly find another method to 'punish' her.

If the one made him angry wasn't Li Shi Ying, that person wouldn't receive Long Ao Zhen evil smile. He would be dead and sent to hell a second later.

Compared to that, Long Ao Zhen action when he was angry to Li Shi Ying would surely surprised both his parents and his grandpa if they saw him right now.

That scary smile on his face couldn't be compared to his usual cold smile when he was angry! Aishh Li Shi Ying sure is lucky.

Li Shi Ying: Lucky?? Your ass!! I may not be killed but he might 'eat' me completely!!

"Ohhh you want to explain? Okay then go ahead" Still with his position trapping Shi Ying under his body, Long Ao Zhen raised his chin slightly and brought his face even closer than before to make Shi Ying start her explanation.

His expression was still the same as before with that wide scary smile when his eyes didn't even smile. But somehow Li Shi Ying got a bad feeling when Long Ao Zhen face came closer inch by inch.

If she didn't quickly explain the whole story, she would meet a 'bad end' for sure!

That...that face was like a big bad wolf facing a little red riding hood to 'eat' her. Could it be that...she is going to be 'eaten'???


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