The God System
4 Shrine
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The God System
Author :Infractuous
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4 Shrine

"The first thing you should do is build your shrine because without it you can not collect FP. It should have been built during the tutorial mode, but you quit the tutorial mode, so it had not been created yet. It is still free so you don't need to worry" Mary said teaching him what he should do.

"What does the Shrine do?" Able asked confused as to why he would need a shrine. 'I Know i'm supposed to be a god and all but i'm not that narcissistic to want to build a shrine of myself the first time I hear of my status'.

"A Shrine lets you collect FP from your inhabitants, without it you are unable to generate any FP." Mary patiently explained to him.

Able opened the Faith shop to look for the Shrine. It was under the buildings category in the Dominion tab.



•Shrine (one per Dominion)

•Town Hall







"Are shrines always free in my Dominions or is this also a first time only thing?" Able asked.

"Sorry papa, this is the only time that you can get a shrine for free" Mary said with a sad look on her face.

"It's not your fault don't be sad" he said as he patted her head. This caused her to immediately cheer up and she flapped her ears.

Able selected the Shrine and when he picked it he was shown a view of Delphi from the top. It was an eagle view of the whole village. "Where should I place the Shrine Mary?" he asked, as she was more well versed in these things.

"Usually you put it in the center of the Dominion, so that when we get attacked it is more well guarded." Mary said after thinking about it for a bit.

An awkward smile appeared on Able's face as he said stiffly "There is no room in the center of the village...Should I just put it off to the side instead?"

Suddenly processing what Mary said he exclaimed "Wait what do you mean attacked?! Don't the other gods only attack the dungeon? Why would someone attack my City?" Able asked in confusion.

"It's all about strategy papa. If your inhabitants are killed you will have no more people to generate faith, then you will have less FP to summon defenses. Or on the flip-side you will waste your FP to summon more inhabitants causing the amount you have left to defend your Dominion to lessen." She explained with a wry smile.

"What happens if my Shrine is destroyed in one of these attacks?" He asked in exasperation due to all this new information he was receiving. He realized that playing this God System was not as easy as it first seemed. You needed to defend from all kinds of attacks.

"Most invading Gods would not try and break your Shrine because if they do that then they would be unable to claim your Dominion. The Shrine and the Dungeon core are interconnected so that if the Shrine is destroyed the Dungeon core is also, but since the God's minions did not personally destroy it they would not gain rights to the Dominion. However there are Civilizations that don't have Gods Ruling them that will Raze your Dominion to the ground. They will destroy your Shrine because leaving it standing there has no meaning." Mary explained.

"But if the Dungeon Core is destroyed first then the invading God would claim ownership of the Dominion. If your Shrine is destroyed and you have no backups in another Dominion, then you will have your rights as a god revoked." Mary said with a hint of fear in her voice.

"So let me get this straight if my Shrine is destroyed and I have none left I am no longer a God?" Mary nodded

"And if I want to claim ownership of a Dominion I must destroy the Dungeon Core Before the Shrine?" Mary again nodded.

"So what happens if I am loosing a battle in one of my Dominions, can't I just break my own shrine so that they would not be able to claim ownership and none of us get to rule the Dominion?" Able asked with a sly grin on his face.

"No that would not work because Shrine are Indestructible by people of the same Faith" Mary said as she shook her head.

"What about building more that one Shrine, so they have a harder time claiming ownership?" Able asked. Mary again shot down his idea by saying only one dungeon core and one shrine are allowed per Dominion.

With little will left Able asked "What about hiding the Shrine? If they can't find it they will be unable to destroy it."

"The inhabitants of a Dominion are required to be able to see the Shrine, or else it will not generate any Faith Points." Mary pointed out.

Able was like a deflated balloon, all his genius ideas had been destroyed. He had thought that he had come up with a meta strategy that would shake the world causing him to be the number one, but sadly he was wrong.

"Well lets build the Shrine then" He said in a heartbroken tone.


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