The God System
-1 Prologue
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The God System
Author :Infractuous
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-1 Prologue

Able was sitting at his desk in his apartment knocking his head against it in boredom. Able is bored with life now that he has done everything. All the way from helping an old lady cross the street to becoming the number one swordsman in the world. He has climbed Mount Everest, became the richest person on Earth, and sky dived without a parachute. He was labeled as the number one most suitable marriage candidate since he was sixteen, he has everything in life, except excitement.

"It's so lonely when you are at the peak" Able sighed in resignation.

He felt there was no joy left in life now that he has reached the apex. He has no challengers, no rivals, and no excitement in his life. He has beat every professional in all extreme sports fields and has visited to every place in the world and now has nothing left to do. He could learn some academics, but he felt that it was too boring sitting down and studying all day. He wanted to go outside, He wanted fun!

Able has been in this state for two years already by the time he was twenty years old he had already stood at the top of the world, with no equal. He has thought of getting an apprentice, but he was only twenty two this year, only old people get apprentices! He doesn't want to be seen as an old man.

Sighing Able rested his head against his desk "I wish god could give me some excitement in my life. Maybe he should send me to another world like in those light novels" Able said in boredom.


|Requirement met - Activating The God System|

|Prepare to be transported. A majority of bodily functions have been frozen to prevent any mishaps in the transportation. Please be patient, it will be much appreciated.|

|Transporting in 10...9...8...7|

Able's was stunned for a few seconds before his eyes widened and excitement began to fill them. He wanted to jump in joy due to happiness, but couldn't move. 'So that's what they meant when they said they would freeze my bodily functions' Able concluded.


'I am finally going to have some joy in my life' He cheered for himself.


His mind raced to try and remember all the words that were said in his head.


Ok, so I got a new system it said, The God System. Will I be able to create a new world? New life? Or maybe I am an evil god, so I will have to destroy the world!'. Thinking of the possible occurrences had Able ecstatic.

Either way this is going to be fun.


|Transportation to Gaia has commenced|

A white light began to envelop Able's body blinding his vision. It was the purest white he had ever seen, like fresh snow from the tallest of mountains where no humans can go to pollute it. Roaring winds sounded through his ears blocking his hearing.

His body began floating up into the sky and when Able tried to flail his arms he couldn't because they were frozen. Realizing his mistake Able stopped resisting and closed his eye. He decided to let what was going to happen, happen.

Able let his body float into the sky and just relished this new experience. He could no longer think of anything except white and roaring winds as if these two things had taken control of his whole mind. After an unknown amount of time everything went quiet.

He felt his body being dropped onto the floor and he opened his eyes. He was in a white space with nothing but a screen in front of him.

The screen displayed a little town with villagers walking about doing their farming, or washing clothes in a nearby stream.

|Please choose your title|

'Title? My name? It wants to know my name? Or is it a title like a username in a video game?'

'Maybe it will answer questions like it does in all those light novels.' Able thought to himself "What do you mean by title?" He asked the voice.

This time a different voice appeared and it was a female one with a pleasant tone. "Due to being in tutorial mode questions are currently free. A title is what your followers will know you for. Some examples include The Goddess of beauty or The God of War and Blood." She answered.

'Ah so that's it, my title needs to embody me. It should be about my main characteristics. How about the God of fun? The god of Freedom? No... those don't fit me perfectly. OH! I got it!'

"I want to be the God of Thrill and Adventure" Able replied with a stable tone very sure of his answer.

|Title has been accepted|

|You are now a Level 1 God|

|Please rank up, to unlock new privileges. The tutorial mode has now been deactivated due to claiming a title. I look forward to your progress God.|

"WAIT WHAT! I didn't want to exit the tutorial, what am I supposed to do! Cancel! Delete! Stop! Undo!" Able mourned at his previous choices as he was unable to fix them.


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