The Dragon Prince's Wife is a Translator
889 Chapter 889 “Disappearance of Dimension Hole“
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The Dragon Prince's Wife is a Translator
Author :Zehell2218
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889 Chapter 889 “Disappearance of Dimension Hole“

Nessie made sure that Li Shi Ying was safe on his back before he slowly flapped his wings. He won't stand up and would lay like this while flying later.

What if Li Shi Ying fell when he stood up? That would be bad! 

Li Shi Ying felt a strong gust of wind blowing her face and hair when Nessie flapped his wings. She heard noises coming from those wings and couldn't hear anything other than Nessie's voice.

He was starting to fly! 

Li Shi Ying hurriedly stays low while hugging Nessie's neck. She didn't want to fall while riding a dragon. That would be embarrassing. 

[Is this too fast?] Nessie asked Li Shi Ying when they were already a few meters above the ground. Nessie then flapped his wings again and flew leaving Qiao Mo and the others.

He was flying in a not too fast speed so that Li Shi Ying could enjoy the ride.

[No this is just right. Fly higher!] Li Shi Ying shook her head subconsciously. The girl could still hear the noises of the wind indicating that they were not flying slowly at all. It's quite fast.

[Okay higher it is] Nessie chuckled before he flapped his wings a few times this time with a stronger force. Li Shi Ying could felt her body raised toward the sky faster than before.

[Stop at this height] the girl slowly opened her eyes and when she saw they were already high up in the sky, she decided not to fly higher. 

The scenery from this height was just right. It wasn't too low but wasn't too high either so she could see the scenery down there very clearly.

They were still flying above the desert area so all they could see was sand.

[I can use teleportation should we teleport now?] Nessie asked softly after he felt that they had fly quite far from their previous place. It's time to teleport! 

[You could? We will teleport to Qiang Du's country, exactly at the place where you arrived before but before that….we should fly higher so no one could saw us or...should I use invisible talisman?] 

Li Shi Ying pondered a bit whether they should fly higher to avoid people's sight or just use the invisible talisman to be safe. 

[Invisible talisman? Do you also have that? Let's just use that. The dimension hole isn't too high up there so we shouldn't fly higher than this] Nessie immediately asked Li Shi Ying to use the talisman instead. 

He knew human won't be able to fly too high since the oxygen would reduce and they would find it hard to breathe. Of course, he didn't want Li Shi Ying to feel uncomfortable.

[Sure] Li Shi Ying took out two talismans and attached one of them to her body while the other one to Nessie's body. The moment the girl activated the talisman, Nessie's body began to become invisible as well as her body.

Both of them disappeared from anyone's sight. 

[Okay I'll do teleport now. Please hold tight!] Nessie flapped his wings faster as he channelled his magic out from his body passing through his scales. His whole body glow in golden light and the light also enveloped Li Shi Ying's body.

Li Shi Ying felt a bit dizzy before her body suddenly entered another dimension. She felt as if she entered an invisible door sucking her in. When the girl opened her eyes, they were already above Qiang Du's country. 

[We are here. The dimension hole should be around this place] Nessie flew a little higher than before since the hole was positioned quite high in the sky. The dragon flew around a certain town in order to find the hole but it's strange how they didn't see any black hole in the sky.

[Where's the hole? Are you sure this is the right place?] Li Shi Ying squinted her eyes trying to find the hole too but the wind was too strong that she couldn't really open her eyes. 

[It's around here I'm sure...look at that tall tower? That's the first thing I saw when I arrived here] Nessie pointed a tall red pagoda from afar using his right hand. The pagoda was surprisingly the symbol of Qiangli sect. 

[That pagoda isn't far from my wonder you found us real quick] Li Shi Ying shook her head when she saw the red pagoda. If the hole was located near the pagoda how come they didn't see any? Could it be the hole was hidden behind the cloud? 

[Yes that's why I'm sure this is the place. Maybe the hole is covered by the cloud?] Nessie had the same thought as Li Shi Ying. The man flew around an empty spot in the sky right across the red pagoda before blowing wind to the cloud.

[You can blow cloud using your wind magic? Impressive] Li Shi Ying was once again amazed when she saw the cloud all get blown away by Nessie's wind magic. 

This dragon is really powerful ah.

[Thanks. Wait see...there's nothing behind the cloud...there should be a large black hole here, sparkling like galaxy yet...where…] Nessie began to panic when he didn't see any hole. The hole was big there's no way they couldn't spot it. 

[Nessie could it the hole was opened and closed...maybe the hole...opened again in another place? This is just my guess…] Li Shi Ying stroked Nessie's neck as she spoke. 

The dimension hole...could move! 

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