The God System
2 Creating an Assistan
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The God System
Author :Infractuous
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2 Creating an Assistan

"Yes for a First time only offer you will be able to create your own Assistant for free. You will be able to make her in any form you want. Within regulations that is." Genesis replied.

"Oh! I can make my own assistant! Like Build-a-Beaver! Let's get started." Able said with excitement.

Able opened the Faith Shop and went to the Dominion tab and selected the Assistants. Under the Assistants Sub-Division Category, there were some options available to choose that looked like this.



•Select Pre-made




"Self-Construct is an option, so I will be able to use it later?" Able asked due to a misunderstanding that he could only use it one time.

"Of course you can use it at a later date, it would just cost a lot of Faith Points Depending on the Stats you add to your assistant," Genesis answered timely.

"So since this one is free I could create an overpowered assistant that could wipe out the other gods' dungeons?" Able laughed conceitedly due to his idea. He thought that the system was dumb letting him become the strongest by using one assistant. Of course, then he would again be at the apex, but he would be there with a lot of new experiences to try and no danger, so it was a genius idea.

"There has been a restriction put on the free Self-Construction to prevent this from happening," Genesis said crushing his dreams nearly causing him to fall to the floor.

Able sighed realizing he was getting ahead of himself thinking he could outsmart a system that created gods, so he selected the Self-Construct option.

When he selected it an avatar appeared in front of him floating in the air while slowly rotating in the sky. The Avatar had no defining features and you could not even tell if it was male or female. It was like a mannequin and had plain clothes on.

The first option that popped up was to confirm a gender for the assistant. Able picked female without a pause.

The avatar changed to a female with no hair and the same clothes on, but she had a very beautiful face.

After choosing the gender the age was next and Able decided to make his subordinate a 19-year-old. 'An adult would be better able to help manage my Dominion' Able thought while nodding his head. 'And she will be nice to look at' He thought while thinking of the possible merits.

Under the age there was race and Able began to scroll through the races to find one that he thought would be great and he saw many different kinds. There was trolls, goblins, humans, vampires, titans, dragons, lamias, merfolk and the list went on and on.

He immediately went to pick dragon but noticed it was grayed out and he couldn't pick it. He then went to pick titans, but they were also not available. He went and looked noticing that most of the powerful races were not able to be selected. He sighed at the system that put restrictions on his assistant and decided to look for a race he could actually pick.

After scrolling for a while Able noticed that there were only five races he could choose from which were Beastkin, goblin, dwarf, orc, and halfling. He decided on the beast men race and the avatar changed to a default cat beast kin. He now had the choice of what kind of beast kin he wanted and he scrolled until he found a sheep and selected that one.

He decided to pick one of the lower tier beaskin because this would allow him to have a higher level subordinate as a sheep beaskin would cost less FP than a tiger beastkin. He decided that having a subordinate that started off as Level 16 but was a sheep beastkin was better than a Level 5 Tiger beaskin.

The Avatar now changed to a young sheep beast kin that looked around ten years old. She had curly hair that looked very comfortable. He wanted to mofumofu her hair right now, but couldn't because the avatar was intangible. He was also confused and checked to see what age he input earlier and saw it was indeed 19.

He left it as is and assumed that beast kin just aged slower than other races leaving her looking like a child. She was still as smart as an adult female, but acted like a child sometimes.

Able went on to the next option and got to choose what color her hair and skin was. He chose the default pearly white hair and white skin. He was in a hurry to mofumofu, so he skipped the unimportant stuff.

He also got to choose her accessories and there was a list of all the clothes and items they could wear. Able immediately chose the [Necklace Bell] and a one-piece dress that complemented her quite well. For her shoes, he chose some slip-on shoes that looked good on her.

The [Necklace Bell] gave her improved defense and intelligence and it also made her look ten times cuter. 'Does that mean it improves her charisma as well?' Able thought to himself 'Or is that just only for me' Able was genuinely confused, but because it didn't say in the items stats it improved Charisma he figured it was just because of his preference.

He was now on to selecting her attributes and he was able to use a grand total of 160 attribute points on her for free. As he was only given a limited amount of options for the free Self-Construct option Level 16 was the max he could get for the beastkin.

Her stats looked like this after he was done. Every person starts off with zero and gets 80 attributes to use when they reach level 1. After that, each level would give you 10 more attributes to use. The 160 attributes he gets to use aren't included in the original 80 gained due to being Level 1.


Name: ???

Age: 19

Race: Sheep Beast Kin

Title: None

Level: 16

Trait: [Slumber Trance]

Abilities: None

Items: [Necklace Bell]

Str: 40 Def: 0

Con: 20 Dex: 0

Int: 200 Wis: 50

Cha: 20 Per: 10


'It seems that she levels up along with how many attribute points I give her' Able said as he rubbed his chin. He counted the attributes and saw she had 150 more attributes that she was supposed to. He was confused at that so he asked Genesis.

"Every 10 Levels an Inhabitant receives a boost in attributes for their dominant attribute. It goes up and down depending on the race. For example, your assistant is a Sheep Beast Kin, so she received 100 extra attributes in Intelligence." She replied.

Able wondered about his dominant attribute, but because he was still only Level 1 he stopped thinking about it and decided to name his assistant instead. 'What should her name be? hmmmm...'

He then selected her name and input Mary with a smile on his face. "I now have my own assistant!" he said as a white light materialized before he and Mary appeared inside it.


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