The Dragon Prince's Wife is a Translator
1125 Chapter 1125 “His Mission is Done!“
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The Dragon Prince's Wife is a Translator
Author :Zehell2218
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1125 Chapter 1125 “His Mission is Done!“

Every scene in this sand movie was something that made Li Shi Ying remember this world. From the first time she met Long Ao Zhen, the first encounter with Mao Mao, meeting Jiu Wei, building her own beast travelling the lower realm in order to get several herbs she needed…

In each journey, she met newly sacred beast which becomes part of her army in the end. Her strength grew steadily until she met Meng Yue Ming again, going to an Academy, facing off many enemies in the tournament...even finally giving a last final blow to Meng Yue Ming. 

All of these was a story of its own, her life story. It continued to the part where she went to another continent to find the other herbs, she met Haí Yao, Ge Lifen, experiencing things that she never experienced before, until she met Mian Xiang. 

Also, the part where she got her memory erased, all of that was played so well in this sand movie. 

If it's like this how could she bear to leave this world and go back to her world? The movie digs up all her old memories, painful and sweet one, all of it. She was watching her life story with her soulmate right now. 

How could that not be memorable?

3 hours passed by and Li Shi Ying didn't realize the movie came to an end. The movie stopped at her current birthday, it was as if the rest was a story she hasn't 'write' in her life. 

"How is it?" Long Ao Zhen slowly turned his head around as he asked Li Shi Ying after the 3-hours movie. Thank God he didn't want to go to the toilet when the movie was still playing. Else he might have to pee here as it's impossible to pause the movie just for him to go pee. 

"It's good. Very...very good" Li Shi Ying laughed with tears resting at the corner of her eyes. The girl hurriedly rubbed her eyes not wanting to let Long Ao Zhen knew that she cried a little just now. How could she not? The movie even though it was so long, 3 hours straight...still, she couldn't get bored of it. 

The movie made her didn't want to leave this world where she left so many memories behind. These things she experienced would be impossible to happen if she never transmigrated to this world in the first place. 

It was an amazing experience she might never have if she didn't somehow get thrown here. If she went back to her old world and found out that these were all just a dream...won't that be a sad thing? 

"Mn, good if you like it. In the future, you can ask any kind of movie to me and I'll do my best to prepare it, ok?" Long Ao Zhen kissed Li Shi Ying's forehead as he grinned. The purpose of this sand movie was to engrave every single memory his bunny had, to her mind. 

That way even if they didn't manage to find Meng Yue Ming's body, his bunny won't give up easily since she couldn't part with this world with so many memories she made her. He bet she never experienced anything like this in her old world, right? 

Long Ao Zhen silently gave a signal making the giant swing slowly went down being carried by the wind. The man then felt satisfied with the movies presented after. 

With this, his mission is done! 

"Mn, I'll ask you anytime if I want to watch a movie" Li Shi Ying laughed hearing Long Ao Zhen's words. The girl noticed that the swing slowly descended to the sand it means the show was really over. The girl couldn't help but feel a bit sad thinking about this. 

She would really want to ask Long Ao Zhen to play so many movies like his childhood story, or even a spin-off where he went to her world or something...but...well let's just wait. No one knew what would happen in the future.

If she...really had to go back...please...let these memories remain there. To forget all the things she did in this world...would suck, for real. 

"Okay. Now let's have lunch, shall we? It's time" Long Ao Zhen didn't notice Li Shi Ying's sad expression which only lasted for a brief second. The man immediately helped Li Shi Ying to get off from the swing and helped her to fix her clothes. 

"Let's. I'm hungry" Li Shi Ying nodded as she tried to focus on today's happy occasion. Just treat this whole day as the last day she would be in this world. That way...she won't regret anything if she had to leave in the future.

Honestly, she didn't expect to find that girl in 5 years as who knows where she was hiding? 

Li Shi Ying smiled bitterly before she followed after Long Ao Zhen. The man had prepared a small boat, so maybe they would head to the sea this time. 

"Be careful it's kinda slippery here" Long Ao Zhen entered the small wooden boat first before he helped Li Shi Ying to come in. The boat immediately shakes when Li Shi Ying stepped inside making the girl almost lost her balance for a second. 

"Uhh, thanks" Li Shi Ying hurriedly sat down across Long Ao Zhen when she already entered the boat, afraid of falling since they weren't a lake, they were at the ocean where the waves are strong. 

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