The Dragon Prince's Wife is a Translator
1112 Chapter 1112 “One Other Way“
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The Dragon Prince's Wife is a Translator
Author :Zehell2218
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1112 Chapter 1112 “One Other Way“

He also wanted to ask if Li Shi Ying ever had a boyfriend? Is there someone she liked over there? How about her family? What kind of activity she likes to do in daily life...and what kind of weird food available there! 

Long Ao Zhen wanted to rain Li Shi Ying with these questions but he put it aside for now. Let's discuss this matter first so after it's settled they could have a long time to chat about life. 

"Your grandpa and your father plus my master said I can exchange my soul with the soul residing inside Meng Yue Ming's body. They give 5 years time and if in 5 years I can't find this girl, well...I will have to leave this world after my children grow up a bit" 

Li Shi Ying face turned serious. The girl played with her hair as she explained the future plan to Long Ao Zhen. Of course, she didn't say anything about not being able to consummate their marriage just yet. 

"5 years...wait if you will exchange body does that mean…" Long Ao Zhen mumbled to himself before a realisation hit him. If there's a chance for Li Shi Ying to exchanges soul in these 5 years...does this mean…

She would live in Meng Yue Ming body? Then….he...couldn't consummate his marriage just yet, right?? The matter with children would be troublesome later after all! 

" these 5 years we can't consummate our marriage just yet" Li Shi Ying laughed sheepishly as she scratched her cheek. The girl saw Long Ao Zhen turned into a stone and couldn't help but worry. 

It would be hard for this man to endure for 5 years, right? Maybe she could relieve his stress with oral sex but that's it…

" impossible. 5 years??" Long Ao Zhen had the urge to faint. He had a feeling that God didn't want him to consummate his marriage or rather...whoever controlled this world, this life of his...was seriously a big meanie! 

This person must be forever single who doesn't like to see him being happy with his bunny. It must be!! 

"Yeah...that's why...well in these 5 years we will try hard to locate that girl so we can hurriedly make babies but you see if after 5 years we didn't find her...only then we can consummate our marriage"

Li Shi Ying spoke in a rather small voice. She was afraid of Long Ao Zhen snapping because of this. Please no. It would ruin their plan. 

"Ughhh 5 years! Damn it. I know that if we do it now it will be a troublesome matter with our children later since the body who gives birth might be this one but your soul might live in another body later so...ughhh…" 

Long Ao Zhen understood perfectly that he had no choice but to follow the plan yet still! Can someone console him? Which man could wait for 5 years not to touch his beautiful and cute wife? To be honest he didn't want to do it with Li Shi Ying who lives in Meng Yue Ming body. 

That girl might be super beautiful but he still preferred his bunny! awkward. Super awkward. He had touched his bunny's body like countless time and if she moved to another body...he would feel like cheating on her, wouldn't he? 

This is so complicated! It means he can't even just touch his bunny's body for 5 years since that will make him feel guilty when he does it with her when she's in another body. He feels like a stud horse who slept with different women…

Which feels disgusting, okay?! 

"Sorry...we have to do this so I have a chance to live here. You see if we don't succeed in 5 years then after our children grow up to be at least 3 years old...I will leave this world, going back to my world" 

Li Shi Ying tone of voice changed after she talked about this. She knew that the longer she stays, the bigger the dimension hole would be. Not only that after she has children with Long Ao Zhen...the storyline would be messed up completely and no one knew what would happen to this world. 

A creature like Nessie might come easily to this world through the super big dimension hole. That will be super dangerous, right? Imagining 10 or more creatures like Nessie attacking this world...that will be doomsday. 

"...okay I understand I won't touch you for 5 years, for your sake but listen. Even if we don't find that girl within the time limit...I will still not allow you to leave. If dangerous creatures come to attack this world...I can just fight them off one by one" 

Long Ao Zhen finally agreed with the term and condition but he then added his own thought as a finishing touch to his speech. Did he want to save both the world and his bunny so...why not just kill all the intruder coming through the hole? He was confident he could defeat them all. 

That's why in these 5 years he had to be stronger! He would train all the young dragons in the kingdom as well as somehow making the other kingdom aware of the danger of the hole without mentioning Li Shi Ying. 

Strengthen the armies and the people power to defend against anything coming to the higher realm! That's one other way to let his bunny stay. 

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