The God System
3 Mary
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The God System
Author :Infractuous
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3 Mary

When I opened my eyes I saw a man standing before me with blood red hair and scarlet eyes that looked as if they could see through your soul. However I noticed a never before seen warmth hidden in those eyes that made me feel comfort whenever I looked at them.

The man before me was my God. He created me. I will serve him forever. I began to tear up as I realized this man is my everything, without him I would be nothing. Is he my father? Do I call him papa, or do I call him God?

He looked at me with Warmth in his eyes and the biggest grin his face. "Hello Mary! Nice to meet you, my new assistant." He said as he reached out his hand for a handshake. I hesitated to take his hand but finally conceded when I saw a bit of sadness in his eyes when I didn't shake it.

Mary was so happy, she felt a flutter in her chest and a spring in her step. She wanted to run to him and hug him, but her last bit of consciousness held her back from doing something she might not be supposed to do.

I shook his hand and he was happy with this, but a sudden awkward smile appeared on his face. 'Oh no did I do something wrong?' Tearing up Mary was at a loss not knowing what to do.

Suddenly acting as if he jumped on a cats tail Able waved his hands around saying "Oh erm you didn't have to shake my hand if you didn't want to". Hearing this Mary began to tear up more because she thought her papa didn't want to shake hands with her.

Able looked as if he was at a loss for what to do "erm don't cry Mary. What do you want? Tell me what you want so you can stop crying?" he said in a fluster. He had never had to take care of children in his previous life, so he didn't know what to do. All the information he gained about looking after children was from anime and light novels!

Mary looked at him and held in her tears. Sniffling she said "Its okay God I was just wondering if-if-I could call you papa?" She rung her hands together in fear of him saying no.

Able let out a sigh of relief "Sure you can Mary. I created you after all. So that does make me your father, doesn't it"

Joy flashed across her face as she said in a weak voice "papa" while Able was smiling. The awkward smile reappeared on his face as he said "erm... Mary can I mofumofu you?"

Mary was happy that her father wanted to pet her so she nodded her head. When she gave her consent Able quickly began to feel her fluffy hair and pet her ears.

He sat down and put her in his lap as he mofumofu'd her for a while. Mary was filled with joy because she was able to spend some quality time with her father. After finally feeling her hair enough and having the feeling of bliss Able finally nodded in content as he picked Mary up off his lap and set her down.

Now that he satisfied his urges Able decided to get down to business and talk stuff over with Mary. "So Mary you will be my first assistant. I was told we need to expand my Faith by getting more Dominions while expanding my current Dominion. I also need to set up a Dungeon that will prevent enemies from breaking our dungeon core, so I don't loose my Dominion. Will you be able to help me overlook these two things?"

Continuing Able said "Oh and can you tell me what traits are? I noticed you have the [Slumber Trance] trait."

Mary shook her head and said sadly "Papa I am only capable of accessing the control rights to your Dominions. I can not control what happens in the Dungeon. You need to get a Subordinate for that, then they will be able to access the Dungeon control rights."

"And traits are like abilities, however races are born with them, and they can't be learned outside of the same species. For example my trait is an area of affect sleeping spell. Traits are gained through Levels the same as everything else." She said with a hint of pride due to her Racial trait.

Nodding his head Able now figured out why Subordinates and Assistants were not in the same category. "Well then I think I should make a Subordinate then, so you will have a sibling." He said in joy as he thought of making another cute daughter.

When he opened the Subordinates tab and tried to click on Self-Construct he got an error.

|Not enough Faith Points|

Able was stunned then looked at the required FP for creating your own Subordinates.



•Select Pre-made (100,000 FP, base cost)

•Gachapon (100,000)

•Self-Construct (1 Million FP, base cost)


He was stunned at the price of the Self-Construct and suddenly felt ecstatic that he got to use it for free. He turned to Mary and asked "What does base cost mean?"

"Base cost is the required amount payed to select an option. The price then goes up from there depending on the characteristics of the Subordinate or Assistant. For example a dragon subordinate would cost way more than a goblin subordinate. Attributes and Abilities that come with the Subordinate cost more FP as well. This is the same on both Subordinates and Assistant tabs" Mary answered punctually.

Bummed out Able closed his menu and said "Well lets get started on my Dominion then."

Mary nodded and then began to give advice on what he should do, because he had not received the tutorial due to his impatience.


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