The Dragon Prince's Wife is a Translator
1170 Chapter 1170 “ 18+ Screw It“
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The Dragon Prince's Wife is a Translator
Author :Zehell2218
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1170 Chapter 1170 “ 18+ Screw It“

When this man goes slow, the pleasure didn't hit really well. It felt good being rubbed slowly with this big thing but wouldn't it be better if he's faster? 

His thing is already long so it could hit deeper to her right spot but he's too slow! Can he go faster? 

"Why so slow? Faster ah faster" Li Shi Ying was also dying. She wanted to feel good, more than now. She didn't mind if Long Ao Zhen get a bit rough as that might be even better. If he's too gently she won't feel anything ah!

" are the one who asks me for it. Don't blame me when I go too fast or too rough" The last string holding Long Ao Zhen's sanity snapped. He let his yandere self and his beast instinct to take over. 

Immediately, his eyes changed. It darkened. The man licked his lips as he looked at Li Shi Ying like a hunter going to eat its prey. It suddenly made Li Shi Ying shivered in fear but somehow her body felt good all of sudden? Could it be…

She's a masochist?? This feeling of being helpless and trapped by a dangerous beast somehow only excite her. 

"You're so delicious" Long Ao Zhen licked Li Shi Ying's lips all of sudden as he spoke in a hoarse voice. The man's hand already started to grab her breasts and played with it. Li Shi Ying heart was thumping hard seeing the change in her man's personality. 

She's about to speak when the man suddenly moved fast. 


"Aaah ahh hyaaa!" Li Shi Ying subconsciously screamed when Long Ao Zhen thrust his hit deeper before pulling it out roughly. The man kept pounding and pulling in a fast speed, it was even too fast yet it felt so good. 

"So you like it hard" Long Ao Zhen laughed in an evil way as he closed his eyes and pour more strength to his hip. Pleasure takes over his body and all reasons already got thrown out the window. 

Screw it. 

"Nnnh aaaa...f-fast too fast…" Li Shi Ying really regretted it when she asked this man to goes faster. Now her body felt like being tossed around yet her inside kept sending ticklish tingling sensation to her whole body. 

Every once in a while as Long Ao Zhen thrust into her, a strong tingling feeling assaulted her from the insides and her body shivered with hypnotic pleasure.

"N-nooo slow down please...I...ah! I...I'm going crazy" Li Shi Ying screamed out of pleasure. The girl kept on clawing Long Ao Zhen's back as she subconsciously moved her hips to match his rhyme. 

The girl blinked several times yet once in a while she would frown since that thing inside her, didn't slow down and goes faster instead. 

"You're the one asking me" Long Ao Zhen clicked his tongue. The man noticed a frown on her face and couldn't help but clenched his teeth. If she acted like this he will be aroused ever further okay? 

He takes pleasure in seeing his little weak bunny beg and cried while shouting his name. She's clearly in great pleasure yet acted like she's not. Even he himself already felt this good, she should feel the same. 

Long Ao Zhen ignored Li Shi Ying's plea and got a bit rougher. He hit her hard and every time he thrust deeper, her tight inner walls would swallow him up completely and spasmed, exciting him. 

He barely managed to suppress his desire to ravage her insides and this girl already asked to be ravaged. Her tender flesh was clinging to his penis, moving along with his movements and squeezing him tightly as he moved.

"So good. Ying'er you felt so good." Long Ao Zhen sighed as he kept pounding, moving his hips. He felt that he could do this for a long time even though he's at the edge of having his climax. Let's allow his bunny to cum first before he did. 

After all, she might be too exhausted after this but he won't let her go. 

"A...ahhh, Ao Zhen...I don't think I can hold on...I...I'm going to…" Li Shi Ying was breathing hard as she squeezed her eyes tight. Her lower body felt so hot and at this moment, everything in her vision seemed white. 

She had a feeling that she would cum right away. 

"Go ahead. I'll follow after" Long Ao Zhen kept moving as he encouraged Li Shi Ying to finish. He could barely hold back from cumming before her. He won't be able to hold on for long so quick, just cum! 

"I...aaahh….I'm coming- Ao Zhen...Ao Zhen- ah!" Li Shi Ying jolted and her butt subconsciously raised up. Her body was trembling as something flowed out from her inner place down to the surface of her secret place.

All energy got sucked into this one climax and the girl immediately fell limp to the bed. Her waist felt so sore and her legs are numb yet this man hasn't finished yet. She's already cumming so finish it already. So tired! 

"Ying'er...I...nghhh" Long Ao Zhen gripped Li Shi Ying's shoulder hard as he thrust deeper. A second later, got liquid spurts out from his hot rod filling Li Shi Ying's inside completely. The girl felt something hot, wet and sticky inside her place leading her to think that the man finally had his climax. 

He poured all his seeds inside, the seed of their babies. 


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