The Dragon Prince's Wife is a Translator
1024 Chapter 1024 “The Rumour is True!“
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The Dragon Prince's Wife is a Translator
Author :Zehell2218
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1024 Chapter 1024 “The Rumour is True!“

"Yes, we have a little forest located right next to the biggest lake in our country. It's not far from the capital only 30 minutes away. Apparently, the emperor wants a quiet, serene banquet" Long Ao Zhen spoke calmly. The man put his chin on his left hand as he stared at Li Shi Ying. 

"But it is a forest!" The girl protested. 

How could a banquet be held in the forest? That will be...a disaster, won't it? 

"I know its a forest but this forest is absolutely beautiful. It's popular among couples because it's also safe. The Emperor had emptied the whole forest for us." Long Ao Zhen replied. 

The man flickered his eyes feeling a bit excited for the banquet. He was sure that by how Li Shi Ying dressed now, she would look like a fairy forest. 

"Good thing you don't get me to dress in long skirt dragging to the ground. Else it will be a mess" Li Shi Ying sighed as she held her forehead. 

To think that the emperor was like this. He sure had bizarre ideas! 

"Do you want to know the second location? Apparently, we will have dinner, not in the forest" Long Ao Zhen enjoyed Li Shi Ying change of face so the man asked the girl again. 

His father had always been creative in making his banquet. He didn't run out of unique ideas always manage to impress the guests. 

"I bet it will be at the lake. Maybe we will use a large boat to explore the lake. We will also eat dinner on that very same boat" Li Shi Ying blurted casually. Somehow she was suspicious of the emperor. Could it be he had this idea from her world? 

Dinner on a cruise ship while watching the night view. The forest thingy maybe he got inspiration from a garden party which isn't quite usual in this world. Maybe God told him all these ideas! 

"Hmmm, your guess is half right and half wrong. Well, let's just see later. It will be a surprise" Long Ao Zhen spoke in a mysterious tone making Li Shi Ying couldn't help but become even more curious. 

"What? My guess is half wrong? Tell me which part isn't right? It can't be that we will dine underwater, right? It will be very cold" Li Shi Ying approached Long Ao Zhen and shook his hand excitedly. 

If it was really underwater party then the emperor must have prepared a kind of array to prevent water from coming in. But how exactly the guests could dive in? Won't the clothes became all wet? 

"Oh, your idea is good. I'll tell father to hold a banquet underwater next time" Long Ao Zhen clapped his hand together with sparkling eyes. His bunny had always given him unique and bizarre ideas. 

"Wait so it isn't underwater party?" Li Shi Ying was a bit stunned that it wasn't the case here. If so then what could it be? It should be at the lake she was sure but how would they eat if they didn't rely on the boat? 

Could it be the emperor would provide beasts instead of the boat? Wow, that can't be true. No one would be able to eat calmly like that. 

"Just see when we're there, okay? Look that's the entrance of the forest" Long Ao Zhen pointed his finger to the shining gate outside. The gate was really eye-catching in the dark night. 

"Wow what a beautiful gate. The Emperor must have prepared so many lights inside the forest too" Li Shi Ying noticed the gate and was a bit taken back. There were already so many carriages lining up dropping the guests in front of the gate. 

Then that should really be the location of the banquet! The Emperor really did take over a garden party concept. It's just that he uses the dark night to highlight the beautiful lights he prepared. Not so bad. 

"We're here. Let's get off" Long Ao Zhen saw that their carriage got a fast pass so they could immediately stop in front of the gate without having to line up. The man immediately gets up from the seat. 

"Sure" Li Shi Ying also gets up and lead by Long Ao Zhen, the girl stepped out from the carriage. 

When Long Ao Zhen and Li Shi Ying had just stepped out from the carriage, the people around them mostly those who were still waiting inside the carriage, had their eyes on the two of them. 

"Look! Who is that wearing such a bright colour? How daring!" One of the guests was the son of a high-ranked noble. He liked to dress up in flashy attire but tonight there's the unspoken rule not to wear bright clothes. 

Since the banquet was a banquet to appoint the wife of the crown prince! Only the crown prince and his wife-to-be could wear such bright clothes so could it be this two.

"Hush. They are the crown prince and his wife-to-be!" The father of the son slapped the young man's back trying to shut his mouth. Only idiots won't know that the owner of such glowing carriage was the Crown Prince. 

The young man became silent but others in other carriages began to gossips. They could only saw a glimpse of Li Shi Ying figure before she entered but a moment was enough for them to know that the girl wasn't a dragon, also not any kind of mythological beast. 

The crown prince's a human! The rumour is true! 

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