The God System
1 Level 1 God
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The God System
Author :Infractuous
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1 Level 1 God

Able was sitting on the floor mourning over his stupid choice. 'I can't believe they didn't even warn me that choosing a title would end the tutorial' He lamented.

"Is there anyone who will tell me what I am supposed to do?" Able asked no one in particular.

"It will cost 10 faith points to answer that question God," The female voice told him.

Able was confused "What are faith points?"

"It will cost 10 faith points to answer that question God" She again replied without mercy.

Able was ticked off. He wanted to throw something, but there was nothing in this white space to throw! First, they made him end the tutorial, and now they want him to pay for answers that should have been free!

"Okay, I will pay for the answer of those two questions!" Able sighed in exasperation.

"Faith points are the currency of The God System. You are able to get more Faith Points by having more people believe in you as a God. The stronger the believer the more Faith Points they will give you. Faith points can also be shortened to FP." She answered the second question first.

"What you are supposed to do is spread your Faith to as big of an area as possible while leveling up at the same time."

"So I am supposed to preach to people across the world?" He asked in befuddlement. 'I have been transported to a new world to be a proselytizer!?!'

"It will cost 10 faith points to answer that question God" She again replied like a broken record.

"Okay for the time being don't ask me to use these faith points the answer questions. Go ahead and answer them if I have enough points. And how do I check how many FP I have left?" He said in irritation.

"You are not going to be a proselytizer, you will be the ruler of Domains, sort of like a king and the ruler of any Domain will automatically convert its inhabitants to their faith. To check your stats just say stats, or think it in your head and a screen will appear in front of you."

"Stats, oh it seriously popped up. Is it touch screen or something?"

"You are not required to touch, but it can be used that way. If you do not want to touch you can just focus on a certain part and it will select it for you." She replied


Name: Able

Age: 22

Race: Arch God

Title: God of Thrill and Adventure

Level: 1

Dominions: Delphi Village (Inhabitants: 100)

Faith: 4950 (Generate: 0 Per Day)

Trait: None

Abilities: None

Assistants: 0

Subordinates: 0

Str: 10 Def: 10

Con: 10 Dex: 10

Int: 10 Wis: 10

Cha: 10 Per: 10


'So I had 5000 faith points to start with' Able mused. "What are my assistants and subordinates and how do I get them?" Able did not ask about the Dominion because he assumed it was the town he could see through the screen in the white space. And abilities, he assumed would be gained through luck.

"You get one free assistant because every new god gets an assistant and Subordinates are bought using FP. You can purchase both later on using FP from the Faith Shop."

"How do I get to the Faith Shop?" Able asked with so many questions filling his head.

"To open the faith shop just say Menu"


•Faith Shop




"Wait what are Dungeons? I thought I was supposed to spread my faith, Do I just lock up all the non-believers?" Able asked confused at the new information.

"Dungeons are used to guard your Dungeon core. When a Dominions Dungeon core has been destroyed the God that destroyed it gets Control over that Dominion converting all its inhabitants into his or her Followers. If a god has no more Dominions his god status will be revoked" She answered.

"So my dungeon can be under attack right now and I will lose my Dominion?" Able asked in uneasiness fearing his new life would end before it even started.

"No, you have a beginners protection shield that will prevent other Gods from attacking you for one month."

Able sighed in relief due to this bit of good news. He opened the faith shop to see if there was anything useful in there that he could buy.

====Faith Shop====










Looking at the shop Able realized there weren't many categories. And none of the stuff in there was needed right now, so he opened the Dominion and Dungeon Tabs as well.














Looking at all the locked symbols reemphasized the importance that levels had to this God System. "What is the fastest way to level up?" Able asked the Voice "Oh, and what do I call you?"

"You may call me Genesis and you do not have enough Fate points to get the answer to that question," Genesis told him in a matter of fact tone.

"How many FP do I need to receive the answer to that question?" He asked now curious at the first question he was unable to get the answer to.

"That question would require 1 Trillion Faith points to be answered" She replied with no care for Able's feelings.

Able was stunned at the massive amount of FP they expected him to get and decided that that question was not worth getting the answer to.

"You said that I can get a free assistant right? How do I get one?" Able asked passing over his previous question.

"Yes for a First time only offer you will be able to create your own Assistant for free. You will be able to make them in any form you want." Genesis replied.

"Oh! I can make my own assistant! Like Build-a-Beaver! Let's get started." Able said with excitement.


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