The God System
5 Delphi Village
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The God System
Author :Infractuous
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5 Delphi Village

"So since the middle of the Village has no space I will build it off to the side." Able said as he looked at the screen that projected the village.

"Papa, you should just move the house that is in the center. It will cost FP, but you would be able to have your shrine in the most ideal spot." Mary advised as she looked at what he was doing.

"Mary you are very smart, I would never have thought this system could move buildings" Able said as he ruffled her hair. 'Wait is it actually hair or do I call it wool?' Able thought to himself in confusion.

Mary smiled at the praise her father gave her.

Able selected the house that was in the middle of the village and it popped up on the screen blinking blue as it became holographic. When he moved his hand across the screen it also dragged the house along with it.

He moved it to a spot where he thought would be good and set it down. 'I hope the owner isn't too mad that I moved his house.' Able thought as he personally would be mad if he went to where his house used to be and found it missing.

|50 FP required to complete this Action|

The voice said inside his head. He accepted the cost and placed the house down. Once he accepted the cost on the screen he saw the House have white light surround it like when he was transported and the spot where he selected to drop it also had white light surrounding it, then it moved to the designated spot.

The whole thing took only two seconds and it was not a big ordeal.


The sun was setting and the day was over. "Finally I get to go home and eat that chicken I bought yesterday!" John said with a spring in his step.

He was an ordinary farmer and he saved up his money, so that he could buy some good food from one of the richer households.

When he got to the center of the Village where his house was he was not paying attention, as he was lost in his thoughts salivating over his chicken, and ran right into a Shrine.

John rubbed his head in pain as he looked up at the Shrine. 'When did this get here?' He wondered as he went around it to get to his house.

When he went to the other side of the Shrine and saw his house wasn't there He stopped and turned around. "I guess I took a wrong turn somewhere" He then left and tried to find out where he got lost at.

'This is my third time this month I lost my house' He mumbled to himself 'If this keeps up. Pretty soon people will start to think i'm stupid.' He sighed as he went to look for his house.

When he couldn't find his house after an hour of looking he eventually gave up and went to ask the village chief for help. The chief was about to send someone to walk him to his house (Thinking he go lost again) when someone burst into the chief's house panting.

"Chief I found John's house! It is on the very East side of the village!" He said while panting. He must have ran all the way here after making this new discovery.

"Shut the hell up! What do you mean his house is on the East side of the village! John's house is dead center in the middle of the village! It's not like it just stood up and walked over there!" He yelled in anger thinking the villager was pulling his leg.

"Honest, chief. His house really is on the East side of the village. I even went to check where his house used to be and now there is a shrine placed there instead." The villager explained in a hurried tone.

Hearing the word Shrine the village chief's Jaw dropped as excitement began to fill his eyes. "A GOD! We finally have a God!" He shouted in happiness. Most rural villagers did not know about Gods, but since the Village Chief traveled when he was younger he was more informed than the other villagers.

Tears began to flow out of his eyes as he said "We will finally move up in the world. No longer will we be just a small village. We will eventually grow into a vast empire!" As ambition began filling him he turned to the villager and said "Lets go see the shrine!".

When they arrived at the Shrine there was already a crowd surrounding the Shrine as they whispered to each other trying to guess how it got here. When they were viewing it though They felt a natural dominating power emanating from it causing them to want to kneel in worship.

The Chief look towards the Shrine and immediately knelt on the floor and kowtowed before it. He turned to the Villagers and said "This is our new God, we will now become his believers. If we do, then our lives would improve for the better. So Kowtow before him, we don't want to disrespect him."

The Villagers all knelt on the floor and kowtowed to the Shrine and as this happened at the same time Able heard in his head.

|Converted 100 Believers|

|Dominion Conquered|

Able sat there in wonder at the sight. "Do they have to do this every time I capture a new Dominion?" he asked Mary.

She shook her head and said "This is only for Dominions that are conquered for the first time. If you capture a Dominion ruled by another God, the System automatically converts all the inhabitants."

'Should I make an appearance? I think that they should be able to see their God, to make them more devout followers.' He turned to Mary and said "How to I leave this white space?".


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